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      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. High percentage of max level wild dinos spawning

    The levels that he lists are correct, I don't see any of them on Rag or The Center.
  2. High percentage of max level wild dinos spawning

    The Center's and Ragnarok's spawn mechanics encourage higher level dinos to spawn compared to SE or The Island. You're about 7 times more likely to find a 130+ (out of 150) on The Center or Rag than you are on SE or The Island. Also on TC/Rag certain level of dinos do not spawn. Here is my source, its very interesting information.
  3. Server Caps

    There is a whole slew off issues that this game still needs to address, but fixing the servers would be a solid step in the right direction.
  4. Broodmother Hard Mode Warning

    So what we did is we painted the rexes we wanted to ride different colors for each person. When we went in we had one person (me in this case) whistle all of the rexes to the back wall(a wipe would actually probably help a ton to help them face the right direction so that they don't have to do a circle.) While all the rexes are moving their way to the back wall we all that the opportunity to find and mount the rexes that we want to ride. You want to bait broodmother to somewhere between the platform you spawn on and the back wall, although you don't want to waste to much time. When we think broodmother is in a good location to attack we all move it and we whistle attack this target, which is the period key by default. After you go in with all your rexes its pretty much having all the mounted riders just stand as far in the broodmother as possible(as far as I know). She might do some rotating around but she never attacked when she rotated. We bait her back because like Alex114 said, fighting on the bridge is a very bad idea because it is very very very easy for your rexes to just run off into the chasm below, in which case your pretty much permanently down a rex.
  5. If anyone plans on doing Broodmother on Hard mode and you haven't done her before, please do yourself a favor and practice on medium first and make sure you can get her stuck consistently so that she doesn't attack you, I don't want anyone to lose their rexes because they were ill-prepared.. You can even practice on easy if you want to save the tribute resources. If you do not get her stuck she will demolish you and your rexes before you have a chance to kill her no matter what HP or Armor you have on your saddles, that being said however I still encourage to NOT skimp on a decent hp pool or a good Saddle BP. We did Broodmother on Hard tonight and it actually went pretty well, but only because we got her stuck. We took in 3 players/20 rexes and of those rexes, the stats that 80% of the rexes we were running were 25k HP and a little bit above 700% melee. (See first Screenshot) When we went in and started moving our rexes into position a couple of them got stuck momentarily while they ran into one of the pillars, because Dino AI isn't the smartest AI. One of the rexes in particular "Zella" Took a few hits before we got into positioned and before we got the boss pinned. Zella lost 19k of her 25k HP after the fight was over with a 86.4 armor saddle and even the other rexes took 3-5k damage even though we had her pinned for 95% of the fight. In the 2nd and 3rd screenshots below you can see Zella and the damage she has taken via the blood marks. In the 4th screenshot is a picture of Zella's stats several hours later(taken for this post that I decided to make later). Also a testament to not mess around with the baby spiders, one of our rexes (Helsa) took a dive off the bridge and died in about 30 seconds or so just to the Araneos alone, that being said the spiders are only able to be summoned if the Broodmother is not pinned. The 5th screenshot is Broodmother's stats postmortem if anyone was curious. Some Final Notes : Until there is a rebalance on the bosses(if ever) I do not think it is physically possible to kill Broodmother with out pinning her, if you do not pin her she is demolish your rexes before you have the chance to dish out enough damage. There is a fair bit of improvement we could do and want to do for our rexes but in a 1v20 head-to-head match I do not believe the rexes would win, even with the improvements such as 45+ base HP stat, 100% imprint, or a higher armor rex saddle. If I left any important details I include them in an edit or if anyone has any questions feel free to post here. Also as a shameless plug, if anyone is selling 45+ rex stats that are unmutated/wild tame I'm very much interested in buying anything except for melee.
  6. I have a question, when you take in 20 rexes do you have any problems untangling them and getting the on the boss? We took in 12 and 14 because we're afraid the rexes will glitch out of the map or we'll waste to much time not dps the boss. If we can take 20 with out much concern that'd be sweet.
  7. The HP is static based on the level, the info is on the wiki. That being said since it was 124 Broodmother should have had 6,418,500 or 6,468,000 total HP in both situation. Me and my friends are thinking that the game's spaghetti code spawned the medium boss with the Hard Mode Broodmother's HP. Because my friend that I started breeding rexes with said he did hard brood mother before and it felt about the same. Its only only working theory because not only did we kill it already the 2nd time we went in there we were WAAAY more prepared with 2 more rexes and all having more than double the armor they had before.
  8. We just got the same issue on 377. On 3/18/17 we took in 12 rexes with 3 riders with mostly primitive saddles and killed her easily with about 5 minutes to spare, although we did get low on HP. We actually 11 rex'd it because one of our rexes fell off the bridge. On 3/19/17 we took in the same 12 rexes with an additional 2 more rexes for a total of 14 rexes with 3 riders with Journeyman saddles and 2 Mastercraft saddles and only got her down to about 40% HP. Our rexes all about average out to 20k hp and 600% melee. The boss was level 124 both times.
  9. Direwolf VS Sabertooth caving

    I appreciate everyone's input, I think I'm going to take the Saber since I have such a good BP for them then. While I like wolves aesthetically much more and I like their dps, in mmos and in general I'm very much the tank, I like to be the juggernaut that comes out on top. Since the damage difference the two isn't huge or anything and I can load the saber up with a ton of armor I'll probably take the saber. Thanks for that point, I might see if I can't buy a couple of Barys then instead of taking sabers in there.
  10. Direwolf VS Sabertooth caving From what I understand, the general opinion is that Dire wolves are better than Sabertooths for caving, this is the camp that I'm in. I mostly I want to use Wolves because I think wolves are way cooler. Under normal circumsatances I would choose the wolves, however I have an ascended saber saddle BP that grants 84.3 armor so I'm thinking it would be wiser to use sabers if they're going to have that much damage reduction. Thoughts? Opinions? Facts?