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  1. thanks for your reply, but like i said my inventory is empty, i don't have any weapon costumes etc ,,,, my weight is 0 still no transfer possible without dying first , looks like dying reset something, i know the problem is not inventory related because the message is different, if you leave some stuff in your inventory when you want to transfer, you get a message you are going to lose your belonging etc and if you proceed you end up with a bag of your belongings left behind but transfer of your character is done, in my case it's different, there is no transfer possible
  2. cannot transfer out of extinction without dying first hi guys i just started playing extinction, but i have a problem tranfering out of it , i am playing on pve extinction 464 and valguero 549, i have no problem tranfering from val to ext but every time i want to do the opposite (ext to val) it doesn't work i get a message about removing item not allowed for transfer , even tough my inventory is empty, the only solution i found was dying, respawning then i have no problem transfering to valguero but i have to do it every time. do you have a solution ? thanks
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