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  1. Please please for the love of all that is holy make some caves that are strong and some other really great looking building spots for pvp. I don't care if it takes longer Hell get crazy with it and put some awesome spots in the ceilings in addition to caves, etc for both small tribe bases, ratholes, and massive size bases.
  2. I think you need to look into cheat detection software specifically for aimbot and esp type programs that are still used quite a bit. While Battle eye probably helps a bit in various circumstances there are far more advanced cheating methods out there that know how to bypass BE detection these days. If anything I'd recommend trying to make gradual improvements on this from now and towards Ark 2 so hopefully by then Ark 2 will have cheating under control quite a bit more.
  3. Remove heavies, reinstate unlimited turret cap, add back in paracer and tapejara, and we'll be actually close to what classic was somewhat like.
  4. Please up imprint affinity % for this event to make it easier to get 100%. Upping the rates can really mess up imprint bonuses.
  5. I always loved the music. This particular piece helps set the mood WC! I hope you made something amazing and hopefully better than extinction. Extinction had too few viable building locations and too much area was unbuildable as well.
  6. It hasn't been over a month since Classic launched it has been 3 weeks. Classic launched April 2nd.
  7. @jatheish would be cool to see a crystal farming dino that has a weight reduction for crystal as well.
  8. I tried a few matches in FFA SoTF and usually made it to the last 10 minutes or less, but never killed anyone. Spent more time trying to find things to tame and also trying to simply survive. Managed to tame a sabertooth and an Argent, but found when trying to land the Argent I get dismounted which seemed lame. Shortly after getting the Argent though a Carno event happened and a bunch of raptors ate my sabertooth, and I struggled to try and get on my almost dead argent to only get backed into rocks and brutally killed by the raptor pack. They really need a SoTF battle arena that is smaller and has no taming allowed with only drops and gear laying around here and there. That way you can just get to the fighting faster imo.
  9. I think one issue is the zerg method being used to try and block people that have already established a tribe prior and built up from logging in. I'd like to see server priority given to already established tribes on their server, so that when or if a zerg happens those established on it can log in and those that aren't get booted. This would at least help tribes get their members on in order to help defend their respective servers. When it come to transferring items I think that you should be allowed to bring a set amount of precrafted buildings, or structures with you. You should be allowed armor of any type, weapons of any type, and a set limit to building materials in order to keep things reasonable. As it stands if I can transfer into another server with 20 tribe mates, half of which may have high weight, we could pop up a large instant metal base with turrets and crafting structures instantaneously. On a 2x weekend if they can xfer with kibble and whatever tames already then they can instantly gain a solid foothold. It is good to have the capability to create a fast foothold in order to combat well established alphas on various servers, yet it needs to be kept under control. If a large tribe hops into a server and has a very large instant base all of a sudden complete with turrets and a large army of tames that might be a bit too much. Limit number of tame xfers in addition to the cooldown. Not sure what this should be set to but the idea here is that they can't just bring in overwhelming numbers of Wyverns, Gigas, quetz and more that can't be countered by medium size alphas, or just established newer large alpha tribes. There needs to be a level of sanity here to how much can be xfered in within a given time frame. Character's also imo might need a cooldown in order to prevent hopping in and out of the server at will as much within X hours to get more supplies. I don't know what this should be but I believe it needs to be set to a certain amount of time to avoid large tribes bringing large numbers of supplies over and working around any limits on transfered items. Perhaps 12 hours would be good enough, might not be super popular but could keep things reasonable and allow servers time to respond to an invasion. ***It could be set to less or once items are transferred you could have a cooldown on you for 12 hours that only prevents item transfers and not character transfers. Then you could at least still server hop in that case.
  10. OMG Spaceships! We're going to infinity and beyond to fight the cylon threat and ultimately to find the promised land as prophesied by Jat.
  11. With armor that looks like that I am thinking a cool idea would be that you can run farther, use less stamina, and perhaps jump a bit higher than normal with it. Maybe it also takes significantly reduced bullet damage?
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