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  1. Hakush

    PVE Servers Crashing

    Rollbacks been getting worse throughout the weekend, friday was rollbacks every 1.5 hour, saturday every 40-60 mins and today its every 15-20 minutes. Get your poop together, this is raptoring unacceptable. Not only has there not been a fix to 300+ wyverns passively roaming into the city wiping peoples bases left and right, but now you can't even play on their own hosted servers lol. Complete joke of a developer.
  2. Hakush

    PVE Servers Crashing

    Still getting a lot of rollbacks and more recently a lot of high ping spikes outside of server saves. @lilpanda
  3. Hakush

    PVE Servers Crashing

    Yeah this server have had consistant rollbacks every few hours since the second day it was launched. Please investigate
  4. I'm not quite sure how you came to the conclusion that having such a lack of Extinction servers on launch would be a good idea, neither are you putting up more to "meet demand" as you mentioned you would. Literally cannot play because every single server is full and the lack off que-system in the server browser makes it impossible to get in when there are dussins of others spamming the join button as well
  5. In the last month we have lost 38 rexes, back to back due to Manticore not landing and timer expiring. How is such a fundamental problem, reported for ages now not fixed? You could at least bring back the band-aid tactic which you fixed (without fixing the boss encounter) by allowing people to block/box in the manticore so it couldn't move instead of letting people lose 20+ dinos and then not get any support for an issue that happened on your end, not the players. It doesn't make any sense that there is such fundamental flaws in the game and your support can't even compensate for 90% of the problems that occur.
  6. Why? My friend have the same chinese people duping on his Center and SE server constantly, rendering it almost unplayable. He have made countless tickets with proof of whom is doing it, and so have other people on the server yet there is no action it just gets ignored. This has been going on for months now. It also turns out the same people duping on my friends servers are doing it on my tribes SE server. It's bullpoop, especially if you transfer to the server at the wrong time and woops there's your character gone because server rolled back.
  7. Hakush

    'Midweek Madness'

    I personally think its for the lunar new year, either that or maybe they have something planned for the weekend? Sounds unlikely though lol.
  8. Hakush

    How to move all my dines to the obelisks?

    Can either walk them, fly them with a quetzal or upload them and then download them at the obelisk, the latter might be a bit risky though if your server is capped since you might not be able to download them all if some1 else on the server were to hatch or tame something.
  9. Hakush

    Kibble need to be fertilised eggs?

    Both non-fertilized as well as fertilized eggs can be turned into kibble.
  10. Hakush

    Ascension Safety

    My tribe and a few others on our server did Tek Cave 1-3 days after the loss of character bug was found and announced. What me and my tribe did was just loot a beacon closeby roughly 20-30 minutes before we started the Tek Cave, I think the server had saved at that point as well. None of the people who attended the run lost their characters but I have no clue how many of us actually accessed a beacon/obi/transmitter inventory before we went.
  11. Hakush

    Aberration Creatures Transferable???

    Yes you can transfer aberrant creatures back and forth Aberration.
  12. Hakush

    Best color mutation

    Got this during valentines
  13. Hakush

    thylas Devs Ruin thylas... -_-

    I mean climbing and being able to skip etc in caves is pretty power ful, kinda makes the dungeon/cave redundant.
  14. This is what our tribe member managed to find at 185
  15. Hakush

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Tamed some ravagers and got some gliders going on Aberration!