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  1. how much for a egg?

    1. rose639


      there is what I need in my post

  2. hey - interesting in ingots or metal structures for the rex eggs. what is the mutation counter on them please?

  3. can u sell the giga egg?


    1. rose639


      sry,I stopped selling, too much pre-order more than I imagined.

    2. Brunoritter


      pleeeese makes an exception for me, I wanted it so bad.

  4. Hey, i saw your post on my call to join forces to do the tek things together. Hit me up when you can! i am at server rag13. or you can look me up here and send me a messagge to meat on your server :P

    1. rose639


      9_9HI, your steam?

    2. Orion123


      Tell me your server and i will pop up as soon as posible. dont want to put my steam on open places :P

      I am base on Ragnarok13. but i can go visit your server :] just let me know you character name :P


  5. @Jat 不公平的优势是这种PVE风格,你和其他玩家一起玩。你比较基地,迪诺斯等等。PVE现在捏造。 你以前能够交易dinos或其他高端物品的高端物品,但除非你被骗,否则你不能竞争。你不能交易 我现在就辞职 我知道你们会说“好的再见”,但是猜测是什么,PVE被毁了。 如果他们发布新的PVE集群,我们会回来,就像他们应该...
  6. 我的角色在服务器上丢失,求助管理员也没有回应。

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