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  1. Toni

    Announcing: ARKaeology Event!

    The event isn't working on private servers! Not even by adding the commandline (Which shouldn't be necessary for all the official maps). We don't see any mounds at all. Please fix.
  2. Already tryed to remove the -nonethreading parameter? But anyway if ark detects more than 1 core.. the most of the code is still executed on the main core (about 90 - 95% of the overall server load). Only little parts like networking, are going to a second core. Ark is mostly programmed single threaded. Useallavailablecores is only for clients, this has no effect on servers.
  3. Some technical questions: - How often does the programm poll the ARK servers via RCON? (get chatlog) (I'm sure it does because ARK still has no websocket support) - Where does this exe store the chat log locally and in which format? (json, sqlite, ?) (I'm sure it stores it because the program has to know if a message was already broadcasted to the other servers or not).
  4. Would be nice if you can switch from dropbox to GitHub (We wanna see the program-code / config-files / screenshots / documentation and so on before we download something). Your program looks very nice.. but since its an .exe, i have to setup isolated windows and ARK servers to test if this thing is really doing what it should do I personally do not add my Rcon credentials to a program for which i don't know what it really/exactly does So it would be nice if you can add a bit more transparency to your program (The best would be nodejs because lightwight, fully transparent, crossplattform support out of the box, extendable, implementable and so on) Anyway, keep up your nice work. I will definitely keep an eye on this thread and your program
  5. www.born2frag.ch [CH] Born2Frag - The Island PvP - Cluster [CH] Born2Frag - The Center PvP - Cluster [CH] Born2Frag - Scorched Earth - Cluster [CH] Born2Frag - Ragnarok - Cluster [CH] Born2Frag - Aberration - Cluster
  6. If you enter wrong commands, you won't see a direct error where you done the input. But you will see an error in the console output of the server. If you set a parameter, there is no console error output, therefore i thougt this works.
  7. I can't answer your question, but i can give you some other options. If this this dinos / structures / items are lost because they leaved the tribe (Mostly happens when they are merging tribes in a wrong way), then you can use this command to add the members back to the tribe: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Console_Commands#ForcePlayerToJoinTargetTribe This command mostly solves such problems. But i don't know the exact situation you have on your server.
  8. Toni

    Dev Kit

    When will the new Devkit be released?
  9. Things wildcard confirmed on TwitchCon, but haven't delivered it with V275 - Flyer Speed Configuration Options - S+ Implementation into Vanilla
  10. Toni

    Aberration Configuration

    You haven't to change anything. Dino transfers to aberration are disabled even if your cluster config is configured for. To enable it, you would have to add ?CrossARKAllowForeignDinoDownloads=true to the command line parameters.
  11. Toni

    Dino Transfers config

    First question --> Mod "Craftable Tribute Terminal". Second question --> ?CrossARKAllowForeignDinoDownloads=true
  12. Toni

    I can't stop playing

    I recommend you to play on unofficials with some mods. You will still have the Arkoholism, but you will find some more time to sleep and do your RL. Officials (Settings) are designed only for no-lifers ...
  13. Toni

    Aberration Delayed till January!!!

    It wouldn't be good if this would happen ^^
  14. Toni

    Doeds lagging server

    Yeah lower the farming rate to a value which your server is able to handle (No server can handle more than x5 without lagg)...
  15. Use this parameters: -p -s --pretty-printing --items long --creatures --structures --bases I think your problem is caused by --tribeless Edit: And use -Xmx4G because 2G isn't enough if you have big savefiles.