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  1. Happy 5th Ark, lets get 5 more and really optimize the servers (Rag) Where can I find a list of all the pet chibi's in the game as of this event... ? I just today got a Seeker and a Griffin and have been wanting them both since the first chibi event back in December but wasn't sure if they were already a part of initial chibi's released.
  2. The Ark Store. Where has it gone ? I notice I can no longer purchase the official licensed Ark SE tee shirt/key chain... or maybe I can but It's not showing up for me on this site anymore. I just got my nephew the game and he loves it, I wanted to get him a couple shirts (officially licensed). Any help ?
  3. What happens after ? Are you able to log back in and is your body and tame still there ?
  4. This issue is happening elsewhere also... It all started last Thursday, our server crashed and trying to get back in was a connection timeout issue. I was in a 5 party chat with players in Europe and The U.S. and all of us crashed about the same time and were not able to get back on. the Maps were Aberration and Extinction. Then Saturday it happened again, "Connection Timeout" for about 20 minutes and just now (Sunday) for the past hour. C'mon WC !!! This is on your end
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