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  1. So looking forward to this. That Pego scene just made me bust out laughing at work.. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year my fellow survivors!
  2. Thanks, I forgot to mention I am on Xbox. Figured I'd ask you folks since you have experience with PGA.
  3. Question for you experienced PC PGA survivors. Does the local server used to create a PGA use up the existing local servers for vanilla/primitive Island/Center/SE, or does it create an entirely new server section? Just trying to get an idea of what to expect when this comes to Xbox. Hoping it won't overwrite my previous progress, as local play is my go to Ark experience. Thanks for any info. Edit: received an answer elsewhere that the PGA will in fact have their own local servers/saves. Woohoo!!
  4. Woot! Welcoming all PS4 survivors to the Ark soon! One of us! One of us!
  5. Mmm, dino infused water! This will be super useful in any upcoming desert/hot biomes.
  6. Arrr! They be there mate, for I seen them with me eye. Grab ye ale, swab thy deck, for it be time to set sail. Ahoy!
  7. Yes!! Thank you, to all the guys and gals on the team! This is the kind of stuff that makes a great dev and player relationship. Listening to, and taking into account the communities ideas and suggestions. Keep up the great work! <3 "We're going to need a bigger boat."
  8. Man, those PC videos look gorgeous! If the Xbox version upon release looks/runs anywhere close to how PC functions now, would be amazing!
  9. Check out the "Ark Digest Q&A" thread in the General Discussion forum. Here is a direct link for you.
  10. Hi Panda,

    This bug feedback thread I created seemed to get buried rather quickly. Just wanted to bring it to the teams attention, without spamming the forum. Thanks


    1. Bluenitemare


      Okay after learning the Primal Evolved Mod is coming out soon, I got really excited till I remembered I play on Xbox one, so it left me wondering. How do you get the mod on Xbox one?

  11. Hehe, funny if they just show up once you build a treehouse, waving their spear around like that. I'll swap out the spear for a broom if that's the case.
  12. Really exciting news! Guess the April fools prank wasn't as much of a joke as we thought...
  13. That Carno Island artwork is gorgeous, love everything about it!
  14. Very much looking forward to what's revealed at E3! Have fun out there WC team.
  15. Nayte


    Awww..who's the best little guy? You are! Yes, you know it's true. Paw? Good boy!
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