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  1. Event Chibis? how would one get them
  2. Welcome to ark. I had the same issue been meshed and aimbotted by the same group to find all our buried dinos and we lost everything. Player got banned as far as i know but the devs have not said a word once we asked to get some stuff back. They dont seem to care. I fully support the motion to create a new fresh cluster once they fix all the meshing and duping in other words within the next 4 years...
  3. imprint with the event Quick question with the event starting tomorrow will the imprint amount be increased as well or are there dinos that because of the 3X will be unable to get 100% imprint?
  4. Base got meshed... so our base got meshed by cheaters... what are the odds of getting our stuff back. We have proof of the mesh as the 1st thing that was destroyed was the tek gen that had turrets guarding it aswell as being behind a turret wall We also had a run in with the same cheater (who was banned from what i can tell after mesh raiding us) after using aimbot to find our hidden dinos across 2 servers. do i even bother putting in a support ticket to get some stuff back?
  5. Thought so, seems odd that they give you a defense then punish you for using it.
  6. Shield affect OSD loot? In an argument with a friend about the shields on the OSD does turning it off give better loot and if it does can i have a link to proof, thanks,
  7. Anyone Hosting Ascension? Just got my character "back" after it was deleted by a bug but unfortunately i didn't have pictures from my Island alpha ascension so the GM cant give it back to me. Is there any groups doing it again anytime soon willing to let me roll with them so i can get it back? I would be very grateful of you help me out. Thanks, Bloodavenger
  8. so .INI "modders".... I have know of this for a long time and have been strongly agents it. People modding their .INI files to disable textures and gain a HUGE advantage from people playing the game properly. I havent seen anything said about it as of late have WC said if they will be cracking down on it or is this gonna take another 6 years to fix like meshing?!?!
  9. You have been so much help i am super grateful for all your help now i know where to look which is what had me stumped.
  10. Soz for long wait for response i appreciate the help. So it does give me an error code but i cant get it up on the screen because ark crashes ontop of it and is alwase on top of all running functions but i got a REALLY bad pic of it with my phone (legit couldn't find another way to screen cap iw because of ark doing its crash thing) sill legible tho. link because img is to big somehow: https://gyazo.com/58533d4f4f1b324fd7a1ec328e53f143 As for some of your fixes i play with a group of like 7 and i am the only one that has this issue. It still persists even after moving it to a faster drive (was on ssd moved to m.2) over different servers same result so don't think its dino over spawning Dont think its a GPU problem going off the error i got but i could be wrong(Link above) it seems to be trying to call on files that dont exist and thats why its crashing. again im not a programmer prob wrong.
  11. am on a boat on a server. its perfectly fine 90% of the time then going through "crash chunks" its just nukes itself rams my gpu up to max and stays there until i shut it down through task manager. not saying the server for obvious reasons
  12. southern ocean and around the wyven cove. no error code as of yet it just locks up and only closes through task manager. no mods not even font changer
  13. Rag Crashing help needed So I've had the same issue over 3 installs of windows and its starting to piss me off. On rag when going through specific areas of the map my game just locks up and crashes. i have tried verifying game cache, reinstalling, reinstalling windows (for unrelated reason) and it persists. i got a 1080, 32 gb DDR4 Ram and an I7 7700k. and yes i understand that with the fresh windows install its probably just an issue with ark inherently. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  14. That's Fked lagit hundreds of hours breeding and getting a group together to do the bosses just down the drain because their programmers cant secure player data. I can pretty much remember act for act what we did to do the alpha bosses tek cave and titans. With mega tribes as bad as they are now i dont even know if i will ever be able to redo them.
  15. Character Lost?!?! Long story short character i had over 1.5k hours in just up and left never to be seen again. Contacted support they said unless i have screenshots (DILO who the fk does this) of the tek grams i had all i could get back was the levels... I have done all bosses on alpha with exception of Rockwell and the King titan which i have never done. Anyone know any ways to try and locate my character if it still exists on some server somewhere I have tried: Going through all servers on my survivor filter Checking the servers that battle metrics says i have been on literally going through 50 other servers that i might have been into I'm at a loss being told i have lost hundreds of hours of breeding and grinding to do these bosses so any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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