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  1. genesis flyer mount disabled so im now on genesis and when i wanne fly my ptero it says flyer mount disabled can someone help me ?
  2. on the wiki they only have the magmasaur but i found out that the ferox is shapshifter_small_character_bp_c and the bloodstalker is bogspider_character_bp_c but the other one i dont knwo or cant find it
  3. new creatures does anyone know where i can findt the span commands for de new creatures?
  4. i dont care for someone look at asian they have to wait longer this is the only game i found that their release date are screwd
  5. genesis time release is it just me or in my time zone the update is coming out on facking 1:30am that just doesnt seems fair at all ?!?!?
  6. the special annoucements has been leaked on ps4
  7. i can see the official but when go to the little box and put unoficial then i find nothing
  8. ps4 server listing bug hey i have a little problem with the ps4 listing i only can see official sessions but i own a unoficial session but i cant see anny unoficial sessions can someone help me ?
  9. it sucks because i life in belgium so this event wil start for me like midnight nice job
  10. minimap keeps resseting hi i have a problem with my mini map everytime a leave a map and later on comback online my mini map is always resetting can someone help me to fix that ?
  11. hi! the only way that i now is in expert mode so i dont no if there is a way for doing that without expert mode
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