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  1. ye sorry posted it in the wrong one by accident
  2. Been wondering for a while heard stuff about it being LV 450 of a dino but they some people say they still have higher than that so could anyone give a clue what is the true despawn level of a dino ??
  3. I've been wondering when and if you will be adding Night times in the city on extinction I miss the glow of the Tek structures which you see 0 difference atm with tek stuff within the city .
  4. use a metal sickle its better than a pickaxe
  5. Me2 think with reporting it they might have fixed it like 30 mins ago got a timeout but that's about it so all good up to yet at least it gets sorted with
  6. They never change WC keep releasing New stuff instead of going back and fixing what needs fixing
  7. Keep getting kicked by battle EYE since the update that has just been We pushed out an update (v 282.103) which introduced an unexpected crash. since then I've been kicked by Battle EYE 4 times
  8. he actually went 3 times higher than you see in the image I thought I lost him but came back once I went spino sail farming and he was in the water lol
  9. it actually made itself back in the water leaving render lol
  10. Logged on just a moment ago and ended up coming home to this lol
  11. no matter what this bug seems to happen a lot with rex's which is why we've installed a transmitter to get them free even if its just 1 rex lol something needs to get fixed because sometimes you can't even do imprints also same problem with giga's
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