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  1. If you'd like, you can copy and paste my post into the original post so people see it when they first click on this suggestion.
  2. I was literally just writing a post up for this! Guess I'll just copy/paste my post into this one, haha. (Great minds and all that, I suppose) My ideas: Currently in ARK there are only two Duck-Billed dinosaurs; Iguanodon and Parasaurolophus so I thought to myself 'which Duck-bill would be a good addition' and landed on the one and only Ouranosaurus. Wild - Ouranosaurus is one of the largest herbivorous dinosaurs around. It's size alone discourages all but the largest Apex predators from attacking it and has given Ouranosaurus quite the calm and relaxed temperament. Being near even a wi
  3. So glad Kentrosaurus is finally coming to ARK! Also interesting that he's small enough to not have a rider. I like the dynamic. Can imagine people either trying to take them down quick, maybe with a single hit or something from bigger dinos, or trying their hardest to avoid them while attacking bases.
  4. Why is Mothra releasing mustard gas on a city? Has it always done that?
  5. Spylosaur? Spino+Ankylo... Wonder what it does... like the armored lizard you guys posted before... Wonder if that one attacks like a Doedic (Spin ball) and then this one just charges... looks like it'd hurt to be hit by it...
  6. As an XBox player I am VERY happy to learn that switching between 1st and 3rd person view will be easier. Always felt a bit annoying to have to pause the game and go to a menu to change that... Oh, I'm also happy to see Allosaurus is in the next patch
  7. Now all we need is a Fishing Trophy Base for our biggest catches. I've seen some nice looking 3x Coel that'd look nice on my wall
  8. Well this seems like my new favorite flyer! Well, besides the giant seagull
  9. It will refuse to burrow if danger is near by? Sounds like a perfect way to check if there are any enemy spies near by... Could really help RPers who don't want to fly high into the air... unless the enemies need to be hostile.
  10. Whoa... wonder where the arena is going to be...
  11. Oh cool, talking about the diseases some more. I hope they aren't too intrusive though... But sounds cool anyways.
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