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  1. Toni

    Announcing: ARKaeology Event!

    The event isn't working on private servers! Not even by adding the commandline (Which shouldn't be necessary for all the official maps). We don't see any mounds at all. Please fix.
  2. Already tryed to remove the -nonethreading parameter? But anyway if ark detects more than 1 core.. the most of the code is still executed on the main core (about 90 - 95% of the overall server load). Only little parts like networking, are going to a second core. Ark is mostly programmed single threaded. Useallavailablecores is only for clients, this has no effect on servers.
  3. Some technical questions: - How often does the programm poll the ARK servers via RCON? (get chatlog) (I'm sure it does because ARK still has no websocket support) - Where does this exe store the chat log locally and in which format? (json, sqlite, ?) (I'm sure it stores it because the program has to know if a message was already broadcasted to the other servers or not).
  4. Would be nice if you can switch from dropbox to GitHub (We wanna see the program-code / config-files / screenshots / documentation and so on before we download something). Your program looks very nice.. but since its an .exe, i have to setup isolated windows and ARK servers to test if this thing is really doing what it should do I personally do not add my Rcon credentials to a program for which i don't know what it really/exactly does So it would be nice if you can add a bit more transparency to your program (The best would be nodejs because lightwight, fully transparent, crossplattform support out of the box, extendable, implementable and so on) Anyway, keep up your nice work. I will definitely keep an eye on this thread and your program
  5. I can't answer your question, but i can give you some other options. If this this dinos / structures / items are lost because they leaved the tribe (Mostly happens when they are merging tribes in a wrong way), then you can use this command to add the members back to the tribe: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Console_Commands#ForcePlayerToJoinTargetTribe This command mostly solves such problems. But i don't know the exact situation you have on your server.
  6. Use this parameters: -p -s --pretty-printing --items long --creatures --structures --bases I think your problem is caused by --tribeless Edit: And use -Xmx4G because 2G isn't enough if you have big savefiles.
  7. Here is what you gave us with the new turrets wildcard: https://clips.twitch.tv/ShinyStupidSquirrelCeilingCat Once more an absolutely untested thing? Where is the final tweaking you talked about?
  8. 27th is over... where is the turret? May we expect delays on Aberration too? Again behind the timeline?
  9. Toni

    Destroyed Obelisk terminal

    Tryed to replace the terminal with the terminal from the mod "Craftable Tribute Terminal"? I don't know if bosses do work with it. All the rest is the same as with the original obelisk terminal.
  10. Update on this topic: Its running much better now. It doesn't create additional CPU load anymore. They have silently changed something without saying it in the patch notes. The servers performance (fps) generally is a bit better with UDP. So i change my recommendation now to "Use ?bRawSockets"
  11. The best example to measure the actual binary flatfile savesystem is --> Move some items into the cluster. Is the performance nice there? No it isn't. Would an SQL be way faster by adding/removing some items? --> For sure An other example --> Wild dino wipes --> Now generates a timeout for about 60 seconds. How long would a database have to DELETE * from wilddinos; ? A few milliseconds....not 60 seconds! Maybe your right in general. But the actual state of the game shows that the implementation of this binary saves is very inperformant.
  12. Toni

    Rexs on Ragnarok

    Have a look here: https://born2frag.ch/wild-dinos-ragnarok/ You will find the Rexes on your server on about the same locations. This is "live" data from our server (15 min delay).
  13. Have a look at Conan Exiles (Using SQLite Database)... no save lagg, no inventory transfer lagg, Backups all 3 Minutes. So before you post something... have a look like other developers done it with the Unreal Engine... instead of posting what your personal opinion is. We all know --> Autosave = lagg We all know --> Transfering many single items = Freeze on client We all know --> Wild dino wipes = server doesn't respond for a minute We all know --> Transfering items into the ARK Data is very slow and you can't transfer several items at once All this things are based on the file based save system they use. All this performance problems are related to the save system. You ever seen a game server of other games which is doing a full save all 15 minutes intead of only writing the differences (incremental saves)? Ever seen an other game server which is saving all its data into 1 file? Are you aware of? --> ARK dedicated is mostly single threaded --> MySQL can use all cores and can be placed on a seperate hardware? Are you aware of? --> With MySQL/SQLite you can do incremental saves which is 0.0001 % of the data to write than it actually is with the full saves? Are you aware of? --> If your using a database, you can do some stuff asynchronously? For example -> deleting the old dinos after a server wipe can be exectued later (Thats what actually is causing the non responseness on the server)
  14. You can't unmod them. A mod dino is an other type of dino than a non mod dino. Thats exactly the reason why you shouldn't use flyer mods. Better wait till the speed is coming back in vanilla (Confirmed for the TLC dino pass).
  15. Thats the reason why i don't use this wild dino wipe at restart function. Changing the savefile while starting is really really risky. For example if there would be a crash at startup (Like we had last weekend with Ragnarok), then its destroying your savefile because it is changing it at startup. Here is the reason for the servers "downtime" / "no-response" The problem is based on the save system of ark (Like i already reported 1000 times for other problems...And already posted a solution because Conan Exiles has a solution for it with the UE ! They key-word is SQLite Database ! ). The freeze / non-response of the server is happening when the server is cleaning out the dinos out of the savestate (In RAM). The "database" system ARK uses, is completely trash. The server has too long to search / delete the entries in the savestate. Other problems like for example the freeze on Clientside which you get when you transfer a big amount of single items, is exactly based on the same thing. For people which doesn't believe me (There are always such ^^ // Including wildcard), here is how to prove: 1. Run a wild dino wipe on a Ragnarok Server which has a 200+ MB save file --> Result: Server freezes for minimum a minute and kicks all players out 2. Run a wild dino wipe on an emtpy Ragnarok Map which only has the wild dinos and nothing other --> Wild dino wipe finished in a few seconds, no kick of players. Other examples to prove the bad save system of ARK: 1. Run a server with a big savefile... but no players connected, only you for testing (So server fps is at max of 30 fps). 2. Move many items from one container to another container (Have a look at how many items per seconds you can move) 3. Run a server with a very little savefile. Only place 1 storage box on the map and fill it. No players connected, only you for testing (Server fps at max of 30 fps) 4. Move many items from the container to another container (Have a look at how many items per seconds you can move). You will see that the empty savefile server is about 5 times faster than the big savefile server. Even if both has no players connected and the only difference is the savefile size. The bigger the savefile... the bader the server performance by acessing something out of the save More other examples: It is reproducable with ALL ingame actions which needs to change something on the savesystem. For example remove big bases with command. The SOLUTION for this problem (Listen Wildcard !! Please start to listen to me!!): Rewrite the save system of ARK and use the SQLite possibilities of the UE ! (Or even better do it with MySQL ...so when can move the database away from our ARK servers). The Conan Exiles devs (Using the Unreal Engine too) does use it. Result --> No laggs at server autosaves / No laggs at big item transfers / No laggs when you remove many things from the map It was simply wrong to program ARK (which has big save files) with this File-Based Save System (The same for the Cluster directory). Thats simply a way which things was programmed before 10 years. Databases was invented because they are way faster (specially when it comes to large saves like ARK has) than File based Save Systems like you use for ARK! If you don't have the competence / capacities to rewrite your savesystem, simply hire one of the Conan Exiles Devs ! ! Yeah i know... this is months of work. But it would solve the most performance problems of ARK. (Wouldn't it be nice to eliminate the autosave laggs/rubberbands all the servers out there (including your own) have???))