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  1. a1s

    latest update

    start ark bluescreen crash pc cant find my game manuel search recover files start ark bluescrenn crash pc again now recover part 2 -.-
  2. a1s

    Global ban

    raft = dino dino= cap cap = problem Ah!!! problem = Raft people with raft = ban ban people = more slot! no Dino Cap. Problem solve for 5 day!!! YEAH!!! Very Sad Story. Sorry for hear that. but thats not my logic to solve the problem...... there are some super ginius
  3. a1s

    Foot Prints?

    thats mean more lag =)
  4. 1egg =10 kibble than i just need a pair of dino.
  5. a1s

    Aberration is coming December 12th

    oh yeah. 1mounth later tamecap....
  6. a1s

    Lag Issues

    i went back to island.... but truelove is still rag.
  7. a1s

    old player returning worth it?

    if u play pve just forget it. most server reach server cap.
  8. a1s

    ARK: Aberration Expansion Pack Announced!

    Time ito announced the release date!
  9. a1s

    Titanoboa Egg Farm