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  1. Except a rollback, no.. you can try to send a ticket, but as it is legacy, no support..
  2. https://mobile.twitter.com/Jatheish/status/1272779278518812672
  3. @Cedric DILO is wrong with WC right now? No communication about this issue. Bases and dinos are gonna decay, legacy is still a thing, and it won't be anymore if you don't do something very soon!
  4. Last patch should fix some issues : Current Version: v310.53 - 04/30/2020 Fixed some server stalls and crashes Enable additional logging to identify server crashes & stalls There are new issues. Congrats.
  5. Same here, i had the issue with two characters. That's a major issue. As i'm on Legacy, i can forget about support.
  6. Alocoste

    Lunar comets

    Lunar comets Hey, From the latest patch, what does this one mean : - Adjusted the trajectory of lunar comets to prevent edge cases of players and dinos dying Like comets shouldn't land on floor anymore or? I just go hit straight in my head in game x)
  7. Wild tuso grab infinite Hello there, When you are grabbed by a wild tusoteuthis, you have a high chance to be stuck inside its tentacles, leaving your dinos no chance to your dino to escape. https://clips.twitch.tv/SillyExpensivePieTebowing The only way was to kill the tuso from another way (savage method like i did x)). https://clips.twitch.tv/AmazonianFunnyRadishYouDontSay It happened to one of my mates, couldn't cryo the dino, lost a mosa. Please; fix this thing, we can't tame a tuso 100% right now.
  8. [PvE] Ferox, or how to PvP in PvE Hello there, We had a bad adventure today in our server PvE. One mate was farming some stone with a pretty HL Rock Golem (Ice one), she was farming near the gauntlet mission of the bog. While she was farming, she saw a bunch of players (5) ridding Feroxs near, then they rushed to here and : - They were able to use the ability unride her - They were able to use the ability to bump her or her dino Fortunately, our mates helped her by using feroxs as well to bump them to let here go back to base. Those guys (try to guess from which part of
  9. Yeah, i won't deny it it is fun from my pov, depending how you are enjoying this game. There are so many differents ways to like this game. Some like only the building part, some PvP, some breeding, some harvesting, etc etc. I'm actually into cleaning the game (finding strats and way to finish the story ie final bosses), and also optimizing farming with new Tools (about quantity and time spent). Building, i'm such a lazy guy, i'll just make the minimum and the most functionnal base, like very small now with cryofridges x)
  10. Ok, then go on a modded server, with custom maps. It's not about RP, just about something logical with the story and the map you're playing on. I wouldn't see the point to add a map without new restrictions/bonus on. Then, just do PvP or custom maps on PvE. If it is just "build bases, tame dinos, grind resources", you just have to come on Genesis to tame new dinos, get new engrams, and then go back to a previous server. Furthermore, just wait for tansfer to be open, come with OP dinos, rush boss to get all new tekgrams, go back home. End of story. New map are only funny when transfer are off a
  11. Yeah i know. Unlocking the tekgram on Moder should be something, but gamma Moder looks no that hard tho. And yeah, i didn't mention Center, Ragnarok or Valguero, because their ain't storylined (i don't play those maps). I still find dumb af you can only unlock tek shield and light on Ragnarök (at least, tek sword had been added by beating the Forest Titan on Extinction)
  12. I know and you are right, but it comes from Extinction, map surrounded by elements, where Tek is like a basic thing. We could say the same about Mek and its accessories. Engrams from Extinction are mostly Tek tier (has to be craft Inside a replicator) but you can learn them like basic engrams. it ain't stupid Following storyline, and we should consider it tek tier as you need a repli to make it.
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