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  1. Dag

    scorched earth boss

    rexes + yuty is the fastest way but for success guarantee alltime - i would recommend lightning wyverns + yuty!
  2. Dag

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    hatchin' new wyvern and may i'll do rock drake as well later
  3. Dag

    Legacy Server Kill List 2018-06?

    i hope there will be a List soon anyway... i left my Legacy already a few month ago and i just can recommend you guys to may start on a new - Official - Server
  4. Dag

    Dino you wish ARK hadn't nerfed

    yeah i guess its a shame cauz i really love them My passion wild they're cancer but once they are tamed - just lovely
  5. Dag

    Dino you wish ARK hadn't nerfed

    Troodon it's so awesome and scary at the same time to tame it... i just love that creature! A shame it has been nerfed
  6. Dag

    Dino you wish ARK hadn't nerfed

    haha i see guess it was funny
  7. Dag

    Dino you wish ARK hadn't nerfed

    what happend there?
  8. Dag

    Dino you wish ARK hadn't nerfed

  9. Dag

    hi there

    hi there to all the survivor out there im Dag and i usual play on SE (Official Server) but also have played on TI and other maps. I'm lf to make new friends and have some nice trades. keep surviving