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  1. It's all good, thank you for making ASB. Looking forward to the new release. =)
  2. I was thinking like letting it scrub through every possible imprint between 94% to 96% for instance because there have been times where I really had to mess with imprint% to get it to extract and was just wondering if the app could do it for me instead of me trying 20 or 30 different %'s till I get one that works. Like with the bary I could have done 99% to 100% and the app could have tested all the increments for me until it found 99.36 instead of me having to guess 99.36116 99.36117 and so on going up and down trying to find it.
  3. Hello, @cad would it be possible to put in a function that attempts to extract the creature at every increment from 0-100% or X% to Y%? Sure it would take minute but if it could be extracted then the function would eventually succeed.
  4. You're welcome, that's good. =) Can't get this rex to extract either even with "exactly, don't adjust" and messing with the imprint percent. @cad https://imgur.com/a/GIjwwiI
  5. Worked, thank you @cad, the one thing I didn't try XD. Same issue with this one https://imgur.com/a/VyMBleX I was able to extract it using your method prior just showing you another example =)
  6. Having a hard time extracting bary health with the latest version where as with older versions it works fine. All values are correct even toggling event and exact and messing with imprint % doesn't help, also tried telling it stats weren't leveled didn't change the result. Open to ideas and I can provide any info.
  7. Was hoping to see some more servers for PC non-legacy official. Most are tame capped =/.
  8. I don't mean to be that guy but it kind of goes without saying that windows defender isn't much of a defender XD. Shifting your code around code work. I honestly thought maybe your github got compromised or just a bunch of people reported it, got it flagged, and made it a false positive. You should maybe add some instructions for compiling it since I tried and failed. Maybe try implementing the changes 1 by 1 from the clean version to 0.23.17 and see which change creates the warnings and code another way to accomplish the same thing. I've already submitted 2 reports for false positive and haven't heard anything back. Just checked and now everything is okay with 0.23.17 and 0.23.18 both launch and pass antivirus scans. I guess some people reported it enough to get it flagged =/.
  9. Is anyone able to use this tool now? I keep being told it's a virus and now windows itself won't even open the file even if I tell my antivirus to allow it. 11/60 say it's a virus https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/e307872f00b42bbb14e0e715eca9160cb851cb33df7e661294e9ee8b31b8e767/detection
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