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  1. Alocoste

    Desert Titan Bugs

    This bug is old and still annoying. I don't know, but i don't have this issue for some months now. But an advice : everytime you can back to base, put your Desert Titan on follow on a dino inside your base, and then it would be alright
  2. Get tek suits (some if you have only basic ones), get your char with melee damage above 300 and more than 300 HP, get healing brew, get a good sword/tek sword. And just hit his back like a barbarian. I'm killing Desert Titan solo like that
  3. When they started to nerf the managarmr, by introducing the nerf of damage range scale, i stopped to use managarmr to kill Desert TItan, i'm rather going on his back, using an OP tek Sword, and hitting his back. It is kind of fast (my char got 430dmg :p)
  4. Are you kidding us? Stop nerfing the managarmr. I understand it has to be OP on PvP, but ffs, don't forget about your PvE community! You're making it more and more useless! Com'on..
  5. Hello, For Ark developments, what is planned next? You talked about more TLCs, but is Extinction map is the last map of Ark storyline? I mean, maybe you'll work on a custom map like Ragnarok or Center, but from the ending of Extinction after defeating Alpha King Titan, something should coming next. So, is it finished for this Ark game, or we can expect more coming? Thanks a lot.
  6. Alocoste

    Max HP tamed titans nerfed after reboot

    yeah, 5 times alpha King, why?
  7. Alocoste

    Max HP tamed titans nerfed after reboot

    I was talking about max HP. But, when you tame a titan, yeah it'll be half HP, but when you launch a King Titan Fight, all titans in the arena will be healed at 100%. So, after a King Titan fight, if you're not too bad, you can get out with 90-100% HP on titans x) And BTW, this bug ain't fixed.
  8. Alocoste

    Extinction Map Border Insta kills you

    Actually, the guy who create this post was complaning about insta-kill. There is not issue about getting warned you'll die, but some part of the boarder will insta-kill you, without warning! That's a bug i guess. Could a dev look at it? Do i need to make a video about it?
  9. Alocoste

    Giga can't damage with high ping

    don't think so, it is happening with big dinos. Don't have this issue with managarmr for example
  10. Hello, I just figured out this issue with cliff platform, i guess it is old, but it is normal? I can't place a structure just above a cliff platform, it is saying too high above ground. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1632593230 so what is the point of cliff plateform? Thanks.
  11. Funny stats; raptors went inside with TLC According to my log, the best killer is desert titan when we are taming it and when his lightning is falling on the floor under him and you're on its way
  12. Alocoste


    yeah i've the same on desert titan as well
  13. Alocoste

    End of map makes me die(extintion)

    What do you mean? If you go after those red light around the map? if yes, it is normal.
  14. Alocoste

    Red Bloom on Extinction

    Yeah, as long as the king titan won't be killed, you'll have this red glare. It had to be fixed according one update, but it looks it ain't ^^