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  1. I am going by a poll that was published a while back. Abb then SE were the least liked map. Judy look up the server population on PC or console. Abb and SE have little no traffic. Most people on consoles use abb as a metal farming base.
  2. Neither is Volcano West. It sends you to Volcano Northwest.
  3. Some like it and some don't, but I can tell you that Abb is the least liked map? Thought theybwouks have learned the first time.
  4. New Xbox PVE Servers? I had a friend tell me that there are new servers for Xbox PVE. More than the origianl launch 25. Can anyone confirm either way?
  5. Are they really not doing a a evolution event this weekend?
  6. Uh oh!  Is that just a large tree with the leaves blowing or a freaking T-REX!!!

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