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  1. 2015-17 offical Ark was the most fun I ever had playing any game ever and I'm legitimately emotional thinking about how much I'm going to love this game lol. I know I may sound silly but I'm just so thankful lmao.
  2. The movement speed change is going to make for some great gameplay on pve. Love it. The whole slowdown will be great overall.
  3. I gotta admit I am pretty excited for this now. Just hope we can get the issue of mass land grabbing in pve addressed.
  4. I feel like the smart decision would have been to push back ark 2 and start monetizing ark on console and pc or just release more paid dlc AFTER the FREE ue5 update. Sell skins ffs.
  5. Yes and they let the people in their country pay them (Snail Games) for hacks and special benefits on foreign servers.
  6. Exactly this. I just got back into Ark a month ago because of the ue5 hype and as soon as I hit my stride playing they go and do this. I won't spend any money on future products if this isn't fixed.
  7. I just realized that there probably isn't an Ark 2, Like it doesn't exist at all. How can a game that was promised last year and then pushed to this year and then pushed to next year not have any gameplay footage?
  8. There's no shoulds about it, the game director or whoever he is stated less than 2 and half months ago that this would be free and we could transfer. In that time it has went from "its free and you can transfer" to "its 90$ and you can't transfer anything" Like lmao. It wasnt enough how you screwed the base with scorched earth huh?
  9. If that were the case then why didn't wildcard address the issues on official that everyone actually worries about. Meshing and pillaring.
  10. Lmao! This type of attitude right here! I do get on the servers early, then a month later you can't explore poop because the huge type of big Walmart box bases spamming up the whole map. But I'm sure judging by your reaction you're the guy pillaring entire coasts.
  11. As someone who's loved the game since 2015 this is such a slap in the nuts. Not the face. The nuts.
  12. Wow I didn't even think of it like that. So they're basically charging us 50$ to play ark 1 for a year.
  13. Straight up. The Scorched Earth cashgrab was the beginning of the end for me the first time. I wonder if most people who play even know they did that incredibly shady tactic. "Hey instead of fixing core issues, here's a 20$ dlc while our game is still over a year away from official release."
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