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  1. Does anybody know if you can tame the titans on pve that someone has spawned in and gave up trying to tame/kill? A guy got hid mek and mana killed and has given up. Just wanting to know if its worth trying to tame or if it's only tameable by the one that spawned it in. Rather not waste killing it if its tameable.
  2. whats the current offer for the 124 rex saddle?

  3. TheJelly

    PVE Servers Crashing

    same issue as above but on pve 467
  4. TheJelly

    PVE Servers Crashing

    It always gets worse on x2, is it a hidden feature, x2 lag and disconnections? it's such a waste as its pointless to leave the base. i get twice as much done on x1! this is such a joke.
  5. TheJelly

    PVE Servers Crashing

    Loving the x2 lag weekends your hosting for us wc. It's not worth leaving the base with the constant crashes. x2 events are worthless if you can't even leave the base. We can get way more done without x2.
  6. To be fair if my owl got killed and i faced an angry wyvern on foot, i'd do that position too, did you try pressing z to poop? ? Iv only got stuck like that after disconnecting on a tapejara.
  7. It's not just the dinos, its fish aswell. Ever since they removed the mass ammount of beavers theres been hardly any fish.
  8. TheJelly

    Asian servers?

    Im playing on a pve eu server and yeah.. all squares. It would be nice for the majority of the server being able to communicate with each other. We can't even read peoples names/tribes. It's always, 'the 6 squares tribe' or something along them lines. It kills the social aspect of mmo's. Atleast they can do google translate to understand us, we just get squares.
  9. its the sunken forests artifact cave. the holes at the very bottom of the cave by the terminal. go from the terminal to the right hand side of the cave, follow the path way up, half way up that inclined path, the holes to the right against the wall.
  10. Thank you for getting server 89 back up but i can no longer see the point in playing the game. Months of hard work went into getting them eggs, that i can't get more of. I understand it would have been more effort to do a rollback but after taking the server down for 24 hours without warning, it might have been nice that the players weren't then punished further with lost dinos. It would have caused no issuses with other players on the server as the server was already down. It's a shame as i loved the game but you literally just killed all the passion i had for it. 

    1. Santos935


      Can you also get server 502 up for ps4


    2. survivethelagg


      501 is still down to. It BS!

  11. any chance that server 89 could get a 1day reroll please, i had eggs down incubating as well as mutated babies i worked very hard to get with trades, all will be lost. we waited all day for the server to come back up, i only think its fair that we all get a chance to get the day and babies back. since the server was offline it shouldnt effect anybody negatively. please show a little kindness.  

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