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  1. yeah i was thinking about it. while it might sound annoying think about how fun it would be. You just got done with a fun run around killing some stuff maybe gathering some stuff. All of a sudden the sky gets darker and rain starts to fall. Oh you are glad you put your base up the side of the hill and not on the floodplain below like your neighbor did. You look out and watch the ocean and rivers slowly rise and the floodplane that your neighbor set up on with their massive 800 meter base is now slowly filling with water. All of a sudden you hear what sounds like a train coming from behind you. Turning around you see a massive funnel cloud barreling down at your base. 'Oh poop' you think to yourself running out to grab your 3 tames and bring them into your stone base. You get them inside just in time as the tornado hits you hear beating and banging as you watch very small ticks of damage to your base. You know if the base had been wood it would have been a lot larger ticks of damage. After a minute or so you hear the tornado move off of your base and move on down into the valley. Rushing to your roof to survey the damage you can see a trail of missing trees through the forrest where the tornado moved through. Down below in the now half flooded Base of your neighbor the tornado just moved over their base. Their stone is just as strong as yours but you can see the new structure they were working on that they were designing in thatch get completely blown away. Their Bronto and Rexs are big enough that the tornado just slightly hurts them but you can see the little Raptor army they had been building up get flung through the air and slammed against the ground dying instantly. You can't help but laugh for while your playing PVE your neighbor has been annoying the hell outta you by stripping around your base of all resources constantly. As if to give your neighbor one final middle finger a bolt of lightning comes down and smacks their giant tower they build blowing a hole in the side.
  2. So won't lie I saw a youtube video with the island water raising constantly and it reminded me of the Beast of Bermuda Weather system. That Idea snowballed in my head and now I can't help but think what it owuld be like if Ark 2 had a Dynamic Weather system like Beast of Bermuda where you could get lightning strikes, Tornados, Floods and possibly even wild fires that could burn down sections of forests.
  3. At least they know whats up. https://twitter.com/NotDollie/status/1232506658468708352?s=20
  4. Ok so Not EVERYONE is a Alpha Tribe member. but a good chunk of those playing on official servers that are getting shut down are. Because in 90% of the cases the people on these super lowpop server that are getting shut down the server is run by 1 group. This group has gigas, Wyverns and everything else that is super end game and they don't even want to think that a group can join the server and might one day be able to knock them off their throne of being the best on the server so they wipe them over and over and over again untill that person or group of people leave the server. This is what Alpha tribes do. There are servers that have big tribes that rule the server but they arn't alpha tribes because they don't wipe out everyone else they enjoy people playing and enjoy having pvp matches. There was on official I can't remember which that had 2 large tribes with multiple gigas and they didn't kill everyone they even hosted pvp events. They setup arenas where small groups could go out and fight and the winner would get a mastercraft longneck rifle crafted for them. These guys I would love to see on a new server even if they kept everything they had because they made an official server fun to play on. They even on multiple occasions would watch a raid to make sure it didn't go to far. They would watch as a group broke into a base and stole stuff. If the group started to destory the entire base just because they would stop them and if they droped everything on the ground just to have the other group not have it the big tribe would go in collect the stuff and give it back to the raided person before it despawned. Thats what I want to call an alpha tribe and if I EVER made in on official I would either want to be on one that played like that or be part of one. If every Apha Tribe played like that it would be someone I would want to help defend in a big raid because thats the type of group I would love to see on a server.
  5. Thank you WIldcard (No this isn't sarcasm) 90% of the people complaining about the old legacy stuff are literal alpha tribe members that are upset that the base they made from the tears of everyone else are being taken away. They complain that after they finnally made it so no new people will join a server and that their group is the only one that plays on it is getting removed. If they were nice about it and let pvp happen the way it should instead of wiping people constantly so that no one wants to play on their pvp server or pillar spam enough so that no one can build on their pve server then this wouldn't happen. IF your server was the nice server that had a large group of friendly players there wouldn't be any issues and everyone would be happy. As for the old servers not being linked to the new servers. Old servers are just that old. They have old saves that are likely going to be in a different format than what they want to put the new saves under to make it less corruptable also they want to make it so new people coming in won't have to worry about people day one on a new server having a full metal base with gigas and wyverns being max level. This is the best thing that could happen in my opinion. They didn't wipe the old servers and are only shuting down ones that only 1 tribe play on. On top of that they are putting them on a seperate cluster so anyone new coming in can now start fresh and not worry have to deal with alpha tribes already being setup and running that they have to worry about.
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