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  1. Migol

    Moeder battle

    Yeah seen (And tamed) several mosas as well as Basils etc. Have yet to see a squid.
  2. Carno, Plesiosaur, and Gallimimus would top my list for "needs improvements!" Also, nerf the goddamn jellyfish. Can't do east cave with anything but a basil because these can come out of the walls like a ghost and a level 5 Jellyfish can take down you and your level 400 Mosa. Giga could use a facelift but it's fine as is otherwise, still the best when it comes to meat/prime meat + hide collecting, we have a swamp near our base and it just fills all our troughs in a few minutes.
  3. Have no issue raising them in the ice biome, out in the open on our roof.
  4. Harvesting, they get stone, metal, obsidian etc at least as good as an anky (and are faster with less danger involved). They're also immune to fire and so is their rider, so probably they're the best way to farm more magmasaur eggs? edit: Also they can act as a forge and smelt metal or cook food just like the phoenix
  5. Blizzards (happen often) act like _heavy_ rainfall, you can just set up a few stone resevoirs and it's more than enough to perma irrigate crops.
  6. Just to let anyone looking for answers know...I fixed the problem. However the answer was to have 200 gigabytes (yes, giga) free on the drive. This was a drive that already had ark (minus Genesis) fully installed...it was failing to update when I had 167 gigabytes free. Something is really, really off with the patch size and installer thinking it needs so much room.
  7. Bleah. I hope they either patch this so they all despawn or let queens spawn to even things out then. Reaper Kings are a huge advantage in several ways if you can bring a high level pregnancy one.
  8. I actually like Genesis, but rewards/purchases need tweaking You can run a relatively easy mission and get a fully created Replicator to plop down, as one end of the scale. But then you can spend tens of thousands of hexagons on the highest "loot chests" from Helena and...it's about equivalent of a blue/yellow from extinction, with some random rewards, cryopods and maybe a few blueprints? It feels like the effort vs reward on these is very skewed. For saving that many hexagrams for that long I'd expect a fully created pair of tek legs or something. Or maybe a random extinction creature's 150 egg/cryo'd baby? Also Helena's Iron Ingots vs Metal costs are just troll I'd suggest more entries in the Helena store, it's one of the best new features but it's pretty limited atm, would be great if we could (with great savings) purchase fully created gear or tools/weapons. It'd also be great if we could use her as a beacon to transfer stuff back to our old servers, just a thought.
  9. Tried to restart my PC, after it was obviously frozen with no progress for a long time, and now it's downloading the patch again...where's the already downloaded 32gb!? For some reason it's starting at 12?
  10. Also having issues installing the game, I've tried to let it "run" overnight a couple of nights, doing it now it's stuck on "Installing", with the time to complete changing constantly from minutes to hours. Previous overnight attempts ended in an error message, forcing me to download the 32gb patch again. I'm watching it now and it's been stuck on "Finalizing" in the library screen for about 30 minutes.
  11. Migol

    Tamed A Argentavis

    Think it has to be a bug, what would be the point of having Argies on the map to tame otherwise?
  12. I have to imagine it's a bug, what would be the point of having Argies and other flying apparatus otherwise in the map/tech?
  13. Beehives count as thatch for decay timers? Wondering why this is the case? Keep losing the buggers because the weekend is pretty much the only time we can log on, and we keep finding the bees flying where we had the hives planted. I don't recall this always being the case though? Feels like it changed somewhere around the aberration/extinction timeline?
  14. We did our purples with the ice titan. Post nerf it gets rough, since the titan will also damage the OSD, however it's still good for going and dpsing away from the ost (basically denying half of the "incoming wave" from its side). It's also by far the best option for the corrupted wyverns, it gets REAL dicey with 5-7 coming in per wave, and I'd have a hard time imagining anything else being good against them with the turret nerf...maybe ridden velonasaurs with mate and imprint boost? Wish they didn't nerf the spikes and turrets so bad, it'd be fun playing tower defense setup otherwise.
  15. Is this in lieu of the crunch? Just wondering if we get a bonus weekend
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