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  1. It is a very good color The name is cute
  2. Looking at such a beautiful architecture, Wc wishes to adopt excellent MOD for official server
  3. I am feeding Moschops supino etc killed by screening I am able to harvest prime meat very efficiently More than anything Moschops cute
  4. Today I will hatch supino, since 400 mutations are continuous and there is no mutation, today I want mutation
  5. I like that your architecture is functional and beautiful both location and building
  6. Very functional and nice Egg Farm
  7. I wanted to find out what Gacha would give efficiency and went to catch the base Gacha
  8. I forwarded it using cryopod I could transfer to Ragnarok without problems
  9. I am very much looking forward to it. I hope that there is no postponement if I hopefully
  10. TEKRECan TEKREX be used for boss attacks?
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