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  1. Still... wildcard. And the days on the Server go further and further
  2. I can only confirm all of this. we've all been waiting for answers from you for 3 days, Wildcard. We tried to get in contact with you in all possible ways: Server Outage Report, Twitter channels, Survivetheark page The server is offline for 3 days. If it seems to be online, nobody can join. Connection lost ... At least you could have done a reaction on one single post we did that we kow whats going on. All of us are loyal Ark players, many of us play from the start, also solo players, but if we lose our bases and dinos because of a lack of support from you, and no Rollback takes place an
  3. Cookie


    For my Tribe Merry Christmas!!!
  4. Cookie


    For my lovely Tribe Members :)))
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