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  1. Oh...……… I got a reply 1 week for the GM to ask the above sent fresh images …… gets better 2 MONTHS !!!! for a gm appointment like ???? this is a major issue and best you can do is offer a 105 character that takes 1 day to get . its a joke
  2. 5 Day's Later since I sent a ticket to wildcard it's a joke . really . something needs to happen what about the people who lost Owner are you gonna replace bases ? Oh no come up with some excuse sorry for any inconvenience .
  3. The only way they can make people happy if they Don't want to rollback servers , is next big patch roll a breeding event so players can raise the loss tames they had / give something back to the community that we lost from this ascension problem. 4x Breeding event across Official Cause right now the way I feel about all this stupidness with ascensions I wanna leave ark . cause its stupid you spend your time hard grinding 168 /176 Missions and for what ? to lose it on ascension of all the ways you can lose why didn't a alert go out on forums about this surely someone knew or had reports of it
  4. We ran a ALPHA Controller boss today and finished it at the end did the cut scene and came back as level one since island tek cave came around still not fixed … its a joke so we spawned back as level 1 then we logged of like you usually do came to find 9 characters when I hosted a boss fight all erased from a boss fight ???? really ….. This anti mesh tool has messed everything something needs to be done . same here 168/176 Missions just gone and a 154 character along with that something needs to happen or your gonna lose a big community . This happened on Genesis Official 643 made a ticket
  5. BobbyNator

    Ark Quidditch

    nice building
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