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  1. GM Fury Had an issue on my server that required intervention by a GM. GM Fury answered my ticket and was quick, helpful and courteous. I set an appointment and he showed up on time and ensured the problem was resolved to my satisfaction. Just wanted to say thank you and also to show that the ticket system can work.
  2. Create a tribe and form an alliance with your "customer". I believe this would allow you to place the canvas down in their base (you may have to build a structure there). I am unsure if there is any way to snap a structure to another tribes structures unless you are in that tribe.
  3. You.... you are one of them, aren't you? You don't even work for Wildcard... I can't take anything you say seriously, nor can I trust it.
  4. okay, so while it shows 50, it "should" only take the new amount. That is the answer I was looking for. Thank you. Have they made a determination as to how long they are extending the event?
  5. No, nothing went to fast for me. As a matter of fact, I believe that English may not be your primary language (no judgement here) due to misspellings and grammatical errors, so I have in fact read all of your posts multiple times very slowly to ensure that I can extrapolate the message you are trying to send. I appreciate you trying to call out those that you feel may have done wrong. But in this case, I (and others) believe you are wrong. You could have just posted a simple message asking if there were any updates to the respawn, or if anyone had any settings in SP that you could utilize to help with the issue. But instead, you chose to single out a person and the volunteer mods that have quoted her in the past to try to warn the rest of the community of your perception of people trying to silence an issue. There are a myriad of other problems that plague this game, including the ability for countless people to even get into the game, characters being lost, dinos being lost, and entire servers disappearing that should take precedence over this issue, since the nodes do respawn (even if it is after a very long time) and you have personally identified that they do respawn. You have literally turned this into a personal crusade against Ms. Stuber and anyone that used her as a source of information (definition attached below for your reference). Look at the time you have spent researching, posting, arguing, doing more research, reposting, making more accusations, editing your posts, etc. I would say you are on a crusade with all of the so called evidence that you have dug up (tweets/twitter profile of parties involved) although that evidence was used incorrectly (stating that you could find no evidence of her working for wildcard, but when you were corrected, you decided to attack her attitude in her tweet, which by the way is allowed in a free society) and your selective omission of certain evidence (although you justify omitting said statements by stating you had provided a link). Everything you have done has shown a good amount of time invested into this cause. And how can you see anyone posting an opinion contrary to yours as an attempt to harm you and as a hostile case? So if someone doesn't agree with you wholeheartedly then they are being hostile and attempting to harm you? If you don't want anyone to respond to you then don't post your personal opinions on a public forum. Simple as that. crusade Definition of crusade 1 capitalized : any of the military expeditions undertaken by Christian powers in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries to win the Holy Land from the Muslims 2 : a remedial enterprise undertaken with zeal and enthusiasm "a crusade against drunk driving"
  6. Summer Bash: Chibi production cost and end date I know that there has been an announcement out there that plans were in the works to significantly reduce the amount of prime jerky required to make chibis during this event. ": We'll be rolling out an patch to greatly reduce the cost of prime jerky for Summer Bash items later this evening. In the meantime, start stocking up that jerky for your chibis and emotes!" I was just wondering if this change has occurred, or what the status is on this. I have not seen any updates on this matter. It still seems to take a long while to make the prime jerky (appx 36 mins for 1 piece), and the requirements for the oil and sparkpowder do not seem to have decreased. I realize that there have been a lot of fixes and patches over the last weekend, so I have been patiently waiting. Also, has there been a determination of the new ending time for this event?
  7. What I am hearing is that you wanted to try to make Stuber look bad, and you got called out on your mistakes. Obviously you were wrong, so you tried to find another instance where you could be justified in your response, but you were proven to be wrong again. After being proven wrong twice, it is now Ms. Stuber's fault that you used that quote and didn't research the timeline. It's also her fault due to the fact that she responded to someone tagging her. What is the point of this post anyway? Was it to discuss the lack of respawning nodes, or to warn the general public about the "nefarious methods carried out by the volunteer moderators to use unverified sources in their responses in order to appease the masses and in the end cause mass mayhem on the message boards"? No, I am not defending Ms. Stuber, as I was not playing at the time she was on. I am merely trying to comprehend the reason for your continued crusade against someone that does not even work for this company any more. Let this crusade go.
  8. Console working or not? I downloaded the update late last night as soon as it became available and was able to play for 30 uninterrupted minutes on XBOX. I also logged on this am for a short while and had no difficulties. I am seeing some people post on here that they (or family members) are still dc-ing. I know dc's can occur due to a person's internet connection, being throttled, etc. I was just wondering what the consensus was from the majority of console players? Is it fixed (for now)?
  9. I'm sure they are gone.
  10. Saltee


    Hello hello everyone. Been visiting the site for a while now, just joined yesterday. Trying to get my post count up while not spamming useless crap. I usually play PVE on xbox official servers.
  11. I believe the event is planned to run a total of 21 days, so July 14 I believe?
  12. Lol, was thinking the same thing. But... I'm sure that I'll find a way to get a use out of my 14 preserving bins now. I was sure that 14 bins was WAY OVERKILL.... apparently not.
  13. New chibi grinding Is this really going to be the cost to get a random chance at a chibi this event????
  14. I'm interested in seeing the "cammo" color.... a few poison wyverns and pteranodons I have seen had the appearance of camo, but I would love to see that pattern on an argy or even a rex!
  15. Ability to identify saddled dinos in cryopod A simple icon that would enable the survivor to see whether or not a dino in a cryo pod has a saddle. You have placed icons over items that cannot be destroyed for materials, so the implementation of a simple icon over the cryopod/dino image should not be that difficult.
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