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    fascinating, ive always wanted a living minefield
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    Need Less Swamp @ West Zone 2 / South Zone 1
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    First comment on the first Official post!
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    Personally, I would not be concerned if they made me move my base, or if I had to start building from scratch. A huge part of the fun of this game is surviving in the early stages of the game and then building up. I have put a ton of time into building up my base and taming dinosaurs, but I would not mind at all if they were all gone tomorrow so long as it was for a good reason (e.g. expanded map, new biomes, terraforming, etc...). I'm quite aware that I'm playing an early access game, and I came into this with the mindset that I could lose all my progress at any time - no biggie. Of course that's just my opinion, I know other people feel very strongly about losing their progress.
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    All patches/map changes for PC will eventually be added to Xbox as well. The biome changes in particular are planned for May 30th, so the xbox patch will most likely come in June.
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    Why do people have to move on official servers? Why do you think all servers will be wiped? The devs have said they're going to try and avoid that (even though I believe it does make sense to wipe them)
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    Where are you getting your numbers from? Last time I checked it was still under 100, have they released a heap ton of dossiers without me noticing?
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    awesome the new snow biome . but a bit sad aswel i was like dreaming that the hidden lake would stay as it is , but was surrounded with the snow biome . like some vulcanic hot spot in the middel of the snow that stay's green . it would be so cool to find a place like the hidden lake with the same temp as the swamp but in the middel of the snow . pleasse studio wildcard ; make it so you guy's made already the best game ever but ..... i really want to see this in the game
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    Thank you guys for the new info! Really excited to see the biome changes occur, and check out the new tames on Xbox. It's really awesome how much you all listen to, and consider the communities feedback and suggestions through this development process. <3
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    Best thing to do is start packing up now. All we know is it is hitting us sometime after PC.
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    wonder how many more biomes there will be, or if we'll get map extensions instead (I hope)
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    This and all off the recent updates have gotten me very excited, though I worry that with all of these new creatures being implimented on a fortnight basis, that the game is going to become incredibly dense. Currently the game posseses a substantial amount of creatures way surpassing 100 closer to 200 actually. even with this terrain adjustment, there has been no actuall enlargment to the map, for sure currently is ok I guess though barely, like if you give it a thought there is going to be over 40 new dinos being added including the titanosaur, like that itself could be a map never mind trying to cram it in to a already packed enviroment, though this only accounts for land, as Ifeel like the sea could do with more life. For Ark I hope that there is a map enlargment to compensate.
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    Nioce, though I wish you included a pic of the redwoods.
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    I hope to god that we're still getting a rideable gorgonopsid...
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    wow ambushing in the new biome will be awesome!
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    It will refuse to burrow if danger is near by? Sounds like a perfect way to check if there are any enemy spies near by... Could really help RPers who don't want to fly high into the air... unless the enemies need to be hostile.
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    Afraid we didn't quite get the Dragon and Ruins in yet but they will be coming! We'll update the notes shortly
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    Oh snap, here it is folks. So hyped! EDIT: Looks like the bolas will make taming way easier, I dig it. Arthropluera looks cool, holy poop the sabertooth salmon is HUGE and lol that backflip though. The Lystrosaurus look so cute!
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    My god I do see it. It is a strange fate that we should suffer so much fear and doubt over so small a thing. -Boromir
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    If you are talking about the Dragon Arena then yes it will be. I don't think it will be in the next update, but soon hopefully.
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    I believe this is for the new map that is coming out, and it would be great if so
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    As with broodmother - in a special 'pocket' that you can access only via the obelisk terminal.
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    Truly amazing. Once again blown away by the creativity of this amazing group of gamers. Great job everyone!
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    thnx Jat again for the cc competition win. I love when you say guys cause it is just me and myself building most of these bases. I love this game and am an addict hahaha I try to push myself and try to make better and bigger videos each time (editing and filming is still a learning curve). thnx again and keep making this game the best one out there
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    Wow that's a lot of Community Crunch!
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