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    Well yea, this is one "solution" but I would be fine if they set spoil time same as normal trough when there is no power.

    Hello! We worked really hard and now we have just set up tek generator and tek troughs on our SE server. We were so happy and looking forward to breed more easy now because 1 raw meat spoils in 5h! So 1 stack of raw meat should last about 100h! But! Allways need to be but.. Lightning storm effects tek generator like any other electrical structure and that means no power. No power means unpowered tek troughs. And unpowered tek troughs for some reason dont have same spoil timer as normal troughs - they have same timers as players inventory or unpowered fridges.. So I did some "testing" and came to these points: a) When lightning storm is going on you loose 1 raw meat in stack per 3 min. b) You loose aprox 3 raw meat during 8-9 minutes while there is lightning storm. c) Storm timers are a bit random and lowest time that was between two storms is 24 minutes. d) There is optimal 20 raw meat in 1 stack. e) To spoil all 20 meat in stack is needed aprox 6-7 lightnings storm. f) Shortest storm inverval is aprox 35 min. g) Whole stack can spoil in like 4-5h. h) In normal trough 1 raw meat spoils in 12 min, thats 4h for 1 stack. So. If you are unlucky and there comes 6-7 straight lightnings storms your babys could all starve just because you trusted high end game tier. So. If you want to keep your babys 100% alive you need to wake up every 4h, same as with normal trough. So. What is the point of makeing tek trough if you cant sleep all night in peace? Now my "game suggestion": Please use logic and treat tek trough as trough and not as fridge. Make spoil timers when there is no power for tek trough same as normal trough. This would longer the spoil time of full stack of raw meat by 7-8h and with this we could have a bit more of well needed sleep. Thank you for reading. Constuctor
  3. Lost my character

    Write ticket. Make new char. Admin cant restore your lost char but give you levels (cant do tek engrams if you beaten bosses). If you have active people in tribe there should not be any problem with adding you back in tribe and admin giving you ownership if you were owner of tribe.
  4. Titanosaur spawn in our base in pve

    Ask fellow survivors with high melle light wyverns for help.. ps. you should go offline while they play with it.

    I try to submit request for inappropriate tribe name. All windows are filled. I click submit > nothing happens. I try to go fill other request fof blocking base entrance. All windows are filled. I click submit > nothing happens. SO WHAT NOW?
  6. Post How Long You've Played ARK

    Day since SE came out. 4579 hours

    So, game exit early access and this bug is still here? Got 1st mutation on new servers and it died becouse this bug,... baby had 10 berrys in invetory and it starved. This just simply should NOT happen. Disapointed once more. Last picture of poor baby: R.I.P.
  8. 414 melle = 49 points, 425,7 melle = 51 points, 525,7 melle = 68 points ... but yea, mutation stacking .. if you would focus only hp+melle and lefr some (50) for stamina you can breed upt till 195 in hp,melle (44k+1272melle) .. in theory.
  9. Changing the 450 level dino cap

    on what servers you guys have that high dinos 0o
  10. Will support ever respond to my numerous tickets??

    6 months ago I wrote a ticket due to my lost char in ark transfer. Got answer in few days. That was "wow". Now I had some other issue in game and wrote another, about 2 weeks without reply. They must be really busy.
  11. How do you raise wyvern with a full time job?

    Did max 27 at a time. On SE. All 91-100 imprinted. Wyverns are easy to breed if you know how to optimise the work. Did 11 of them now on event, hatched ony 175+. I have trap on SE and next to it transmitter, so easy & fast milk. It takes me 2-3 min to get milk (if scar is not empty).
  12. Wind Turbine and Generator Question

  13. Wind Turbine and Generator Question

    You want power network with wind turbine longer than 29 cables. Thats how you do it.
  14. Wind Turbine and Generator Question

    Lay down whole power network and then replace 1st cable out of the wind turbine.
  15. Lost Character - Mega Thread

    Been there. I traveled to one asian server (stupid me) server had old patch and I could not leave server + was laggy as **** due to high ping.. after being traped there fo few days I manage to travel to other server with lower ping.. just random server.. when all load it send me straight into char creation menu.. I tried to download char.. upload was empty.. what a party! Lucky I had more members with admin rights on my tribe and my prayers were heard on tickets.. I made new char.. tribemate invited me in tribe.. GM got me levels back and tribe ownership back.. but ye.. lost tek engrams + all imprints on dinos. Hope you solve your problem! good luck!