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  1. Awesome input guys, melee is important, but not worth putting points into. Very interesting. Weight it is! Thanks
  2. Magmasaur stats Does anyone know if melee stat improves their ranged attack and dot damage? Also does it effect the amount of metal farmed similar to anky/doed? Trying to figure out the best stats to dump points into, but can’t find much info on it. Any help would be appreciated! thanks, smick
  3. How are you guys getting tek over to genesis? I can’t transfer anything including character. Is that a bug too? Tamed a ptero, disabled as well. Lame
  4. What are the special dino colors for the valentines day event?
  5. Wonder if dinos will change colors for valentines day event? Like red, but what other color? Maybe purple? And you think we will get breeding event even though we got extended breeding during the winter event?
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