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  1. Decided to add onto my original post (spoiler above) and talk about a few more dinosaurs that I think could get a TLC pass. This will be a combination of my own ideas and some other ideas found in the thread (I've been enjoying reading through people's ideas) Araneo - Starting off with a creature that gets very little love, the Spider. I believe, with the addition of Aberration, the spider should get a natural Zip Line it can plate for itself and rider. This would work like the normal Zip Line but may degrade overtime. Archaeopteryx - I think, instead of holding it over your head and looking kind of silly, it should hang onto your back until you need to use it as a 'parachute'. I think it'd just look better. Argentavis - New Model. Honestly, I like how it looks in the Dossier, but the in game model isn't that great and this old bird could use a very nice TLC pass. Bronto - I don't see this dino much, as I've not seen much of a use for it (for myself, playing solo), but a small pass I'd like to see is some kind of saddle update that puts a small saddle higher on the neck to give the 'driver' a better view and not have the weird massive saddle it currently has, also adding this to the platform saddle. (I'm not sure I explained this very well...) Carno - This lovely little derp deserves some TLC, I think it could get the Rhino's charge mechanic with extra knock back as it speeds up, also a nice new model. (I think most Theropods deserve a slight update to their stances) Dilophosaur - While I like the Jurassic Park Reference, even in that movie that wasn't the full size (and I mean in the universe of Jurassic Park, that wasn't an adult Dilo) so I think a larger Dilo would be nice, retain the frill and spit attack, but make it big enough to ride at least, maybe? Maybe even make it a sexual dimorphism thing where one is bigger than the other. Diplodocus - I think it should get two attacks, retain the normal head push and add an actual tail whip that does damage. Direwolf - Legs definitely need fur, and I'd like to see the face a little less snarly, but otherwise excellent. Leopleurodon - PLEASE make a -normal- version that does not have the 'magic' ability so that we can tame them and have them. Also, possibly reduce Megalodon spawns a little and let the Leos be a bit more common for the 'medium water dino' spot. Megaloceros - I believe, at least for the females, an 'armor' should be introduced to give them a use. It wouldn't give them a lot of use, but people would look a lot cooler with the lance on it. Also, the model could be made a bit more majestic in my opinion, bring their head up slightly and make it look like they're somewhat puffing up their chests. Onyc - Give them a hanging stance so they can hang onto either roofs or have a special perch you can set right under a roof to let them hang on, it must be stressful having to fly 24/7... poor little guys. Pachy - These guys really need some TLC, I mean, they're practically useless. Again, like the Carno, they should get a charge attack but instead of more damage (Rhino) or more pushback (suggested Carno) it'd add more torpor the longer you'd been charging. Also, I believe they should get a size boost. Make them more menacing that way. Parasaur - I'd like to see these guys get a 'Whistle Boost' ability that would increase the range of all whistles from the rider. Ptera - I think it should get a slight TLC pass, make it look a bit nicer. Scorpion - Let it grab smaller creatures, Dodo size about, and carry them around. Quetz - Have them stand tall, like in their dossier, when not equipped with a platform saddle, otherwise giving them the platform makes them 'lie down'. Raptor - I think they could be remodeled to be more like the cover art, or like the art from someone in this very post (This nice art from Promilie) Sarcosuchus - Like others have said in this thread, this guy needs a TLC pass. Spinosaurus - In my original post I said that I'd like to see it gain the same ability as Iguanodons, as in letting them switch between Quadrupedal movement and Bipedal movement. In Quadrupedal mode it'd probably run a bit faster and do a little less damage and in Bipedal it'd be a little slower but do more damage. Terror bird - I think they need to stand a little taller, be a bit more proud of being the TERROR Bird. Triceratops - They could probably use with a slight size increase. Thus concludes my silly comment. Hope everything was clear enough and that my ideas weren't too outlandish for everyone.
  2. So glad Kentrosaurus is finally coming to ARK! Also interesting that he's small enough to not have a rider. I like the dynamic. Can imagine people either trying to take them down quick, maybe with a single hit or something from bigger dinos, or trying their hardest to avoid them while attacking bases.
  3. Why is Mothra releasing mustard gas on a city? Has it always done that?
  4. Spylosaur? Spino+Ankylo... Wonder what it does... like the armored lizard you guys posted before... Wonder if that one attacks like a Doedic (Spin ball) and then this one just charges... looks like it'd hurt to be hit by it...
  5. As an XBox player I am VERY happy to learn that switching between 1st and 3rd person view will be easier. Always felt a bit annoying to have to pause the game and go to a menu to change that... Oh, I'm also happy to see Allosaurus is in the next patch
  6. Now all we need is a Fishing Trophy Base for our biggest catches. I've seen some nice looking 3x Coel that'd look nice on my wall
  7. Well this seems like my new favorite flyer! Well, besides the giant seagull
  8. It will refuse to burrow if danger is near by? Sounds like a perfect way to check if there are any enemy spies near by... Could really help RPers who don't want to fly high into the air... unless the enemies need to be hostile.
  9. Whoa... wonder where the arena is going to be...
  10. Oh cool, talking about the diseases some more. I hope they aren't too intrusive though... But sounds cool anyways.
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