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Genesis Flyer Mount Disabled


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8 minutes ago, RonanX said:

I hope they will fix it. ARK without Argys isnt ARK. i played 1300 hours und closed ARK mad minutes Ago as i notice that i cant fly my tamed Argy. if this wont be fixed, genesis will have a short lifetime..

i dont mind the idea of no flyers just abit annoying that they are in and you can saddle them befor you find out you cant use them

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1 minute ago, Castlerock said:

Most likely is to prevent ppl farming the glitches so fast to get the hexagons which can be used to buy stuff. After 1 hour of exploring in sp i found several glitches easily reached with a flyer

i was thinking the same thing. trying to prevent people from getting that 1st rep up to fast

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24 minutes ago, RonanX said:

played Genesis for hours, tamed a argy, take a saddle on it, noticed that flying mounts are disabled... closed ARK. Waste of money if that isnt a bug. played it 1300 hours but that is a no go on a open map.

Nobody knows if it is intend or not. Maybe it would be disable Inside some biomes but a bug is making it disable for all biomes. And there ain't flyer in Aberration, so ppl got used to not useflyers…

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5 minutes ago, St1ckyBandit said:

Wow people really get bent out of shape when their precious flyers get taken away.


I always thought flyers made the game too easy and annoying with people picking you constantly. 


It's probably a bug but if it isnt I'm all for no flyers.

For the most part I agree, but the thing that sucks is that we have the flyers on the map. People can tame them and saddle them, but can't ride them. If it was like Abb, where the only flyers are small and obviously non-mountable, then it would be just fine.

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