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  1. Ember Wyvern spawns BROKEN since Summer Bash update Prior to the summer bash update being pushed out you would find ember wyvern spawns all over the biome, now you can spend an hour and you will be lucky to find MAYBE 3. Not only do they spawn in LESS numbers (average being 1-3 up at ANY given time), but most of their spawn points have been removed lol. They used to spawn under the floating isles as well on the fire forest beach facing the floating isles, however since the update they do not anymore and have just a few select spawn points around the volcano. If you nerfed the spawns with
  2. There's been some good bugfixes lately but Ember Wyvern spawns are broken on all crystal isles official PC servers (no idea about console) ever since the Summer Bash update last thursday. There used to be dozens up at the time, now there is 1-3 up at any given time. Their spawn points have been changed too (used to spawn under the floating isles as well as the fire forest, now only spawns in very specific locations in the fire forest in VERY limited numbers). It's been 8 days since they were broken, it'd be nice if it was fixed before event ends Also PLEASE let us rebind whisper and yell.
  3. Tamed some ravagers and got some gliders going on Aberration!
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