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Community Crunch 226: Summer Bash 2020!

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It was called Summer Bash last year, which means it hasn't been called 4th July event for at least 2 years now. Also, this is a much longer event that spans a much wider length of time than 4th July.

This makes my sausage grow 

PLZ PLZ PLZ let us hide gloves and boots!!!! Or naked skin them

+1 First fix breeding / mating issues first:
- Dinos do not wanna mate even if they are ready (about 50% do not work at the moment)
- Wrong mating-timers when taking dinos out of cryos (vanilla x1 instead of what we configured in our Game.ini for MatingIntervalMultiplier)

Nobody cares about events/rates if the functions for which this rates would be helpful do not work.

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Yey another Event half of the ppl cant enjoy because of DC, Bluescreening and constant 255 on multiple servers from PS 4 (especially Gen servers not playing 2hrs without Dcing or bluescreening everybody from our server) ...

OP deploy more but dont go back on the tickets and leave servers for 48hrs straight down your the best, no support msging constant no replys.... Thats how Ark is more and more Unplayable...

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Thank you very much for this Event. 

As an Unofficial Cluster Owner/Admin whose rates are a bit raised over standard, the last event, while great for some didn't really give us a lot to work with. We had fun with the cakes, but that was pretty much it. 

This event however, has the whole group excited. Even more so with the Sunglasses. Just one more part of the character outfit we can skin to cover the rest of the body so we don't have to wear the swimsuits mixed with everyday outfits. 

Now we are just missing something for the hands and feet... For the feet...sandals maybe? Flip-flops? For the hands... A wristband? Just something to put over your normal clothes to make it look like you are truly and fully dressed for the beach. If not this time around perhaps next time? 

And the colors, Awesome! Can't wait to go out and catch them. 

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14 hours ago, Jenettic said:

Is there a time that this will be released so I don’t have babies out or anything while it does the update?


5 hours ago, Krus said:

Does anyone know when the event will start?

Hey Survivors!

The event is planned to start at the following times:

PC (Steam) - 10am PDT
Console - 1pm PDT

If you are unsure of the time for you, simply google 10am PDT or 1pm PDT.

Otherwise, use https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

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