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    So, game exit early access and this bug is still here? Got 1st mutation on new servers and it died becouse this bug,... baby had 10 berrys in invetory and it starved. This just simply should NOT happen. Disapointed once more. Last picture of poor baby: R.I.P.
  2. 414 melle = 49 points, 425,7 melle = 51 points, 525,7 melle = 68 points ... but yea, mutation stacking .. if you would focus only hp+melle and lefr some (50) for stamina you can breed upt till 195 in hp,melle (44k+1272melle) .. in theory.
  3. Changing the 450 level dino cap

    on what servers you guys have that high dinos 0o
  4. Will support ever respond to my numerous tickets??

    6 months ago I wrote a ticket due to my lost char in ark transfer. Got answer in few days. That was "wow". Now I had some other issue in game and wrote another, about 2 weeks without reply. They must be really busy.
  5. How do you raise wyvern with a full time job?

    Did max 27 at a time. On SE. All 91-100 imprinted. Wyverns are easy to breed if you know how to optimise the work. Did 11 of them now on event, hatched ony 175+. I have trap on SE and next to it transmitter, so easy & fast milk. It takes me 2-3 min to get milk (if scar is not empty).
  6. Wind Turbine and Generator Question

  7. Wind Turbine and Generator Question

    You want power network with wind turbine longer than 29 cables. Thats how you do it.
  8. Wind Turbine and Generator Question

    Lay down whole power network and then replace 1st cable out of the wind turbine.
  9. Lost Character - Mega Thread

    Been there. I traveled to one asian server (stupid me) server had old patch and I could not leave server + was laggy as **** due to high ping.. after being traped there fo few days I manage to travel to other server with lower ping.. just random server.. when all load it send me straight into char creation menu.. I tried to download char.. upload was empty.. what a party! Lucky I had more members with admin rights on my tribe and my prayers were heard on tickets.. I made new char.. tribemate invited me in tribe.. GM got me levels back and tribe ownership back.. but ye.. lost tek engrams + all imprints on dinos. Hope you solve your problem! good luck!
  10. Im confused. How? Why?

    So.. I was late, my bad, overslept 3 alarms, dinos died I get it.. but... How the **** they died all at same time? They had different hp + they were not born at same time, some was 1h+ later so actual food was not the same + they had same amount of meat inside + one survived How? I dont get it?
  11. x2 Breeding coming every weekend from now?

    Thylas are quite easy to do just have meat ready when is born. Only thing I would reccomend .. place babys on ground if you can.. thylas glitch trough cielings and you easy miss them if you dont see them good luck!

    Hey, does anyone know what is going on with server? I have constant 255 ping, Im not only one.. Before was fine yesterday and today is pain in the ***.. cant even leave the server.. once I reach blue obelisk it teleports me back in base lol
  13. Make foundations smash grass below it

    Agree. Looks ugly.
  14. More Hot in SE ?? Unplayable ?? end of SE??

    In 259 update: Increased radius of house buff by double. Also flagged gate frames as walls which allows them to give the indoor buff. this means if your house is wood/stone/metal you will be fast cooked inside. Build adobe!

    So with new patch notes (259) I hoped for fixes not to loose bit of nerves.. Right after 1,7gb update I traveled from SE to our island server where we have few babys, just to check if they are alive and have food. Before I set of I farmed some berrys, so full inv of berrys. I transfer, spawn in bed as usual, and bam! I have 2 sets of gear I had on me.. and same amount of berrys. Okay lets try this again with some other armor before I tell anyone (ye I tried.. so what?) .. so I go back on SE, I spawn in my base, and bam! all my gear gone, and all inv gone (few artifacts), back to level one. Second patch came and servers down for some time. Game is back up, roll back to save before 1st update, all good! So I wanted to repeat what I did.. farmed berrys, went to island, spawn in bed and bam! all inventory gone, all gear gone, back to level 1. Good that I didnt have on me stuff I had prepared for ape fight later. Now I want to know.. is this some kind of bug I should be aware non stop or just one time random thing? Dont want to risk moving some tek structures from server to server and this to happen! and btw.. "Fixed graphical issue with crops appearing massive."