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  1. +1 First fix breeding / mating issues first: - Dinos do not wanna mate even if they are ready (about 50% do not work at the moment) - Wrong mating-timers when taking dinos out of cryos (vanilla x1 instead of what we configured in our Game.ini for MatingIntervalMultiplier) Nobody cares about events/rates if the functions for which this rates would be helpful do not work.
  2. You can use customdynamicurl=not_needed_because_its_buggy. There is an other way to get that working!!! Reason why it doesn't work: - It always checks arkdedicated.com/dynamicconfig.ini instead of what you configure. How to solve/workaround this unfinished/buggy thing: - On your webserver, name the file dynamicconfig.ini and place it in the root directory - Ensure that this dynamicconfig.ini can be called by http. (https or redirects do not work). So --> http://yourdomain.com/dynamicconfig.ini must be callable and must stay on http. - Edit your hosts file (Google if you d
  3. I don't use rawSockets (Because of the long waiting time for players to be able to join the server again --> if they had a crash/disconnect. This is a still not solved bug). But yeah, the question i asked above is exactly that? have they enabled rawSocket per default? One of WC should simply give a statement, so we know whats going on and what needs to be changed on our side.
  4. Can Wildcard please give a statement to this? What exactly was changed on network side of the servers? What does private server owners need to change? Have you enabled rawSockets per default now? Do the servers now need 4 Ports (Game / Query / Query 2 / Rcon) instead of 3 (Game / Query / Rcon)?
  5. - Disable Dino Decay (they will die of starvation some time...so decay not needed for dinos). - Login and wait 1 minute (render all things) is not enough. ---> Stay some minutes (i always doing it for 10 minutes) in your base to let the timers being updated (this isn't directly done on rendering by the server!)
  6. I can't confirm that! - First, ARK uses 2 Cores/Threads ... 1 for all the main calculations / 1 for networking Things. ....So if you only give 1 Core/Thread, it has to calculate the network parts on the same CPU where all the other calculations run too. - Second. Windows auto assignment of cores doesn't work as good as manually set it with affinity. If for example there is a load of 20% on one core caused by windows... for windows its fine to place the ARK server there too because 80% is still free. If you place the ARK servers manually, they will use at least 50% on that
  7. its a known problem since 4 years... and will be like 90% of all other bugs never been fixed. (The same for all the explorer notes. I do not even start to collect them since it always gets deleted some time..).
  8. Do you invite people to your birthday party without giving them something to food and drink? Thats exactly what you done with this post.... Please next time use the time to fix bugs instead of creating such a senseless post (For example the "buffer overflow" while traveling with max slots equipped. ). There is still many more important things to do instead of writing such posts.
  9. The event isn't working on private servers! Not even by adding the commandline (Which shouldn't be necessary for all the official maps). We don't see any mounds at all. Please fix.
  10. Some technical questions: - How often does the programm poll the ARK servers via RCON? (get chatlog) (I'm sure it does because ARK still has no websocket support) - Where does this exe store the chat log locally and in which format? (json, sqlite, ?) (I'm sure it stores it because the program has to know if a message was already broadcasted to the other servers or not).
  11. Would be nice if you can switch from dropbox to GitHub (We wanna see the program-code / config-files / screenshots / documentation and so on before we download something). Your program looks very nice.. but since its an .exe, i have to setup isolated windows and ARK servers to test if this thing is really doing what it should do I personally do not add my Rcon credentials to a program for which i don't know what it really/exactly does So it would be nice if you can add a bit more transparency to your program (The best would be nodejs because lightwight, fully transparent, crosspl
  12. I can't answer your question, but i can give you some other options. If this this dinos / structures / items are lost because they leaved the tribe (Mostly happens when they are merging tribes in a wrong way), then you can use this command to add the members back to the tribe: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Console_Commands#ForcePlayerToJoinTargetTribe This command mostly solves such problems. But i don't know the exact situation you have on your server.
  13. Use this parameters: -p -s --pretty-printing --items long --creatures --structures --bases I think your problem is caused by --tribeless Edit: And use -Xmx4G because 2G isn't enough if you have big savefiles.
  14. Here is what you gave us with the new turrets wildcard: https://clips.twitch.tv/ShinyStupidSquirrelCeilingCat Once more an absolutely untested thing? Where is the final tweaking you talked about?
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