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  1. Yes i have found them a while back please look up the top for the commands which are now updated!
  2. sorry just realized an error it's Bossteleport not bossteleporter for Center
  3. well i know about the INI File thing but there is currently no known in-game Admin Command to change the stack size of items and you have to add the command line in which i can't remember what it was
  4. What do you mean "Admin Commands and such to Tweak StackSize"?
  5. Cheat Setimprintedplayer "PlayerName" Player ID
  6. Well thats a fair point and there is already a command to change the imprinter name and ID and Mutation Count Command would be nice BUT! Dino wipe we really need that!
  7. GCM and other Suggestions Is there any chance you could make GCM allow you to Repair items in your inventory and structures for free and not only that also when you craft charge batteries it fully charges them while GCM is active?. Can you add a command that allows players to change dino genders,Revive Dead Tames and a Command that shows all console commands via User Interface (UI like "Showmyadminmanager" but with the list of codes)?
  8. Well i already found these codes before you did i posted them on youtube ages ago and. i have redone the description of the Boss portal spawn codes added Ragnarok Boss Codes a while back.
  9. Yeah i totally agree they should add server settings that allow you to turn on Boss Tributes for the Tek Transmitter for Private Servers and Single Player something like for example TekTransmitterBossTributes: True and for Single Player Options Enable Boss Tribute Tek Transmitter.
  10. Well the Stackable foundations is a great idea but the Tek Transmitter allowing you to do boss fights ah no because i am sure it use to do that but they removed it due to players placing it near a herd of enemy players dinos and opening up the boss portal just to kill the enemy players dinos that are not near there base even though that doesn't stop Server admins spawning in the boss portals with admin commands to kill you're dinos and the Fog idea yes they need to do that same with flyer speed they need to add a setting that allows you to enable it to level up Speed for a flyer.
  11. @Jatheish is there going to be a fix for the screen freezing on the black screen when attempting to ascend on Extinction it happens on PC and Xbox one X how it happens is when i kill the King Titan (regardless of difficulty) and i wait for a few moments then the screen starts to go white then goes black and it freezes on the black screen so i have to Quit the game and go back into the game also King titan Trophy is bugged after ascending the King Titan Trophy Gets removed from your inventory please fix that too but the rest of the game is good i have been playing since beta it's good to see it grow and thrive with new dinos and TLC for some dinos.
  12. @Jen Will there also be a INI option to remove foundation requirements for S+ as well that is one thing everyone will want or will it circumvent the gameplay mechanics?
  13. Sadly no i use to own a server of my own you have to set the option in Nitrado were it says ActiveEvent= in the general setting section you have to set that too ActiveEvent=WinterWonderland hope this helps!.
  14. try quitting the game and restarting it see if this helps you out.
  15. oh wait you downloaded the update while you were in the game? that might also be the cause for it you need to exit the game and start it up again see if this helps!.
  16. Hmm ok are you on Official or Unofficial (Multiplayer Wise) for single player i don't think they activated for SP sadly even though they said all maps Single player and all that.
  17. Also did you download the Update? because it won't work without the update
  18. Are you on PC or Xbox or PS4? if on pc you might want to add ActiveEvent=WinterWonderland to your launch options Xbox is already active PS4 does not have it yet as i have heard.
  19. Also there is a tribe (idk the name) Hogging all the Christmas gifts that Raptor Claus drops on Xbox official Extinction1030 is there any chance you can make a giftbox detects that the same tribe is the only one taking all the stuff and makes it lock them out for 24 Hours? that would remove Gift hogging and make it more fair to other players also add a Titan Taming Cool Down as well since players are also hogging Titans preventing players from getting the stuff they need for king titan (Ascension).
  20. Where is the Whistle command Flyer Land? it is not in the Whistle wheel it's mean't to be added
  21. Im sorry to hear that this is why WC need to implement the kill volume (Kill Barrier) to destroy Corrupted dinos or shield that prevents them if i was a WC Dev i would of implemented it and also i would balance the game but sadly i have little knowledge about coding,modeling,Texturing and all that.
  22. I hope so i would love to see the Dodo Rex being a all year round spawn again
  23. Wildcard i got a suggestion for you about Kiting corrupted dinos in the city add a kill volume (Kill Barrier) that only kills Corrupted dinos so once they enter the city they get destroyed or add some kind of shield that prevents them from getting in if you do that a lot of players will no longer be worried about players kiting corrupted dinos into the city and everyone will be happy but the kiting Tryhards will get angry because of it but i don't care on what they say at least us players will be safe inside the city from corrupted dinos we hate kiting too!.
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