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  1. <----Agree. It's been superheat! lightning storm! sandstorm! superheat! sandstorm! (3 superheats in less than two in-game days my first day on the server even). There's challenging, and there's can't leave your adobe box until your health fully regens and then cross your fingers and pray you can walk 500 meters from your box to harvest some stuff before the next superheat hits.
  2. I'll be happy to make my desert armor, as soon as I can find ANY metal that doesn't require me being able to fly to the top of a mesa to do so. Can't get any starter metal at all, not the tiny pittance you can normally get from harvesting normal rocks, no round river rocks in the water...nothing. Can't get even just the measly 10 raw I need to make 5 ingots to make the smithy I need TO make the desert armor ;...;
  3. Which frankly it SHOULD be against coc. Those notes are meant for all players to collect/get XP from and deliberately stopping everyone but yourself/your tribe should be classed as griefing the same as people deliberately building traps on spawn points to catch/kill new players spawning in is. At least on PVE servers. I understand on PVP anything goes (which is why I avoid them like the plague), but that comes with the cost of dealing with different flavors of D-baggery all it's own. >_>;
  4. Having survived 6+ years on official island pve...this sounds like business as usual sadly. Like SgtChop said, that kind of toxic BS isn't as bad when there's a lot of different maps to spread players around in, but the whole 'pillar 90% of the map' has always happened on official and WC almost never does anything about it *unless* you can prove someone is deliberately trying to block you into your base. In those cases I've seen them remove pillars or if someone's deliberately pillared resources/important dino spawn points, but someone pillaring so they can claim a huge swath of land? Chances are good they won't do a thing. 'First come first served' and all that. It's why I haven't stepped a foot on official servers this go-round (if you even *can* get onto an official server), and I'm sticking to unofficial/single player. Most good unofficial servers have rules in place about that kind of selfish stupidity and actually enforce it.
  5. Happy a sauropod won but REALLY wish they'd give the maevia the charchar treatment since it's come in second twice now.
  6. Drat...it was so close The Yi was my second choice, but REALLY hoping since it's been so popular we might get the charcha treatment and get it added eventually as a freebie.
  7. Aw, really hoping maevia would win but the Yi Qi was my second choice. Here's hoping since it did so well they might consider giving it the charcha treatment later on.
  8. Woot, just did my vote with Maevia at the top. Here's hoping the fluffy spooder will prevail ❤️
  9. Ab has glowtails, bulbdogs, featherlights, otters *and* shinehorns...a creature being cute is not disruptive for Ab.
  10. If you want to know the lore of the game without waiting for the animated series (which looks like it's going to change a few things anyway), I highly recommend watching NeddytheNoodle's ark lore videos/survivor stories series on youtube, so far he's done island-scorched earth-Aberration (he covers all the explorer notes on all three maps with in-game sets/players and voice acting.
  11. Okay, as someone who as a rule doesn't like spiders this thing is awesome and would be perfect for Ab (and other maps).
  12. Feel free to go vote in one of the numerous mega-carnivore/PVP- based creature threads then, instead of coming in here to whine and troll about a creature a lot of other PVE/RP players WOULD love to see added.
  13. *points at Therizino...an herbivore who can indeed harvest corpses* Should be more that can though. Ah well, congrats to the winner. At least the moa beat the beetle though >_>
  14. Except in the updated post they said the point of putting all the work into ASA instead of just porting over the switch version into ASE was so they could have an evergreen version of Ark 1 for YEARS to come...meaning they're making ASA so people who have no interest in buying Ark 2 will stay there (and still give them money via future DLCs).
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