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  1. i did a purple osd solo to wave 6 with 3 giga 36k hp 1.6k melee 90 armor, i stopped at wave 6 because the 2 unridden giga became bloody, i got 700k xp on my chibi (2x rates)
  2. today i tried solo tek cave gamma for the first time, and the first part i very frustrating, i went in with 9 rex (70k hp, 3k melee, 80-90 saddle) right from the beginning i almost lost one rex before even entering the door, that idiot jump in the lava before the entrance , i had set them up to follow me in 2 lines of 4 rexes side by side, but as soon as i passed the gate one jump backward and stay in the lava, by the time i got it out it only had 5k hp left out of 70k, nice start, not even one dino killed and 1 rex is almost down then i move down the narrow path riding the lea
  3. got 2 rd saddle bp from surface drop on abb but they are not the greatest apprentice 51 armor and journey 53, still better than basic one, with a good crafter you can reach 70-75 armor, i can sell you the 51 if you are on pc pve
  4. today i noticed something strange while i was transferring from public tp, someone skiff (offline) was following me on every tp i went, now it is sitting at my tp so don't leave skiff on tp, otherwise it is going to end uo, who knows where
  5. and beware of cnidaria while exploring the ocean, when you ride a baryo you tend to become cocky, thinking you are the king of the ocean because you stunned /killed a couple of megalodons, then you don't pay attention to your surrounding and all of a sudden you get zapped by cnidaria and you die and lose everything, that is what happened to me when i started playing this game 3 years ago, i lost my baryo and a full asc diving set
  6. that's a basilosaurus escorted by mantas, basil is a passive tame, but you better kill mantas first before attempting it, you can use spyglass on dino to see what it is and level
  7. did some deino bp hunt again and from my experience, the only good ones drop from red ringed beacon , here is what i got
  8. my favorites feature about genesis vs the other dlc is hlna scanning, pressing h while pointing to a wild dino will let you see its stat,, verty usefull for taming and the ability to travel to diferret biome with your inventory
  9. i did alpha broodmother solo with 9 rexes 1 yuti 70k hp 2.8-3k melee 80-90 armor so i think with 7 you should be fine as long as you get decent saddle
  10. got a 70 mc deino saddle bp from a red ringed drop on valguero snow area today got some decent bp too on aberration on the surface, ravager, rock drake and climbing pick bps
  11. the thing i like about genesis is hlna dino scanning abilities , this is such a time saver when you are looking for a dino with points in a specific stat (hp melee...) also like the fact you can tp from one biome to the other with your inventory
  12. i like the ocean biome, especially if you can get one of the under water cave with all the ressource (metal gems obsidian...) this is also one of the easiest biome to start no land threat and underwater you can pretty much outswim every creature (megalodon eels...) perfect place to breed land and water dinos
  13. exactly, 2x breeding on special occasion is ok but not every weekend
  14. so you think, be prepared to lose some or even all of your army sooner or later, so many things can go wrong during the fight, things out of your control bug lag dc etc...
  15. if they refund your lost tames you won't get anything higher than level 201 so not something you will be able to use for boss fight (may be gamma) and no saddle i lost a level 379 rex imprinted on a roll back i got a rex level 201 no imprint in compensation
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