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  1. Krus

    Reaper queens spawn

    Reaper queens spawn Fix please spawn Queens reapers, they get stuck and in this regard do not respawn new. Place on the image - Halls of the reaper, coord 86.7 62.7
  2. Connection error after fatal error This problem always occurs after a fatal error(which by the way occurs after the last two updates of the game), which prevents the ability to connect for about 5 minutes, which leads to in-game losses due to the inability to influence events. I am tired of sending you support tickets due to the loss of many Dinos and game assets, because to meet with a game master, you need to wait more than a month, when these problems become irrelevant, I urge you to take action and notify me by personal message or email about the progress of solving this problem and ways to compensate for lost animals. Please note that I use this account alone, and my computer has enough power for trouble-free gameplay.
  3. Does anyone know when the event will start?
  4. Now that's cool, waiting for the Reaper in Multicam or Drake in Flektarn
  5. The weakness of the Reapers Hello, I would like to talk about the weakness of such an exclusive class in the game as the Reaper. As we know, getting a Reaper isn't that easy, but the question is, how can we use it? It can't be multiplied, which makes a huge difference with the same Rex, although Rex has a lower base damage multiplier, but Rex can be bred and mutated time after time, and Reaper can't. I believe that this Dino nerfed as undeserved. As we can see in the information on the Russian and English-language wiki, early tamed reapers had 45,000 health points. What do we see now? They have health points that range from 11,000 to 15,000 in the larval stage. In the end, with imprints, this gives around 20,000 health points. I also do not understand the mechanism of their resistance in the absence of a light source, how much is it in % ratio to the damage received? Eventually the animal exclusive but not usability. There are Rexes that can be bred. I would like to suggest that the developers rebalance the reapers for the better, this Dino was unfairly subjected to nerf.
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