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  1. Salut, Je vais te répondre, car aucun traducteur ne pourra traduire ton message. Le jeu est annoncé le 25, mais il fallait regarder en détail sur le gamepedia : il devait sortir aujourd'hui à 19h, il a été repoussé de 6h hier, donc il sort cette nuit, à 1h du matin.
  2. They removed PVP Legacy servers. PvE Legacy, we're still alive and ready.
  3. Where did it happen? On Extinction or another map? If another map from Extinction, it is a well-known bug.
  4. Thanks for the communication. Don't hesitate to push it again if necessary. No blame to push it if it has to, we can only blame you on the lack of communication. Hope you enjoyed to work on this new map. Keep up!
  5. @Cedric Please, make something profesionnal, make an annoucement or something, even the release is delayed a bit. You pushed it back to January, ok fair enough, but your communication in WC is absolutely no-profesionnal at all. WC should take responsability and be tranparent. WC set themselves a deadline, just deal with it and keep the community in touch. Also, take a statement about Legacy (about getting Genesis or futur wipes) WC never did in the past, we knew you would close very low pop servers, but share us your view and follow it. I think most of ppl saying "i went to new cluster since day 1 blablaba, or close legacy" are just selfish af, people who stayed on Legacy had reasons to do so (a long history with huge bases, friends, nice community, etc) and keep i mind it was said legacy would get new maps, and they never said they'll close it, like they never said they won't ofc. As long as PvE Legacy keeps some servers with mid-pop, no reason to close it. We don't need support, we made our own, we are way more hard-tryer than ppl on New legacy anyway. Thanks.
  6. Like GP said, after 3 DLCs, i don't know how you can say this. Since SE, you had to figure out it ain't about only dinos. Just read the storyline, it ain't only about dinos, it is about Arks. The game's name is Ark : Survival Evolved, not Ark : Paradise of Dinosaur. If the storyline is still as good as it is right now, it will have explanation for those types of creatures. More, even the game introduced weird creatures (Rock Drake, Managarmr, MEK, etc), dinosaurs are still in the race with rexes, gigas, etc etc. Now, Genesis is about what is going on after Extinction (after defeating Alpha King Titan and getting back Arks on Earth) and inspiraitons devs would have for weirdo creatures. Oh, by the way, this robot really looks like turrets in Portal ^^
  7. This ?????? looks ugly and that's Genesis would need! Hope Rockwell is part of Genesis, if yes, new creatures should be creation of him, then to be as ugly as he is after his ascending. Also, please, maybe something really hard. I really hope a new map really harsh, rough, and painful to survive. Extinction was a bit challenging, but about titans and King. But the environment ain't really painful. You should keep in mind ppl got really OP dinosaurs now (powerfull gigas or rexes) and they can handle everything after transfers would be open. Even transferring were disabled, Extinction was not so challenging. Maybe casu gamers won't like this, but i really ppl playing at Ark aren't casuals, but mostly hardcore gamers. Keep working hard, make something crazy for us, we are expecting something again huge.
  8. Tek Sword damage cap Hello there, Maybe it would be good to slightly rising the cap on the tek sword : a tel sword capped at 159.4% is really slightly above a metal sword capped at 298%, the advantage ain't so awesome despite of craft costing. I don't know what people on PvP are mostly using and if tek sword is mostly used there or not, but going melee should be still more rewards than ranged weapons. Caps for tek armors and others weapons (railgun/rifle) are fair enough, just kind of unlogical for the sword. Thanks
  9. We'll do tek cave soon, so we'll try. But actually, i don't think it was intend to use cryo while doors open, maybe this bug was fixed "itself" with last update (like some "good" bugs were fixed without a note about it. But anyway, it ain't an issue to do tek cave without using cryos, it was just a bit more confortable.
  10. My char still got his implant, i checked it. Well, i'll wait for answer from them about it. Just hope they won't raptor up, it ain't my business if they got a major issue
  11. I don't know yet, but i'll just leave the game rather changing cluster. I've done so much in this game, i was so advanced in the game, so i didn't want to change clusters and start over. New cluster is good for new players, that's it. Legacy is for people having support the gamer since the beginning. Anyway, i won't debate about legacy/new clusters, they just have responsabilites about this major issue.
  12. Dude, i was playing since the beginning on Legacy, why i should change? I was used to all kind of bugs, without supports. But, there is a huge topic about lost characters. Legacy or not doesn't matter for huge issue like this.
  13. No support about a dino lost, i'ld understand, but about a character, com'on
  14. Okey, but should i be worried? I don't know if it is easy to fix or not. When i'm connecting, i'm still having "Create a new char" window, and my body is still on the map
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