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  1. If you are looking for a fun relaxed official server to build up on our CrossArk has tons of room to build up and several base spots available. If you're looking for a challenge in regards to pvp we're here to take that on as well and give you good fights. We're hoping to build up the population on the server with people that want to play here and possibly stick around. You will be able to build up freely wherever you want that is available and take advantage of the Halloween and ExtraLife event rates also. We're an elite group of pvp players despite being on a CrossArk and will gladly take on any challenge as well. If you want some good fights and fun raids with no cheating this is the server for you. Bring your best, build up, and come at us if you dare. Or if you'd like sit back relax and build up the base of your dreams, but be ready to defend as this is still a pvp server.
  2. For PvP: Titanosaur is probably D tier Desert Titan is useful here and there in some situations but probably C tier Forest Titan while it lasts is maybe A for the grab and ranged damage when it swings Ice Titan is maybe A tier Managarmr is probably A tier for freezing Snow Owl A tier for slows and freeze/dismount Purlovia is niche and perhaps B/C tier Velo get's used quite a bit in many circumstances and is perhaps A tier Tuso underwater is probably S tier Bloodstalker is S tier for picking capabilities and mobility Poison/Lightning Wyvern is perhaps A tier and can be pretty useful in some circumstances Astrodelphis is A tier in killing wyverns, players, and other flyers and titans (melts desert titan fairly quick) Gasbag is probably A tier in soaking easily Mek is good and usually needed in a lot of circumstances and S tier imo Reaper is perhaps A or borderline S due to slow and tailspin to help control field Yuty is S tier in capability to fear, knockback, and obviously for the buff for PVE/PVP Pteranodon A tier for picking and suicide runs Deinonychus is A tier for suicide pushing and ability to bleed as well as mobility Thylacoleo is S tier for Bleed and mobility Therizino B tier perhaps Quetzal is S tier for picking with armor Tropical Crystal Wyvern S tier picker due to speed buff in various circumstances and has a slow that can help in pvp Blood/Fire Crystal Wyvern perhaps B tier in killing people on ground Megalodon is S tier bleeder underwater Basilosaurus B tier soaker underwater, but imo B mostly due to having to hump a wall and position correctly and turret damage reduction I know of Rex - Tek Rex is A tier in helping push during raid Tek Tappy - S/A tier in pushing and melting tek turrets and in damaging tek forcefield, etc... Megalosaurus is perhaps B tier on Ab Mantis A tier due to knock out and usefullness Griffin B tier Spinosaur A tier with water nearby Paracer S tier soaker/pusher Megachelon A tier soaker And there's probably more honestly... Dinos that almost never get used these days from my experience: Sabre D tier, Raptor C tier, Direwolf C tier, Kapro B tier, Lymantria maybe B tier due to stam sap and slow, Direbear D tier, Argentavis C tier, Carno C tier, Allosaurus C tier, Hyena F tier, Plesio C tier, Dilo D tier, Troodon C tier, Compy F tier, Ravager C tier, and can't think of much else atm.
  3. I think the Bronto could be buffed for crowd control in pvp (perhaps a stun chance when hit in addition to knockback), and also perhaps be brought in line with paracers soaking capability. Hardly see this thing used in pvp anymore cause it's already slow and a worse soaker, and can't really fit into caves that well also. Plesio might need reworking don't see it used much Dolphin could operate like an underwater parasaur with echolocation and perhaps provide underwater utility in some way. Pteranodon could use perhaps some love or adjustments
  4. Hopefully the new Unreal engine Ark 2 will be on will make it easier for them to fix bugs and prevent them. It's not even really the bugs alone either though, but the hacks and exploits used in pvp to wipe you out. From grapple glitching, meshing, aimbotting, esp, mesh biting, invulnerability glitches, duping, ddos'ing so you lose your stuff after xfer, real life doxing, and more that bothers me.
  5. Just be a funny thing to see in the game with Diesel in it.
  6. Get more females that are 0/0, preferrably 70 or more in addition to the 30 and you might get a mutation every batch, or every other. Once you hit 20 mutations on any side on the male I've read the chance for mutations drops to 3.7% so that factors in as well.
  7. Find a dirty rat hole and load it up with heavies, tek sensor, and tek turrets and pray, oh and leave a log watcher on at all times when offline so you can check to see if you're getting messed with.
  8. Make the high level phoenix cloneable (requires too many shards to be cloneable) and possibly do a small pass on them to make them more viable in pvp/pve.
  9. Please please for the love of all that is holy make some caves that are strong and some other really great looking building spots for pvp. I don't care if it takes longer Hell get crazy with it and put some awesome spots in the ceilings in addition to caves, etc for both small tribe bases, ratholes, and massive size bases.
  10. I think you need to look into cheat detection software specifically for aimbot and esp type programs that are still used quite a bit. While Battle eye probably helps a bit in various circumstances there are far more advanced cheating methods out there that know how to bypass BE detection these days. If anything I'd recommend trying to make gradual improvements on this from now and towards Ark 2 so hopefully by then Ark 2 will have cheating under control quite a bit more.
  11. I think their version of the Indominus Rex is the Giga, and Dodorex is actually just a fun thing they added in for events only as well. So while I wouldn't mind seeing another big Giga like creature added for sure I don't think they'll do it.
  12. Remove heavies, reinstate unlimited turret cap, add back in paracer and tapejara, and we'll be actually close to what classic was somewhat like.
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