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  1. ScubaJohn

    red zone river

    Got ya that makes sense. I had just went to the island before i went to the river. I will try it tonight thank you.
  2. ScubaJohn

    red zone river

    Since update yesterday. Red Zone river is so bright you can not see. Turned gama down and still does not help. Is it my ps4 or an update issue? On official server.
  3. I think it is great. Brings a PVP feel to PVE. I have been wiped once and it was frustrating. But this is the last map. Dont make it easy. Easy is at the island. Killed 4 yesterday on our server using Managarmr and Velonasaur
  4. I think it is great! If you want to be safe go play on Rag. I have been wiped by one and understand. It is the last map and should not be easy. It is a blend of PVP for the PVE folks. We as a server went and killed 4 yesterday at different locations around the map. From the city to the dessert. We had 4 gigas in the snow east. One being a 140 that had more people freaking out.
  5. You have reaper traps and all set up?
  6. Vault by a beacon drop and be quick
  7. Ok makes sense now thank you
  8. Owner/Admin in tribe on the island. Wanted to explore Abberation. So i transferred over there. Set up a small base with a bed. A tribe mate came over and could not find the bed. So i went and found him and it looks like i am a whole new tribe. I had to invite him in my tribe for him to use my bed. I thought tribes transferred from map to map. So what happens when i go back to island? Do i have to merge tribes now or something? What am i missing?
  9. Watched another tex rex die before i could tame
  10. Making tranq arrows for trade. Only 350 more stacks to go...............
  11. Picking myself up off the floor after getting smoked by a alpha Megladon, Mosa, and Tusa all at once.
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