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  1. from what I know you can use crabs to get them out @Danielnz00
  2. ye sorry posted it in the wrong one by accident
  3. Been wondering for a while heard stuff about it being LV 450 of a dino but they some people say they still have higher than that so could anyone give a clue what is the true despawn level of a dino ??
  4. I've been wondering when and if you will be adding Night times in the city on extinction I miss the glow of the Tek structures which you see 0 difference atm with tek stuff within the city .
  5. use a metal sickle its better than a pickaxe
  6. BobbyNator

    The Mill by NUKE1985

    Looks amazing!!!
  7. BobbyNator

    Ark Quidditch

    nice building
  8. Island Swamp cave is a good spot to level up fast
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