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  1. Things wildcard confirmed on TwitchCon, but haven't delivered it with V275 - Flyer Speed Configuration Options - S+ Implementation into Vanilla
  2. Aberration Configuration

    You haven't to change anything. Dino transfers to aberration are disabled even if your cluster config is configured for. To enable it, you would have to add ?CrossARKAllowForeignDinoDownloads=true to the command line parameters.
  3. Dino Transfers config

    First question --> Mod "Craftable Tribute Terminal". Second question --> ?CrossARKAllowForeignDinoDownloads=true
  4. I can't stop playing

    I recommend you to play on unofficials with some mods. You will still have the Arkoholism, but you will find some more time to sleep and do your RL. Officials (Settings) are designed only for no-lifers ...
  5. Aberration Delayed till January!!!

    It wouldn't be good if this would happen ^^
  6. Doeds lagging server

    Yeah lower the farming rate to a value which your server is able to handle (No server can handle more than x5 without lagg)...
  7. Use this parameters: -p -s --pretty-printing --items long --creatures --structures --bases I think your problem is caused by --tribeless Edit: And use -Xmx4G because 2G isn't enough if you have big savefiles.
  8. Like i know you can enter the new parameters to the console. For example: HarvestAmountMultiplier=2 I've never tested if the server takes the new value... but there isn't any errormessage or something like that if you enter it to the console.
  9. How to change the slot limit for inventory?

    Search for "Stacking Mod". There isn't an official setting.
  10. Gameplay/Admin Logs

    Anyway the Logs provide no useful informations. Its simply the tribelogs of all players and join leave messages. There are still bugs where you do not see the Tribename in the absolutely not helpful.
  11. Here is what you gave us with the new turrets wildcard: Once more an absolutely untested thing? Where is the final tweaking you talked about?
  12. Hi wildcard, Can you please invest some time to release the new version of the devkit? Actually all servers with S+ have really MAJOR bugs because you haven't released it till now. For example if we place S+ Teleporters, we can see (and travel to) all teleporters of enemys (This is a heavy pvp killer!). The Mod isn't able to fix this bug as long as you do not realease the new devkit version. With yesterdays update you added the turrets limits/indicators... which should be accessible too for the Mods... Limits on our unofficial doesn't help anything if they do not work with S+ Turrets. S+ is going to be official... so please focus a little more on it in future (Game Update = Devkit update)
  13. Suggestion to Address Server Lag.

    Nice idea... but what you wanna reach here (less calculated dinos serverside) is reachable much easier. I already suggested it many times. 1. Add a possibility on dinos to "Deactivate" --> Changes a Dino to be a Structure (No more animation, no more simulation...they are just decoration when in this mode) 2. Add a tribe-tame limit of for example 5000 dinos 3. Add a tribe-activedinos-limit of about 200 - 300. Result: Way higher overall limits for tamed dinos // Load on server (calculated dinos) extremely lowered (Would have about the same effect like the turret optimization. The calculated dinos is one of the most performance demanding things) Why this is the solution? --> Because we anyway need the most dinos only for breeding/egg purposes. So most of the time we have no restriction with this change because the dinos anyway are only standing in the base.
  14. 27th is over... where is the turret? May we expect delays on Aberration too? Again behind the timeline?
  15. Aberration delay

    They will do both ^^ Its wildcard