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  1. So generally my tribe is a weekend playing one, we all work weekdays. We had our Beehive bite the dust last week, and this isn't the first time that's happened, I assume they are on the Thatch timer and just despawn too quick for us to refresh sometimes. However previously when that happened we'd been able to find the queen bee sadly flying there, pick her up and put her back down...not so this time. Did something change?
  2. Don't care about the Mutagen so much (I mean I do, but you can get it in space with effort). But as the only source for the R-Seeds we're seeing a lot of shenangicans with box tribes bronto-blocking the entrances and similar.
  3. Because Genesis servers crap out pretty often, not feasible.
  4. Let me know how meat works. I've been too afraid with the constant server hiccups and lagouts
  5. Honestly the main reason I liked the store was the easy "buy a lotta meat" option to fill the troughs when I was feeling lazy.
  6. I assume this is in the Rockewell cave and we're talking about the generic plants...anyone tried with a sabertooth? If it's only 4-6 with even that then I'll stick to hunting mantis
  7. Didn't see any ramp up happening...of course, this was weekend Gen 2 lag levels so maybe it didn't work because of that?
  8. Well...crap. Thanks for letting me know, that does make it impossible to have a single generator powering everything at minimum settings but I guess we'll just increase the area when we are cloning.
  9. Got an ascended one from a drop the other night, tried it out... ...utter crap damage was the result. To the point where an engram crafted fabricated pistol would be much better. There's shooting with it or holding the button down for continuous fire, but neither seemed to do appreciable damage (it could't kill a level 20 argentavis). Maybe the heal portion of it is useful when you're trying to take down a tame with low hp? Otherwise though I can't imaging a good use for this thing.
  10. Found 2 Dung beetles last night. Northwest on aberration side near the water, about 40/15. Edit: Just to note, you can also just use Snow Owls and their pellets for fertilizer.
  11. Definitely did not work with just the terminal, that's the first part I tried. Unless lag made it unpowered for like 10 seconds, which is possible.
  12. Hoping the answer isn't "the whole thing" or "the center of the cloner". In a nutshell in Gen2 just set up a tek generator on a 2nd floor with beds and crop fields underneath, was hoping to have the main level with the generator to have both the cloner and public use teleporter, along with a trough on the side between the two big ones. The goal is to have it function with minimum area for the tek generator to function. However after trying to put the cloner down in several ways next to the generator, I kept seeing it as "unpowered", and had to frantically pick it up in the 30 seco
  13. It shows the right patch and everything, and all the other Gen2 servers show the right Day, but 959 is showing Day 1, and a tribemate who got in said it was a start from scratch, all buildings, tames, mission achievements...everything gone. Do hope you have a server save available?
  14. As per the title, I think the server capping broke something, talking to other people on other servers it's the same, even "not at cap" servers (refreshes still show under 70, even full restarts), and noone can join because "full". Started trying to join when it was 70/70 a few hours ago, since then it went down from 69/70 to 68, then 67...now 65/70 but can't get in
  15. Aberration 270 officially down for over a week now
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