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  1. Andy111

    september's tek dino's????

    Мust be carnivorous.
  2. Andy111

    Structure Decay Changes

    I hope the changes will soon be
  3. Andy111

    september's tek dino's????

    I want tek Compy 🙂
  4. The effect between the event for breeding once a month and taming three days a week is the same for servers.
  5. Andy111

    [SOLVED] What time/day do old structures get destroy?

    Wait for server restart, it maybe fixed
  6. Andy111

    Favorite dinos

    1.Dodo 2.Jerboa 3.Compy
  7. Andy111

    Broodmother Tips

    For xbox there are console commands, look for on the wiki
  8. Andy111

    New Extinction Teasers!

    I hope that will be out in time
  9. Andy111

    Structure Decay Changes

    when there will be changes ?
  10. Andy111

    Broodmother Tips

    Start a solo game , spawn rex the right stats and try.
  11. When there will be a new tek dino ?
  12. Again evolution without breeding 🙁