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  1. while i respect the Greek mythology, dont forget theres also plenty to be gleaned from Egyptian, Norse, and roman mythologys etc. personally i think it would be cool to see a few addons like that.
  2. i honesty feel bad for ps4 players as a pc and xbox user i hope sony stops acting like they have a stick up there ass and i hope that WC stops acting like an over protective parent someday other than that its almost not even worth having ark on ps4 if WC is going to act like a 3rd party client for there own damn game
  3. what dinos what lvls and whats the average melee damage and health? ideally you'll need a dozen high level rexes for brute strength high health high melee a bunch of carnos and allos for crowd control, focus on melee more than anything but make sure to pump health as well i would say a 3/5 ratio in favor of melee bring a yuty for damage boost and defense raising. put a saddle on everything and make sure that you and the people in your tribe are riding the highest level rexes. the better the saddle the better. be ready for a nasty fight.
  4. because Microsoft is a b*tch of a company and they fret over every microscopic string of data to cross there servers. its not wildcard that's stopping progress. its Microsoft with all of there restrictions on what can and cant be put on there consoles. steam doesnt have all of thoes restrictions so its easier to put stuff on pc than anything else
  5. unless you feel like wasting your time being a stubborn DireWolf, i would say troll the hell out of em' and leave, after all theirs plenty of servers else where.
  6. true that, it would have been awesome but then someone made a mod for it and i think thats when they stopped production
  7. really i think that it depends. i would rather see the ability for multi tribe alliances and see a 3 on 1 (number and strength of tribes of course dependent on the alphas own strength) then a bunch of 10 plagues kinda stuff. it would get tedious really quick
  8. it was also stated sometime in July.
  9. dude my respect for you has grown significantly.
  10. hmm. is the mod active in your server?(listed under active mods) and has it been working fine? or did you just make a server and it didnt work from the get go?
  11. you could but that brings up my second point that people would put it on a platform Dino. the parasaur isnt technically moving only the parcer or quetz (depending of course) therefore it could still detect bases and purlos/reapers while on the move. and while this may or may not be a common thing it is worth mentioning that if you cryopod a parasaur and go to a location you think may be within range of enemy territory and just explore.you might find something if not then pack it up and rinse and repeat. it is still abusable but maybe not as commonplace. and maybe put the parasaur on a raft but that would only help next to rivers thankfully evin if the parasaurs sense ability is fairly large in size.
  12. imma have to say that it depends on the servers player count the map and the size and probably the toxicity level of the people . but in all reality they really should disable the ability to pick up parasaurs all together i think, if you cant pick it up with a flyer then you cant fly around cheating in a sense. another thing is that they would have to disable it for all dinos with a platform saddle not just the quetz. take extinction for example imagination someone with the frost or tree titan wandering the map with a parasaur on its back looking for a base to Unicorn. it would be so broken cuz the titans are op as fudge same with a titanosaur. however there is nothing stopping someone from just riding the parasaur everywhere. riding the parasaur around without the aid of a platform dino or flyer cant really be argued with. its within fair bounds
  13. need some help. so I downloaded the ark dev kit a few days ago because I wanted to make my own map, however all of the tutorials that I have found are 3 years old and very unorganized. since I'm new to this i have no idea where to start. anyone know of a good place with an easy to understand tutorial?
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