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|UniteD|L3o |UniteD|L3o 08/05/2019 Great seller, serious and clean, was a pleasure to deal with him :) frenchycaro frenchycaro
mecandbuttons mecandbuttons 08/05/2019 Awesome trader. Very easy to work with. ScubaJohn ScubaJohn
MancoBr MancoBr 08/04/2019 tx for another nice tride! BertNoobians BertNoobians
BertNoobians BertNoobians 08/03/2019 Already bought several times with him. And it's always considerate. And always with great price. I recommend 1000%. MancoBr MancoBr
Atreides52 Atreides52 08/02/2019 Fast and trustworthy trader Nickoteen Nickoteen
kopanda5gou kopanda5gou 08/02/2019 Nice, fast, and easy trade epickarn epickarn
epickarn epickarn 08/02/2019 Great trader kopanda5gou kopanda5gou
Atreides52 Atreides52 08/01/2019 good and friendly trader.recommended. phantom55 phantom55
kathid4444 kathid4444 08/01/2019 nice old tader. Atreides52 Atreides52
phantom55 phantom55 08/01/2019 Good and fast recommented, sturdy and trusted trader. Atreides52 Atreides52
|UniteD|L3o |UniteD|L3o 08/01/2019 Good and fast recommented, sturdy and trusted trader. Atreides52 Atreides52
Villain Villain 07/30/2019 Fast and easy trade, very nice trader StephStephina StephStephina
StephStephina StephStephina 07/30/2019 Fast, easy and convinient trade.Nice communication. Look forward for more deals. Villain Villain
Demerus Demerus 07/26/2019 Great trader to deal with. TheJelly TheJelly
TheJelly TheJelly 07/26/2019 Smooth trade, always a pleasure. Demerus Demerus
irishstorm irishstorm 07/24/2019 nice guy.fast and smooth trade. phantom55 phantom55
phantom55 phantom55 07/23/2019 Recommended, fast and easy transaction irishstorm irishstorm
Andy111 Andy111 07/17/2019 Fast trader +++ All ok |UniteD|L3o |UniteD|L3o
Atreides52 Atreides52 07/16/2019 Gives you a good deal Zee Zee
rose639 rose639 07/16/2019 Awesome trader Andy69007 Andy69007
Atreides52 Atreides52 07/16/2019 Fast and convinient trade. easy to communiczte. Would definetly trade more. Villain Villain
Celestia Celestia 07/15/2019 Good buyer, fast payment 10/10 would trade with again Klakky Klakky
Klakky Klakky 07/15/2019 Fast trade for Giga. Really appreciate the patience and transaction time. Celestia Celestia
essential essential 07/14/2019 Very fast trade, would trade with again Klakky Klakky
Klakky Klakky 07/14/2019 very fast,and nice trader essential essential
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