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  1. almost 2 months of constant mass timeouts. server didnt crash at all for past 2 days but timeouts are still happening. cloudmachine left the game4 minutes ago 1269797057 left the game4 minutes ago beeko2012 left the game4 minutes ago Heisenberg left the game4 minutes ago AstronautMord left the game4 minutes ago LoC@Br@ left the game4 minutes ago BOPOH_Hunter left the game4 minutes ago mif7208 left the game4 minutes ago Flip7898 left the game4 minutes ago Evenewlike left the game4 minutes ago Incubus left the game4 minutes ago ksaver left the game4 minutes ago cl_eXtremluck 1 left the game4 minutes ago Relentless.Karl ... left the game4 minutes ago
  2. I have reported this server almost every day for past month or even more, often even multiple times a day. I have also sent a ticket and asked for a server to be moved to a better hardware but nothing is being done (obviously). I wonder if reports are swept under the carpet thinking its the typical "lag" issues people report. Whats happening on this server is very unusual. Sometimes server times out 10 people out at the same second. Sometimes it times out everyone. Sometimes timeouts happen twice in 5 minutes and sometimes once hour, once a 20 min. Server often goes locked into 255 ping. Crashes are not main issue here, sure it crashes but every server crashes. Main problem thats happening on this server are those TIMEOUTS. I beg devs to take 465 situation seriously
  3. Even after latest patch spawn problems persist. To be more precise PURPLE dinos do not spawn properly. Purple spawns only in REGION 4 . But hey theres still hope. Maybe, if we are lucky, very lucky, by the last day of event you finally manage to fix and deploy patch number 43 which will fix purple spawning issues and after over a year since the last time when we were able to tame purple we get to do it again.
  4. why dont u fix this trash event and make purple color actually spawn on more regions and not only ONE like it is now. (only region 4 it seems)
  5. can confirm. everything i tamed in purple is region 4.
  6. ur not crazy. i spent 6+ hours every day since event started looking for them and i found only few REGIONS. absolute trash event, there is 15 shades of brown and orange colors. purple has no chance to battle out normal colors and all that brown and orange garbage. not to mention rest of the event. if lucky by the end of the event i will maybe collect 20 scarecrows to be able to craft ONE emote. halloween air supplies not on extinction, dodowyvern and dodorex not on extinction either.
  7. purple color is not in event and it should be blue is in the game and it shouldnt be wildcard wake the raptor up and fix this poop
  8. can you also please look into and fix 465 server? its spawning blue dinos and not purple ones.
  9. my server 465 official is for some reason spawning blue (color code 2) dinos but not a single purple? config must be raptored or something.
  10. It doesn't say anything about colors but then again it says "stay tuned for more details on the event" so I keep my hopes up for colors..... Items, dodorex and zombie wyverns are cool but that lasts few days then we go back to having nothing to do. Compared to when we get to tame colors we can breed them for months.
  11. yeee we got usless skin that we will get bored of in 2 days, my tribe dont even like it. compared to giving us same event as extinction chronicels and we can go out and tame new dinos to combine colors laters. terrible decision making wildcard.
  12. Are we going to get color events with those Genesis Chronicles like we did with Extinction Chronicles?
  13. ofc there is something they can do. they can simply rollback server 24h hours.
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