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  1. A little tip for the OP: Breeding certain dinos like a Therizino for power harvesting makes even 1x rates bearable easily. Harvesting is all about knowing where to go and what to use. Therizino power harvesting in a swamp for wood is pretty good. Megatherium in a swamp for thatch is also pretty good as well in my experience. Bear in Abberation harvesting organic polymer plants is good for lots of organic polymer, or a moschops with lots of melee and all points in org poly and kill Mantis and harvest them with the C ability for loads of poly. For metal farming Aberration is and probably will always be the best with a very high melee Ankylo and a crab. For pretty good drops check desert drops in Ragnarok, Lava Golem Cave for good flak bps, Orbital drops in Extinction, and any other red deep sea loot crates you know about if you're willing to travel around for them. Rag is hands down the easiest high level loot in the game with their deep sea drops, and Scorched Earth drops as well. Just put beds near all of them with a box/vault nearby and drop them until you pick them up later. Also, make crafted food and drinks for yourself it really helps out, make med brews, soups, and try to loot every beacon for good bps. I mean if you played since release I'm guessing you never learned the above things. Single player I'm pretty sure is also on boosted rates and bosses are also easier as well and tuned for solo play. It shouldn't be too hard to even complete them with decent dinos. In my opinion, you could beat easy brood with a bunch of tamed megatherium just fine with prim saddles and get a replicator up and running.
  2. Undead Tree Titan, or Snow Titan that wonders around smashing everything in sight.
  3. Very sorry about your loss
  4. Improve pickup capability for farming with tribemates with the Ankylo and Doedicurus with an argentavis. Doed gets pushed into the mesh too easy making it hard to pick up with the argent while a tribemate is on it, so you have to put it on a rock and break it to pick it up much easier. Same issue can happen with an ankylo but isn't as frustrating to deal with. Also, not sure if weapons are supposed to round down to 200% on server transfer. Heard Classic has a new weapon cap but not sure if that is true. Everytime we transfer weapons, bp's, or armor the values can get changed and rounded down from 232% for example for a weapon to 200% when xfered to a different server. Lastly, not sure if the structures decay timer was supposed to no longer show up. Can't see the timer at all on anything.
  5. Playing on Classic made me look into Bronto balance over previous patches. I've noticed that in patch notes it seems Bronto takes 100% explosive damage vs. Paracers, and also take 75% reduced fire damage whereas Paracers take less. To make matter worse tribe mates complain that the saddles for Bronto's are also harder to find at higher armor values compared to Paracers. I'd like to suggest that Bronto's be revisited possibly, and maybe even be given a small TLC pass if warranted to make them more of a decent choice for base defense, and offensive use as well. Perhaps bring the explosive damage in line to the same as Paracers, and fire damage as well, or closer to them in the least. As well as up the chance to find higher armor saddle values to make them more appealing. They are already larger and slower than a Paracer so their sheer size already seems like a downside to their use.
  6. It hasn't been over a month since Classic launched it has been 3 weeks. Classic launched April 2nd.
  7. If there were an Ark 2 I'd think it'd be less about the Ark's this time and more about heading out to other planets, moon, etc. The story might be about finding the origin of the threat that corrupted the Earth with element and that led to the King Titan decimating the city (or I would think he did). This would lead us to seek out Arrat Prime perhaps, or other locations on Earth or outside of Earth. The questions I usually have are are there still Homo Deus out there? Are there other civilizations or outposts that are left over? Who is the threat, and how do we find them and fight them? So perhaps, and this is me spinning random ideas, we end up needing to build a ship or find a way to get off Earth and begin to bring the fight to the enemy. This might open up room to for an Ark 2 that isn't about the Ark's but a continuation of the story. This continuation is still about survival but would introduce new tek, new monsters, and new environments. The one environment we haven't actually had to survive in is space so far. Perhaps managing low gravity, oxygen as a resource, and random radiation/meteor threats could be part of the next Ark. Perhaps we'd also have space ship battles, managing space ship repairs, storage, and fuel? In regards to story, perhaps we find clues of where the threats origin resided and head out to investigate with the help of "The One Who Waits." We enter a portal or device and get thrown thousands of light years to space station or a random abandoned enemy base on a world in a totally different galaxy. We need to uncover the clues as to who the enemy is, find out how to fight them, and more. The end boss could be anything relevant to this enemy that was perhaps left to watch over this space station or facility. Ark 2.0 wouldn't be about the Ark's but about the next evolution in the story and would perhaps need to be called something else.
  8. Fight Club Server (Don't have a good name atm sorry) 5-10 Man Tribes max No Alliances Greatly boosted Harvesting/XP SoTF settings for taming, engrams, and combat Heavily buffed drops like in SOTF Wipes weekly Based on Ragnarok/Abberation Breeding/Raising greatly boosted Sole surviving tribe gets Achievement at end of every week + unique skins
  9. Release Day Version Difficulty 1.0 Only release dinos, structures, and engrams available. Character level restricted to release day limit (60 I think?) Extremely Difficult Setting Very high level dinosaurs roaming ( up to level 300 like in caves) Random weather effects and events like on survival of the fittest occur, including player location. Alphas spawn slightly more often! Largest predators spawn more often and in greater frequency Giga/Titan/Squid/Mosa/Golem untameable Reaper and Wyvern isn't able to be raised High XP/Taming/Breeding/Harvesting Limits Event Buffed drops, and they occur more frequently! Dino's lay eggs more frequently Torpor damage greatly boosted to speed up knock out process of dinos Breeding greatly sped up You Will Die Edition (Dark Souls - like difficulty type) Hardcore mode on Wild dinos have increased resistances and damage (tamed dinos do not) Your stats increase far less than live. So health, melee, speed, water, food are all reduced in gain per level. Harvesting is reduced Increased weather volatility No flyers tameable Therizino/Spino/Rex/Titan/Giga/Mosa/Squid/Golem not tameable Reaper and Wyvern unable to be raised Drop beacons disabled, as well as underwater crates and desert crates! Explorer Notes disabled Breeding disabled
  10. @jatheish would be cool to see a crystal farming dino that has a weight reduction for crystal as well.
  11. I personally don't think it is pointless. There are a lot of players out there that do enjoy this type of play style. I do think though that the tribe that does this should have a base with necessary farming dino's on some random server. They likely will also need to use hidden vaults, rafts with crafting stations sitting inside a rock to hide them, purlovia's, and various tricks of the trade to pull it off. Also, they opposing tribe might have lots of tames and bred dino's, but that is awesome as it provides the 'griefer' tribe (AKA PvP guerrilla tribe) with pleny of PvP content. Not to mention that all it takes is one wrong move of the 20+ member tribe to potentially lose plenty of their precious dino's. It's really all about playing it smart in pvp, adapting, and having fun working with those you play with while fighting these bigger tribes. And dying and losing things is pretty much part of the process, as any time you log on you should consider the dino's you have and the character as potentially lost already.
  12. The huge tribes have to feed all their dino's, so try and harass and kill them when they are on meat runs. Harass them when they are farming wood, metal, stone, etc... Pick them off when they are separated and kill them and their tames if possible. Expecting this game to be balanced though is likely not realistic. I do agree that it seems out of whack here and there and isn't perfect by any measure, but this isn't an esports game. The trick is in taking advantage of an alpha's weaknesses and violently exploiting them to gain an advantage. Don't let them feel comfortable on their own servers, kill them when you can, snipe them every chance you get, and annoy the living hell out of them. If they trap your character and put it in prison indefinitely, then go get another one you already leveled and bring it in to overwrite that character and begin again. These people are going to be relentless so be relentless back! The solution isn't in killing off these huge tribes with game balance, but in a players ability to adapt and come up with new ways to counter bigger tribes.
  13. Yeah the SE drops are wonderful now! I basically have a full set of riot bp's and tons of other free gear and bp's because of those amazing drops. The loot in the swamp cave isn't too bad btw. There should be at least red drops in the very last room. I say drops as there are two red drop locations that spawn fairly quick once the other is looted. So when or if you go in there make sure to wait a bit and go back and grab the bonus red drop and any others that have respawned in other rooms. I've got some pretty nice things in there from those drops so it isn't too bad.
  14. I did this successfully with a frog on a freshly spawned cave on an official server using bug repellent on me and the frog. Was a tad rough in the beginning cause the arthro's were bunched up, but for the most part the cave is far far easier to run now. It also gives less xp as well.
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