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  1. Please please for the love of all that is holy make some caves that are strong and some other really great looking building spots for pvp. I don't care if it takes longer Hell get crazy with it and put some awesome spots in the ceilings in addition to caves, etc for both small tribe bases, ratholes, and massive size bases.
  2. I just want to suggest considering implementing officials that wipe at these intervals (either every 6 months or every 12 months) for the normal pvp official server type and smalltribe servers. There are a lot of people from what I've noticed that would actually like this to happen. It could be only 1/2 servers of each to start with a pre emptive announcement as well and just take it from there depending on popularity. Or perhaps even throw it up as a new server type option out of several for people to vote on. Another possibility is duo or trio server groups on top of this.
  3. It's an interesting first venture by Wildcard into trying to get more interesting PVE content in the game. They added lots of missions that you will have to do several of at least to be able to do the last boss on Gamma bare minimum. Some of these missions are fun like racing games, fishing, or basketball with dodo's for instance, while others are wave types of events where you fight off hordes of tough enemies. Others require you to fight off a very tough miniboss that can nearly one shot enrage a fully imprinted giga with a decent saddle if you try Alpha. As a bonus these missions will g
  4. I think you need to look into cheat detection software specifically for aimbot and esp type programs that are still used quite a bit. While Battle eye probably helps a bit in various circumstances there are far more advanced cheating methods out there that know how to bypass BE detection these days. If anything I'd recommend trying to make gradual improvements on this from now and towards Ark 2 so hopefully by then Ark 2 will have cheating under control quite a bit more.
  5. I think some mods had cool new ideas like tranquilizer turrets, flamethrower turrets, auto narc nade turrets, and rocket turrets as well. Perhaps a knockback pulse wave cannon would be a cool concept as well but costs quite a bit of element. Also reinforced building structures that are temporarily element infused and charged that reduces all damage 99% for x minutes but has a long cooldown like one day and takes a day to charge up as well. As well as a potential EMP bomb/device to knockout electric devices for a short time if you get close enough to turrets on the ground. Maybe radar jammi
  6. I think with a brand new engine there will be all new bugs for everyone to enjoy!
  7. it isn't looking good guys. I am very very sure this will be delayed by at least 1 month, or even up to several months I can feel it!
  8. Fill up the turets with ammo I can soak your 100 rounds fast while you go make lunch and fully wipe your base. Also if they aren't Heavies and you are not level 100 yet then get to level 100, and put as the above person mentioned turrets on hatch frames up high as well as down on the ground. Put 1/2 normal autos up high set to tames only to hopefully shoot c4 off of dinos when they try to c4 run your cave. Put bear traps down as well and have plant Y ready to spam. Oh if there's enough room to squeeze in a giga then shove one by the entrance if they manage to push in far enough and mor
  9. Yes, considering you have to have one inside a tek cube base underwater to even power it this is allowed.
  10. Put lots of veggie cakes in their inventory and I suggest starting on Gamma first as a test run, then go for Beta. And as someone else mentioned a Daedon wouldn't hurt. If you want to get a tad crazier you could try Magmasaur of yours to tank it while your Theri's go to work as well. You also have to worry about the flying stuff in the fight if it agros to you, so have a Theri or high level Rex near your wolf to help kill that fast if you get it on you.
  11. I think their version of the Indominus Rex is the Giga, and Dodorex is actually just a fun thing they added in for events only as well. So while I wouldn't mind seeing another big Giga like creature added for sure I don't think they'll do it.
  12. Remove heavies, reinstate unlimited turret cap, add back in paracer and tapejara, and we'll be actually close to what classic was somewhat like.
  13. If this is on a PVE server the Titanosaur can only damage your base if something of yours attacks it. I'd suggest not using anything aggressive or you're whole base might be wiped out. Also, as someone else already pointed out try using walls or a big fence support wall around your base that it can't get through.
  14. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Game_Modes This seems to list everything besides CrossArk. There is also MTS unofficial server types and many other types of unofficial servers for pvp with their own rules. MTS: https://www.mtsark.co.uk/ Also for quick pvp Arkade is a mode with a small battle arena and other supported pvp servers: https://arkade.online/Clusters/PvP/ In addition to this, there is also an offline raid protection pvp server mode as well where a timer starts when you go offline and your stuff is 100% immune to damage, as well as tames.
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