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  1. This has been one of my major nitpicks with pve. I understand not allowing players on a pve server to pick up aggressive, meat-eating animals and potentially dropping them into some hapless player's base to attack them and their tames...but as you said, harmless, small animals should be able to be picked up to make taming easier. And for example...one of the major benefits of taming an icthynornis is to use it to collect prime meat from small land dinos, but on a pve server it can't even pick up/kill a dodo...it just dive-bombs and scares it out of its wits without being able to kill it.
  2. This would be awesome. Part of the reason Kairuku are so fun is seeing babies with the adults. Heck. maybe make it so if a player attacks/tries to tame a baby/juvenile/ado, the same thing happens as when you pick up an egg, only worse XD
  3. Examples like these are exactly why I avoid PVP like the plague. Ark is hard enough just surviving from the wildlife and taming/build a base and working up the tech ladder without having to worry about other players being jerks and ruining your game too.
  4. Wow what creeps (the people who do that). The boss fight players on our server are nice, they deliberately ask us lower level/solo players if we want to 'hitchhike' on their boss fights (level permitting) so we can get the achievement/unlock engrams while they kill the boss.
  5. I have a fondness for raising dodos. Yesterday my latest crop were up for their imprinting. "Dodo wants to be hand-fed comfort food: extraordinary kibble" Me: yeah, I love you, but you're not getting that. *freezes baby dodo in cryopod and then unfreezes it* "Dodo wants to cuddle with you" Me: much better.
  6. I love the new system. It didn't make sense to me that 'random animal's eggs makes the favorite food of X animal', and hopefully it'll help combat the problem of tribes hogging a server's tame cap with their hundreds of dinos tamed *only* to produce eggs for kibble farms. It won't stop the people who have 50 or so gigas or wyverns parked on their roof to show off, but it should help *some*.
  7. Not all official servers are toxic. The one I play on has a friendly, helpful community where the advanced (tek-using) players are perfectly willing to offer advice and help to server newbies as long as they're willing to put in some of the work themselves and are mature and friendly in return. I know I've been helped a ton...to the point of being given animals/eggs/item it would've either taken me a ridiculous amount of time to get myself, or never at all...including a boss rex for meat runs, an anky for stone/metal, cryo fridge and pods, ect. The only toxic people I've ever seen on our server are, ironically, some newbies who just joined who do nothing but insult people in global chat trying to goad them into a fight, and spam huts everywhere deliberately to be an annoyance (and this is a PVE server so he can't even be killed).
  8. Yeah...it's really fun trying 5-6 times just to get into your house or hatchery and ending up halfway back your yard because of lag. Or in frantically trying to get out of the ocean to avoid drowning (or being eaten) and ending up being back-slung back into the water because of lag. As for bugs, I've only really encountered two. One was when I'd logged out inside my house across from herbivore island, and when I logged on supposedly I was dead on the other side of the map >_> Then another time upon log-in (again, having logged out on level ground inside my house) I was suddenly being dropped from the sky to my death >_>
  9. I didn't breed them personally, but two very nice players the night before the event ended heard me wistfully saying in chat that I've been dying for an Argentavis, ANY argentavis, and so they stopped by my base and gave me one egg each, so I've been raising the pair (high level, mutated ones...one male and the second egg hatched a female, so yay!). I think they're both event colored. The male is pink and white so I named him Valentine. The female is pink with some green trim, so I named her Aphrodite. He was at adolescent when the event ended and she was almost to juvenile.
  10. As far as I'm aware, no. It's luck of the draw. The baby can inherit the color from either parent, or get new colors if it mutates (and it shows up on the dino). It sucks but if one hatches that isn't what you're looking for you can either waste the resources to raise it anyway or, if you're brutal like me you can either just kill it yourself and hatch another egg, or just ignore it and let it die on its own...though I had one abandoned dodo baby who I hadn't given any food at all survive from baby into juvenile and when I went outside my hatchery to get some more eggs it was just standing there in front of a trough eating...so I figured well heck...it earned it's survival and brought it back into the hatchery with the ones I'd kept and been feeding myself. lol
  11. I didn't even bother with trying pvp servers at all. It's just not my style to find enjoyment in killing/stealing stuff from another player just trying to survive like me, and surviving/getting started on Ark is challenging enough just with the wildlife to worry about, let alone other survivors XD To me it just reminds me of zombie apocalypse scenarios...nearly everything in the world is trying to kill you, but by all means let's start killing each other too lol
  12. Okee! Thank you so much for the answer! I didn't know the damage before the knockout didn't impact the taming, so that's a relief.
  13. Speaking of taming effectiveness, I had a few questions. I know if the animal takes damage after you knock it out that lowers it, but what else? For example, say I'm taming a lowly dodo (sue me I love them >_> ). I hit it just enough to knock it out, and it takes zero damage after it's unconscious. Does it matter HOW you knock it out? For high level ones I've used tranq arrows, but usually I just bola/club them out (I know if necessary you can just punch them out too). I tame them with mejoberries, which I thought was the best berry to tame them with? (I know they'll eat any berry but stim/narco, and I've noticed they seem to tame faster with amarberries) But what other factors lower the taming effectiveness?
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