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  1. Wish they would do a tlc on the ravager, so it had the same weight reduction as the argie. Would be useful on abb and genesis.
  2. Yes, there completely broken. When we started on Valguero thought I would try and breed a boss line of polar bears for something different. After many hours of work have realized I can never take them off valguero.
  3. Knocking out these argies, not using cage and there taking damage. So not getting full taming efficiency. Does anyone know do they take fall damage when knocked out or does headshots do more damage. Or if I'm bodyshotting them are they taking damage from having to be shot more times.
  4. Chasing argies myself, not having much luck. Best ive done is 43 points in health and 37 in weight.
  5. Like your anky, picked up red leg crimson stripe today. He had a normal guy there as well who had 470 base melee so will pick him up today.
  6. Well done, breeding rexes for rag boss at the moment.
  7. Today did some trading. Picked up 2 rockdrakes, a couple of eggs for glowtail and featherlights, red leg crimson back stripe anky, yellow theri egg, pink and black theri, purple doed, he did have a unicorn but i couldnt afford it.
  8. Cant weight for argie saddle. Have we got exact mats that will be reduced in this saddle?
  9. need an australian store. Would of thought someone would be selling ark dinosaurs.
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