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  1. On server 374 now fire 24/7, impossible to check surface and found alpha reaper king.
  2. This problem exist very long time...
  3. Problem is still exist, tickets doesnt give any effect...
  4. Confirm the bug, Aberattion 224, surface burning 24/7
  5. Please include x2 on a permanent basis, I'm sure many players are waiting for this.
  6. Hi, everybody. I understand that this offer may break the balance on PVP servers, but it will not affect the PVE servers for the worse. I also believe that rates for PVP and PVE should be different. Players understand how difficult and long it is to grow and propagate Dino at such a low speed. If you have a lot to do in real life, it takes an extremely long time. During the pandemic, we were on double rates, and a lot of people want that to always be the case. I think this will be a great gift to the community for their support of the game at all times. I am grateful to the developers for the
  7. Does anyone know when the event will start?
  8. Now that's cool, waiting for the Reaper in Multicam or Drake in Flektarn
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