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  1. just so everyone knows yes it had been patched and it is able to be completed My alpha PB is 123.419
  2. Wave Ray 64 Has anyone finished Wave Ray 64 Beta or Alpha i have been trying for hours and get close ish to beta but can never get it. if so how.
  3. That's Fked lagit hundreds of hours breeding and getting a group together to do the bosses just down the drain because their programmers cant secure player data. I can pretty much remember act for act what we did to do the alpha bosses tek cave and titans. With mega tribes as bad as they are now i dont even know if i will ever be able to redo them.
  4. Character Lost?!?! Long story short character i had over 1.5k hours in just up and left never to be seen again. Contacted support they said unless i have screenshots (DILO who the fk does this) of the tek grams i had all i could get back was the levels... I have done all bosses on alpha with exception of Rockwell and the King titan which i have never done. Anyone know any ways to try and locate my character if it still exists on some server somewhere I have tried: Going through all servers on my survivor filter Checking the servers that battle metrics says i have b
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