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  1. Update fail! What going on!??? My update stopped on 84.9% after few xbox restarts still stopped... another games update and downloads working. I`m Admin on server and all players already updated and ask me different questions about update but I can`t ansver because unpdate stopped...
  2. Bilboards Hi, every one! maybe some body know and can say why on xbox cant see any text on bilboarsd, signs or wall like Ragnarok cave?
  3. Welcome to the AlphaRex PVP Ragnarok Map! X5 Harvesting X7 Taming Custom Dino & Loot Bigger Stack & Weight Custom Events New map, new rules! Blocking important objects (obelisks, spawn players, animals, resources and artifacts) is strictly prohibited! There is a PVE (70-70 X 90-90) zone on the map. All administrative structures (Tribe: "AlphaRex") have immunity! For violation of the rules, ban 1 day. for an attack on a tribe, or property of administrator, ban forever! Aswell on (20.5 - 31.4) coordinates, we have shop. More: discord.gg/VWpyEz3
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