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  1. lost a griffin in a pod hi everybody here is the situation i got all my tames in pods, and i unfroze them when needed , up untill today i never had any issue, but today i tried opening a pod with a griffin inside, and got a message 'cannot deploy' then the pod disappeared from my hand and my inventory, it literally vanished, i tried looking on the ground to see if could find it but nothing, i am afraid it is gone for good, also i am a little bit scared of using pod again in case this happen again, note that just after i open a pod with a wyvern and it worked so i don't know what to think of this
  2. ok will try that thanks
  3. you mean using war map to tame them?, i ve got an extra 60 glass ceiling that i am going to try again to see if i get the same efficiency then i will try war map eventually
  4. tried 50 metal foundation got a couple of journeyman armor piece and journey shotgun and with 100 warmap got ramshackle and mastercraft stone hatchet and mastercraft shotgun, warmap are way cheaper and as effective as metal foundation from my own experience
  5. thanks guys , so you get stuff depending on what you feed it, i thought it was the pellet that was important, going to try different things thanks again
  6. gacha taming and feeding hi there is several things i don't understand with my latest tame, yesterday i found a 150 gacha, great good opportunity to start gacha taming, i read a few tutorials and watch video, my understanding is feeding it glass ceiling is fast and almost as efficient as tek structure, so i made 100 ceiling i dropped them in front of him in stack of 20 after a few seconds tame is done (playing on official 454 probably 2x)i think it ate 40 to 60, it was indeed very fast, but to my surprise i end up with a gacha level 156, i thought i would get a 223-224 , being 150 wild, but it only gained 6 levels, that very bad. second problem now i feed it owl pellets to get the buff but the crystal i get are all poopty, 100 fiber/clay/polymer/etc no mastercraft/ascendant weapon ,so far i probably fed it 20 pellets but never got anything interesting the only weapon i got was a apprentice stone hatchet (useless) and that was not even with a owl pellet. so for the moment i stopped feeding it as i found it useless, it is in cryo , what am i missing?
  7. thanks for your reply, but like i said my inventory is empty, i don't have any weapon costumes etc ,,,, my weight is 0 still no transfer possible without dying first , looks like dying reset something, i know the problem is not inventory related because the message is different, if you leave some stuff in your inventory when you want to transfer, you get a message you are going to lose your belonging etc and if you proceed you end up with a bag of your belongings left behind but transfer of your character is done, in my case it's different, there is no transfer possible
  8. cannot transfer out of extinction without dying first hi guys i just started playing extinction, but i have a problem tranfering out of it , i am playing on pve extinction 464 and valguero 549, i have no problem tranfering from val to ext but every time i want to do the opposite (ext to val) it doesn't work i get a message about removing item not allowed for transfer , even tough my inventory is empty, the only solution i found was dying, respawning then i have no problem transfering to valguero but i have to do it every time. do you have a solution ? thanks
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