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  1. and the hawk you are taming decide to aggro on a sleeping human offline and won't follow you anymore, the number of hawks i killed out of frustration for the ovis trick, does the hawk still feed from the ovis once the dodo is gone after 3 bites?
  2. server full too on my side, i play 1189, but i am still able to join, it takes a lot of tries, from past experience it last 2 weeks then i gets better
  3. judging by the comment they removed the ability to feed the hawk with your own tame, so right now on pve solo it is almost impossible to tame a hawk, maybe a lv 20 it would take like 7 bronto, hopefully someone find a better way
  4. well i tried over and over , and this hawk taming is frustrating , didn't even get a level 20 tamed first of all you don't need to kill the dino by hand, you can killed them with your tame, BUT you have to be dismounted when the hawk feeds from the dead dino, but taming is still bugged , because sometimes no matter what you do the hawk eat the dino but doesn't gain any affinity, i am playing on official server at 2x on pve, so i cannot grab dino to feed the bird, and if it takes too much time between feeding the progress drop, i tried feeding a bronto to a lv 20 hawk and i only got 15% taming so imagine a lv 150, got to find a female ovis, as of now i only have a male, and i don't want to waste it on a bloody hawk, got to raise ovis, and try that later
  5. highly recommend using a stryder and dedi storage to harvest shards , otherwise it is not really a viable option
  6. i run my tek gen out of shards i get from Eldritch Isle, stryder and dedi storage make things easy
  7. here we are after scouting the portal area for 2-3 weeks non stop, i finally got that alpha basilisk fang, the funniest part was the basilisk was invisible, so at first i didn't even know i was fighting an alpha, but after the first freeze ended ( used a mana) and the basilisk wasn't dead, i thought to myself, ho wait we might have an alpha here, and sure enough, after a few more freeze it was dead , and got that fang, this is probably the rarest dino of the whole ark i think i only ever saw 3, time to think about alpha rochwell now
  8. L4D2


    i don't know how xbox works , i play on pc, the game pass is just a one time fee to buy the game with with or without dlc,i think aberration was like 2 or 3$ back then
  9. after playing aberration for maybe 3-4 years i found my first alpha king reaper yesterday and got my first barb, and surprisingly i saw another one later but on a different surface, got back to base to get my chargelight pet , by the time i went back to the alpha spot it was too late for risking an exit, had to wait for the next night cycle, so i waited on the edge away from the flammes, alt tab to check something on the net with my game still running, then when i alt tab back to the game i got a wonderful message that i died along with my mana and bulbdog, somehow i ended up on the scorching surface while being away, so i grab another mana and pet but couldn't find the alpha again today i venture again on the surface and find another alpha reaper at a different location, i managed to kill it 30 min before sunrise so it is 2 barbs in 2 days out of 3 alpha reapers, before that i probably killed over 300 reapers to get an alpha to spawn but never succeeded so now i got to find an alpha basilisk and maybe try my first alpha rockwell (did gamma already) i once had a basilisk fang but traded it away for a pair of top stat deino
  10. my top 5 fighting dino rex (vs boss) thery (+ veggy cake vs boss) giga (osd meat gatherer) mana (traveling in hostile aberation zone and nameless poison gatherer) deino (awesome bleed effect and group bonus) top 5 non fighting dino maewing (traveling + raising) stryder (ultimate gatherer with dedi storage) equus (fantastic early game tame) sinomacrop (weigh reduction and flying gliding ability) yuty (boss fight support)
  11. yes for putting all point in crafting skill, but focal chili doesn't work with bp, only effective with recipes
  12. the bps are still there in the city terminal if you want to do a quick transfer to na-pve454 and grab one
  13. so we know which rider raised it for the rider bonus
  14. you can use giga in the tek cave on official but cannot transfer it to the the final stage for the overseer so you have to pod it, then before entering the freezing zone you unpod your rexes or whatever dino you want to use check that video for a general idea of what you need to do and where
  15. today i've ditched half a dozen deino bp on ext454 ranging from 40 to 60 you can find them if they are still there i put them in the city terminal in snow biome 18/88 location approximatively plus a bunch of other bps i don't need anymore
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