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  1. Perfect this is what we needed. I hope you don't mind if I take this and share it around
  2. Yes I know that as well the problem is the Astroid Field is random. or sorta random its not the same field every time you can't go out there and get oil all the time. All I have found that spawns constantly out there is metal the other resources cycle between jumps Thats what i am trying to figure out which jump leads to which resource or do you have to fly across the map every time just to check.
  3. well yeah I know WHERE its at its just a matter of sorting out when it actually spawns cause the asteroids spawn every time you come out of hyperspace and they rotate.
  4. So from what I can tell the color of the drops match up toward what asteroids are spawning or at least thats what i have seen over the past 10 or so jumps. Each time you jump you get a new colored Drop and from what I have seen the specific color of drop matches up to what asteroids spawn. I am trying to figure out how to tell when certain things pop up outside like Oil or Ambergrip/Blackpearls cause I need to try and get some Mutagel.
  5. I did Alpha of the Bottle Nose Blitz no problem Wave Ray 64 there just is NO time to do beta. much less alpha.
  6. At least they know whats up. https://twitter.com/NotDollie/status/1232506658468708352?s=20
  7. Ok so Not EVERYONE is a Alpha Tribe member. but a good chunk of those playing on official servers that are getting shut down are. Because in 90% of the cases the people on these super lowpop server that are getting shut down the server is run by 1 group. This group has gigas, Wyverns and everything else that is super end game and they don't even want to think that a group can join the server and might one day be able to knock them off their throne of being the best on the server so they wipe them over and over and over again untill that person or group of people leave the server. This is what
  8. Thank you WIldcard (No this isn't sarcasm) 90% of the people complaining about the old legacy stuff are literal alpha tribe members that are upset that the base they made from the tears of everyone else are being taken away. They complain that after they finnally made it so no new people will join a server and that their group is the only one that plays on it is getting removed. If they were nice about it and let pvp happen the way it should instead of wiping people constantly so that no one wants to play on their pvp server or pillar spam enough so that no one can build on their pve server th
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