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  1. Drag his unconscious body to an allied base where they fence him in. Build a platform above the fenced in area. Bring a few Phiomias up onto the platform, facing away from the fenced area on the ledge. When he wakes up, spam feed the phiomias stimberries....
  2. For those saying aberration, there's a secret you don't know... We built near the NE Surface entrance cave. The cave itself is pretty big, and full of decorative rocks. Almost nothing ever spawns there, and the (green) area around the cave entrance only gets occasional raptors. ...oh and those "decorative" rocks? Obscene amounts of metal when you hit them with an anky. TLDR a 99% safe metal farm that respawns quickly, with a few ramps up to the cave you can easily use a basilisk to transport the metal (it gets too heavy for crabs once you get a good anky).
  3. Beehives count as thatch for decay timers? Wondering why this is the case? Keep losing the buggers because the weekend is pretty much the only time we can log on, and we keep finding the bees flying where we had the hives planted. I don't recall this always being the case though? Feels like it changed somewhere around the aberration/extinction timeline?
  4. I was under the impression that "more stuff" was the S+ integration, kibble rework etc? It's pretty much confirmed (accidentally) that Atlas was originally an Ark expansion, but since that's its own game now and the Ark Storyline is basically over with us on "real" earth, it'd be hard to get us off earth and back on new arks for random reasons plotwise. What I AM hoping to see is more quality fan-made levels, and tools to make them easier, similar to Ragnarok. Rag is arguably the best map in the game (though I prefer aberration's myself).
  5. (Shrug) I get how not everyone celebrates Mother's day and all, I just wish that they'd allow more breeding holidays, now that the PVE crisis with dino populations is more or less solved with cryo tech. It's ugly trying to breed and raise Gigas, Basil, and several other long term babies with a workweek glaring at you past Sunday. Believe it or not, we used to always get breeding/maturation with the regular weekend harvesting/exp bonuses. They were dialed back when PVE servers started capping one after another. Would like to see those back so we can start having fun with baby dinos again on the weekends.
  6. Like they encourage us on Christmas, Easter, etc?
  7. Not seeing anything on the crunch but I could have sworn we got a breeding/maturation bonus last year? Or was that just too many rare mushrooms?
  8. Got a reply...but it appears to be the "Automated" bot reply that just says "check if it's one of these common problems." It does say it's being reviewed tho so fingers crossed that I'll still have a base when it's resolved.
  9. Yeah still waiting here...this is getting very worriesome, I don't even know the state of our Extinction 460 base right now
  10. Tried last night, still nothing, Op have any luck?
  11. I put in a ticket for exactly the same issue you describe. Currently stuck on my Aberration server, unable to get out. Same button pushes and cancelling method. Have tried waiting for a few days (this first happened last week), have tried getting naked with no inventory, have tried using a drop instead of the transmitter, have killed myself to see if that changes anything...nothing works. Praying this gets resolved before I lose our extinction base, my (travelling) tribemate says our element gachas already starved
  12. ...I transferred from our extinction base to our aberration base last week to raise some rock drakes+reaper king, had some problems uploading the reaper king (worked after waiting 24 hours). Now though I can't transfer my character itself off aberration, tried back to our extinction base and to a ragnarok one.
  13. Stuck on Aberration 270, official I can get the server lists up including the servers I want to transfer to (extinction 460 for example), but pushing the button does nothing. I can't cancel out of that screen until I search for other servers either
  14. "or maybe they'll start a fight with you". Obviously this is not from the perspective of PVE where you can't start fights (which is why unlike PVP, dropping tamed dinos to block entrances/construction is griefing). Different rulesets require different actions.
  15. We did our purples with the ice titan. Post nerf it gets rough, since the titan will also damage the OSD, however it's still good for going and dpsing away from the ost (basically denying half of the "incoming wave" from its side). It's also by far the best option for the corrupted wyverns, it gets REAL dicey with 5-7 coming in per wave, and I'd have a hard time imagining anything else being good against them with the turret nerf...maybe ridden velonasaurs with mate and imprint boost? Wish they didn't nerf the spikes and turrets so bad, it'd be fun playing tower defense setup otherwise.
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