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  1. so you think, be prepared to lose some or even all of your army sooner or later, so many things can go wrong during the fight, things out of your control bug lag dc etc...
  2. if they refund your lost tames you won't get anything higher than level 201 so not something you will be able to use for boss fight (may be gamma) and no saddle i lost a level 379 rex imprinted on a roll back i got a rex level 201 no imprint in compensation
  3. 13-14 stack of cooked meat is only good for 4hours on a baby rex, was it enough for them to reach juvenile and feed from a trough
  4. i did gamma solo with 244damage shotgun and 400 rounds finish with 25 rounds left , i went solo on foot no tames so had to shoot the 8 tentacles on 7 different runs and rockwell too obviously each tentacle took 3 to 5 shot so you need between 168 to 280 just for the tentacles plus a few rounds wasted on tentacles before they were "killable" had to kill a couple of nameless too that got too close ( cactus broth limit) and the rest on rockwell note that during the fight rockwell didn't throw any energy balls at me i don't know if it was bugged or standard on gamma
  5. lucky day 1 : was on my mana in the drake trench at some point my shinehorn send a high level dino alert, i check the eggs around and indeed find a 190 egg (pve official) lucky day 2: next day i hatch the 190 egg and get twins 1 male 1 female (make the damn thing breedable please) check the stats .. not so lucky this time 28hp 32st 34melee very average
  6. it is probably the same mechanic than stealing a wyvern egg the wyv stay aggro to you for a while then later things go back to normal don't worry i got plenty eggs that way.
  7. used this method as well but without cactus broth just full gilly suit and glider and probably died may be 2 or 3 times out of the dozens eggs i got . going in with boss rex in cryo is very risky with the lag and dc
  8. 1- managarmr 2 -rex yuty for bosses 3- basilo for underwater
  9. did alpha with 9 rexes (65-70k hp 2.7-2.9k melee 85-95 armor) +1 yuti average stats on official of course
  10. Item Required Gamma Beta Alpha Player Level 55 75 100
  11. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Crafting_Skill Each time you craft an item using a blueprint, the resulting item will have a random Crafted Skill Bonus from zero to the maximum based on your current Crafting Skill. Items crafted from engrams don't get any bonus imagine you have a lv 100 character you put all the point in crafting skill, that means you can have up to 50% bonus on bp exemple you have a crossbow bp with 200% damage, with 50% bonus in crafting skill you can craft crossbow up to 250% damage, you going to tell me 50% of 200 is not 50 but 100 so i should get 300% damage but
  12. i think i was referring to giga , just to be a smart ass. but even though the giga can end up with less hp and melee than when it was wild the math is still the same
  13. drakes only eat nameless venom so you need to travel to abb to get some if you do not have a base setup there, transfer with a mana collect your venom and look for a loot crate to transfer back with venom Container Spoiling Time Spoiling Time in Scorched Earth Player Inventory 30m 27m Player Inventory (with Preserving Salt *) 1h 54m Tamed Dino 2h 1h 48m Tamed Dino (with Preserving Salt *) 4h 3h 36m
  14. next time move your anky close to the forge unload all the metal on the floor, use a whip to pick up all the metal,that way you can get thousand of metal in your inventory , open forge inventory to transfer all the metal at once the whip trick has been use for years now in ark to transfer huge amount or repair stuff that required more material than you can normally carry
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