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  1. TheConstructor

    tamecap ORP Killed the PVE

    ONE THING THAT I THINK COULD SOLVE TAME CAP.. DNA DATA BASE. Example: You have dino A and dino B. You can take samples of both, combine DNA in some "machine" that take some time (1/2 of growing a creature), power/fuel (need to craft some formulas with mushrooms, rare flowers berrys, element for tek variations etc), etc to do it.. and process have some % of success (like matching stats when mateing).. this would save time farming food for babys, dino space (no need x amounts of females to match stats with a male), sleepless nights,.. if you would want to actualy hatch creature you could extract certain DNA from base and just hatch and imprint for use.. would take some work to make this but I think would be good solution. edit: also could "server control" tribes that have tons of dinos and are active 1h per week, few weeks in a row..
  2. TheConstructor

    pve NEW server Manticore discussion

    Yea man, this changes are...….... Idk what devs are thinking.. just look that retard behaviour of flyers..
  3. TheConstructor

    pve NEW server Manticore discussion

    All in. They have enough of hp I suppose.
  4. TheConstructor

    pve NEW server Manticore discussion

    so we went with random rexes and tested argentavis today rex: 14 rex with no saddles, random stats 11,6-13,4k hp 414-449 dmg, no imprints 2 ridden rex with crappy saddle, same stats, 1 imprinted time: 6 min argentavis: 18 argentavis: 9k hp 760 dmg no imprinted, no saddles 2 ridden tapejaras FAIL. Need to have more dmg, hp is not really important, this will be our next try
  5. TheConstructor

    pve Stat requirements for Alpha bosses

    more than enough
  6. TheConstructor

    pve NEW server Manticore discussion

    and something we tried for fun.. left over ravagers from breeding project and 2 rex I sadly died around half.. we failed but had it down to 15-20% of its hp when last ravager died, yes.. ravager last longer than rexes 18 ravagers [random stats, 17 without saddles, no imprinting] 2 rex with primitive saddels, 3 riders
  7. TheConstructor

    pve NEW server Manticore discussion

    update on fight after all this latest flyer updates wyverns land for a second and then fly again.. so fight takes a bit longer to do.. usualy we took down alpha in what we did in beta fight now.. 15 wyverns, 10khp 500-650 dmg, 2 riders gamma = 5min 10 sec beta = 8min 30 sec alpha = to be tested in next days
  8. TheConstructor

    Mating And Wandering must be separate things arent they?

    True. My idea.. if 2 dinos of same type on wander are "mate boosted" should walk toward eachother.. idk if its possible to do this or not but would be a "solution" also spacial effect like "mate" in dino wheel wouldnt be bad
  9. TheConstructor

    pve Featherlight raising important question

  10. TheConstructor

    discussion Main traders/breeders question

    @ZeroSeconds with shared breeds I ment what you said. I got this dino you got another. But if one have 4 top stats and other have 3 (including speed) I bet that guy with 3 stats wont "share" his breed with other if the other would like to do it. not if he dont get stats equal worth on some other dino that he do also. Idk I know I would do that with hard time with my breeds that are already over 300 where I put in alot of hours.
  11. TheConstructor

    discussion Main traders/breeders question

    I wouldnt mind share some thoughts with fellow breeders, but I think that people are not that good with just shareing stuff without being "payed" if you are still thinking that people should share breeds, well there are exeptions but mostly people want own stuff and dont like to share
  12. TheConstructor

    discussion Main traders/breeders question

    I like this idea about wild dinos laying eggs for kibbles. Would be fun!
  13. TheConstructor


    still not fixed.. left inside arena after beating manticore.. lost another set of asc gear..
  14. TheConstructor

    RETARD MOMENT #Idontcountanymore

    never saw wild one sleep
  15. TheConstructor

    RETARD MOMENT #Idontcountanymore

    belive me after 6200 hours in game I know this stuff.. still dont make sense why would knocked down dino with full torpor would walk around after server restart..