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  1. It was a fun event but the community in participation was not. Suggestion: presents should be lootable by everyone around it with a timer to dissapear, instead of being looted by one person. I would say instead of chibis being in the actual drop, let us recieve a gift box (similar to gacha crystal) from each drop that has a percent to get a chibi or other item. This way everyone can loot the present but still have different chances if they get one or not. It will help the community to get along but still allow for pvp to have their pvp sessions if they wish or not and everyone in PVE to be happy.
  2. We definitely need more skins for our avatars. Even dresses or pirate attire etc. If you guys decide to make that a small thing to pay for like dollar weekly limited skins or something that would be awesome. Love to support your great game. As for events. Colored dinos are THE BEST The only drawback is with dodos or something you guys make for the festive we cant catch them.. if you do festive special dinos can you do double spawn rates for them so we can get colored dodos to tame along with santa dropping dodos? Santa and all those other events you guys put out are great.. I think you guys need some new ideas though too like.. maybe a giant Santa Dodorex and everyone who damaged it in some way as long as theyre around when it dies gets a skin. That would be fun and a cool event for servers who want to do stuff together as an event. We need bosses to beat together as a server would be really cool way to get the community together too. Maybe to solve the issue for pvp servers anyone who hits the boss gets a player damage immunity for like 5 minutes everytime they hit it.. it resets the timer. Maturation events are the cats meow. LOVE THOSE btw officials is kinda hard and slow at times to raise dinos so having it a bit more often even at 2x would be nice and help crowd the servers a bit less during the bigger maturation events since people did their projects a bit earlier.
  3. Those water lights lol Now I want a fountain like that
  4. Flying/Swimming water serpent ~}~o< I sit at my base at the beach constantly watching the annoying parasaur alerts of things underwater under our base and with easy access to doors to the ocean with my flyers in base...it made me realize we have no flyers that can also dive underwater and attack. It would be fantastic to have some sort of water dragon we could jump out of water to fly out with. So in terms of balance of power: It would have an oxygen stat so it can't be under water TOO long but a decent amount of time if planned or statted properly. It would have the ability to shoot water called Hydroburst, it would be a powerful blast of water from it's mouth. Secondary attack would be tail whip (once Hydroburst runs out*) *Hydroburst attack can only be used with the amount of water available in its self- water tank/ When the Water serpent has entered any body of water/including rain it will refuel it's water tank. (can be improved through stats in breeding) Hydroburst CANNOT be used underwater only on land. As the water serpent's gills are unable to counteract surrounding water pressure with it's own. Being fully built for aerodynamics (especially as a water creature and also air creature) this creature can CONTINUOUSLY (with stamina) fly about half speed of a griffins' dive bomb at full speed. Water speed would be just a tiny bit faster than a basilo. It's downside is that weight will not be its strongest point. It's default attacks such as tailwhip/bite are NOT as powerful on land.. though being a water serpent. It will get a water buff for basic attacks. (drawing off random google search)
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