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  1. My tribemates and i keep getting login locked as well. Considering we play 5 different maps, and raise babies on 4. it’s making the game nearly impossible to enjoy at the moment honestly. Bout to go play some cod instead ?
  2. It happens literally everytime i go back to the main menu. Same with tribemates. Hopefully the devs see this. smick
  3. Game Crashes When backing out to home screen Anyone else having issues with their game crashing when switching servers? When me and the tribemates log out of a server the game crashes. It’s dueing the loading screen. Only started doing this after the latest update.
  4. I actually tamed two bees the other day, and it was because i found an easily accessable beehive. That is the key! Also, if the bee won’t let you feed, walk away, but not out of render range, and come back in about 30 seconds. They reset and allowed me to feed! Sopd the second bee for a high level ferox so aparently they’re a pain in the u no what for everyone.
  5. Awesome input guys, melee is important, but not worth putting points into. Very interesting. Weight it is! Thanks
  6. Loch’d and Loaded bugged? Has anyone had issues with the miniboss dinos not spawning during those types of missions? After four attempts we never got the plesio to spawn even the first time. We definitely got all of the tracks. I guess the better question is: does anyone know a way around this bug? I know it also can happen on other miniboss hunt missions. Thanks, Smick
  7. Magmasaur stats Does anyone know if melee stat improves their ranged attack and dot damage? Also does it effect the amount of metal farmed similar to anky/doed? Trying to figure out the best stats to dump points into, but can’t find much info on it. Any help would be appreciated! thanks, smick
  8. I confirm. These dino’s are all broken. Bee’s are rediculous too
  9. Ill see if walking away helps, thanks bud
  10. I was successful without a trap though terrible efficiency, and it seems the ones one Genesis will not eat in traps. If anyone successfully trap tames one on genesis feel free to share.
  11. Okay guess ill have to keep trying without the trap
  12. Basilisk taming on Genesis Has anyone gotten a basilisk to eat a magma egg on official? I’ve been trying since last night with no luck. i’ve tried with and without taming pens, still won’t eat.
  13. Alright after building two wooden structures i can confirm that the taming is broken. If you tamed any you are lucky. Both of my traps were decent sized and successfully trapped the queens. The queens were not tamable. No message ever appeared and they just kept flying into the wall until they despawned. Again, if you tamed one, you got lucky. I’m going to keep attempting this as they seem to respawn even with the structures nearby(which also goes against a previous comment). Wild card needs to rethink bee taming on genesis.
  14. Good to know. Ill attempt to build a trap around them and post the results. This will still be tedious i’m sure.
  15. Wow, okay so i’m not crazy, and getting honey in general is rediculously hard on Genesis. I’m going to hold off for now in hopes the devs make a change. Not sure they even thought this bee’s at the top of trees thing through.
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