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  1. ye been talking with few old time players and had exactly same theory.. I removed already all pins.
  2. well I found out that not long ago some other tribe on server was also "attacked" and got stolen element so the thief must be on server..
  3. was offline 2 days. pins were different on each dedicated storages so if they guessed 9 different pins all I can say is gg.
  4. official PvE, stolen mats from dedi storages and tek structures from vault.. I had random pins everywhere and admin for tribemates.. and was not inside job because only me and my gf last 14days online..
  5. ADMIN ABUSE? So today I noticed 700+ element, 40k+ hard poly, 50k+ electronics, 3m+ element dust, 10k+ tek structures,.. is missing all locked, all pin coded missed from vaults, dedicated storage was not tribemates work because was only me and my gf ingame for last 14+ days so what happened? who can explain this?
  6. I was trying to make featherlight kibble for imprint. Have eggs and all other ingrediens in cooking pot. Fire up. Guess what. My baby is stucked on 50% imprint.
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