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  1. désolé mais il n'y a aucun moyen de récupérer tes dinos ,ils sont effacés pour de bon. j'imagine que le serveur a planté juste après que tu ai transféré, ce qui fait qu'en redémarrant le serveur a loader une sauvegarde d'avant ton arrivée, en gros tes dinos n'existe plus sur 1183 car tu les a enlevé, et ils n'existe pas sur 1603 car ton arrivée à été effacé leur du plantage et du redémarrage antérieur à ta presence, y'a pas si longtemps de ça tu perdais même ton personnage lors de ce genre de mésaventure, mais là ils ont trouvé un moyen pour que tu puisse recuperer ton personnage, ma
  2. lol brought 2 mantis egg over to gen2 when transfer opened, bred them fast, then waited impatiently for mutagel in space so i can finally harvest like a pro to find out mantis are broken now, failed big time
  3. right mow is use styder and dedi storage for stone and obsidian a mana to kill karkinos on aberation map to get chitin and org polly stone+chitin = cp+obsidian=hard poly
  4. considering the average point per stat on a 150 deino is 21/22, 33 is pretty good
  5. not sure but i think i saw a video of someone doing alpha solo, i don't know if it was on official though, i personally never even tried it once on gamma , for the very reason you are mentioning, having to run around on foot collecting keys, seriously who thought of this, on a dino oriented game,
  6. L4D2

    gen2 transfer

    he is no talking about transfer to gen 2 that indeed open on sept 3 , his problem seems to be he cannot transfer his character out of gen 2 to take care of babies on other servers
  7. we did get a mutagel cycle yesterday on 977 so it is working, but i remember having the same problem some times ago on 977 where the mutagel cycle wouldn't show up for quite a long period
  8. from the wiki herbivores take less fire damage from the fire ball droping from the sky and other fire type, but not reduced damage from dragon fire breath
  9. focal chili doesn't work on bp, only good when doing custom recipes first boss i recommend doing is the gamma monkey, ai is terrible, and you don't need top dino to beat it, i did it a couple of times with what i call my army of rejects, (mostly dinos that i do not use anymore , a mix a tamed and bred ones collecting dust in my cryo fridge) if i remember correctly i used a dozen of raptors mantis baryo and megalo, i was riding a shïtty tamed rex, the monkey ignored my dinos and spent its time trying to reach me which was prevented by my dinos fighting it, just keep your distances ri
  10. something went wrong with stryder bed, mine displayed 22 beds each,
  11. ok my bad you are right, stryder uploaded by character A from gen2, downloaded by character B on valguero and B can ride it and use it, i always thought you had to use cryopod to change ownership of tames, my mistake, thanks for the hint
  12. got to try this, but i doubt it will work
  13. what's the point of transferring them if i cannot use them with my other character and transferring one character to gen 2 i still have to do the shïtty missions to be able to tame a stryder
  14. for real i play on 10 different map with one character for each so i don't have to transfer from map to map and lose my character , so that means i won't be able to transfer the stryder i have on gen2 to other map so i can use them with my other toon
  15. no the easiest boss compare to all the other ascension
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