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  1. what level is that rex if it has negative mutation it is probably already a top rex for boss run, it will not affect your chance of getting mutation it is the opposite in fact since negative is below 20, means you have 7% chance of getting a mutation but i doubt it is still needing mutation at this stage
  2. i like seeshell tuto , if you want mutation all you need is a male and a female put if you want to speed things up the more females you have, the better
  3. got my first baboon but got stuck midway somehow
  4. yep i put points in stamina and weight ,sinomacrop should be one of the first dino you tame on a fresh start, with their reduced weight and fly ability you can easily escape any dangerous encounter
  5. for once i had a different experience than you, managed to tamed half a dozen of them without too much problem now with the 3x taming speed it is fast , took me 10 chitin to tame a 145, the first atemps failed because i got too close but then after it reset, i fed him the 10 chitin without problem, for me what works is trying to stay between 40 and 50 meters away and once you see the heart animation don,t move and let it come to you
  6. happened to a lot of us, why would you fix it it is free cloning
  7. imprinting is tuned to the maturation the only problem you can have is if you hatch your egg before the event it will be at 8hour while maturation will jump to 3x when the event start which can cause problem on fast maturing dino (like otters) but in general it doesn't affect the other dino because you can catch up time wasted later on last year during the extra life event all my rex and giga were 100% imprinted before reaching 30% maturation
  8. na-pve-ooficial-gen2-977 not the first time i get killed at the same spot, but this time i got an anti mesh log the strange part is i died while i was leveling the stryder lv 88 you see in the back, but it killed me in the small building you see in the front
  9. happened to me a couple of time when i started playing aberration, you can get your dino out of the trap by whistling it follow then walking out of render. only works if nobody is around the trap to keep it rendered of course, similar to what happen when you trap a wyvern , the moment you move out of render, the wyvern is freed
  10. killing the manticore doesn't give you the sword skin, you have to kill a death worm and the sword skin is not part of the manticore armor skin it is just a SE skin https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Scorched_Sword_Skin_(Scorched_Earth) https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Manticore_Armor_Skins_(Scorched_Earth)
  11. yes that is what i am doing now, mantis and pick is good too but you are very limited by mantis weight, so i think magma is the best compromise, you have a good yield/weight/protection against voidwyrm
  12. now with the new engrams you need to reach lv 120 to unlock them all i found the easiest way to get all my characters to 120 is 105 +5 lv chibi (purple drops with gigas killing enraged rex, stranded alpha tuso on the south beach on C.I is also a good alternative) +5 lv doing rockwell gamma you don't even need a base on aberation, i transfer my character to a abb map with low ping, 298 shotgun 600 ammo, glider, Zip-Line Motor Attachment to fly around rockwell and shotgun everything, you get the +5 lv and unlock the tek sleeping pod for fast levelling. also you don't need any trib
  13. désolé mais il n'y a aucun moyen de récupérer tes dinos ,ils sont effacés pour de bon. j'imagine que le serveur a planté juste après que tu ai transféré, ce qui fait qu'en redémarrant le serveur a loader une sauvegarde d'avant ton arrivée, en gros tes dinos n'existe plus sur 1183 car tu les a enlevé, et ils n'existe pas sur 1603 car ton arrivée à été effacé leur du plantage et du redémarrage antérieur à ta presence, y'a pas si longtemps de ça tu perdais même ton personnage lors de ce genre de mésaventure, mais là ils ont trouvé un moyen pour que tu puisse recuperer ton personnage, ma
  14. lol brought 2 mantis egg over to gen2 when transfer opened, bred them fast, then waited impatiently for mutagel in space so i can finally harvest like a pro to find out mantis are broken now, failed big time
  15. right mow is use styder and dedi storage for stone and obsidian a mana to kill karkinos on aberation map to get chitin and org polly stone+chitin = cp+obsidian=hard poly
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