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  1. Dino status lock function

    Finally a/some fitting comment(s) to share with the community for my 1000th post. It has now been confirmed that the ignore whistle function is coming! The only sad thing is that it didn't come from this suggestion thread. Nor did it have any reference to it. So please people don't waste your time posting suggestions. Just post in every ark digest question thread instead, as this is clearly what works. Of course this is my opinion on the matter though. If anyone would like a response from me going forward it will probably only come from a message as I am no longer active in this or any other game. Simply don't have the time One last thing. A lot of you guys are great gamers and a lot of you suck
  2. Recruiting to Raid!

    And I wish you the best of luck in your endeavours!
  3. correct the spino

    I'd have to agree with @Leonhardt Also I'm not certain on it but isn't it still quite disputed by a lot of other paleontologists.
  4. Primal evolved

    I love the fact that this started out as an April fools joke. I guess they must've had an hell of an response about it.
  5. Any news on the next xbox update?

    I'd say it's rather normal to still not have any info other than having to read pc patch notes. Don't worry I've been ok ark since launch day and I've had the same questions. Soon though we'll have info
  6. Any news on the next xbox update?

    Might be the first time you've seen it but I can assure you that this is normal. Nope no delays in updates as no updates have been announced. Also it's not been long at all since the last update. Patience...
  7. Whats been happening?

    That's cool and guess what, I did
  8. Improve trees

    It would be really nice if they could get to that depth of realism but I can't imagine it being easy. I'm assuming you play on an official server then, otherwise you can change the resources health up to needing unlimited amounts of strikes to break/fall a resource.
  9. Dino spawns dead again for the 1000th time.

    I really don't blame you for complaining about this, especially as you had the patience to wait for the 1000th time to post it What map are you on and what is your current npc count?
  10. Whats been happening?

    Welcome back. Redwoods delayed until after E3. But to be honest the best thing would be to check out the pc patch notes for update news. There's been a massive nerf to platform dinos abilities which a lot of people aren't happy about (apart from the quetz)
  11. International Modding Contest Winners, Crunch & Digest!

    Yes you did it all for free and im guessing for the community as you enjoy ark. Now you didn't win a "contest" and say to the people that love your mod that they won't get any more because wildcard don't support you like they do. It's just an opinion of mine which you can take however you like. But for the best of the people that have supported your good work (I've seen some great images!) Saying that you won't do any more because you "lost" is a massive kick in the teeth for them. Basically all I'm getting at is: please don't take it out on the people that love your hard work just because WC doesn't seem to as much. They may not comment about it, but they really do appreciate your time and effort that's gone into your mod(s) and makes the game better for how they like to play. Don't get me wrong if I had a pc this would definitely be a mod for me as the armour and styles look great! And fit the game perfectly.
  12. International Modding Contest Winners, Crunch & Digest!

    The markers will be around the entire area, not like individual trees and things. You need to relocate everything basically. So basically you're taking it out on your supporters? Not that I play pc or anything but I don't have much respect for someone that acts like that. Just my opinion though, so why should you care.
  13. Biome Update, The Center Contest and Xbox Patch 736!

    I believe they are only supposed to be going onto the pc for Wednesday. Few comments above yours people have spoken about it. But always keep an eye on the first post of this thread to stay up to date Well done for being ahead of the pack!
  14. Sullying the good chaos name again
  15. Biome Update, The Center Contest and Xbox Patch 736!

    That a stupid question to ask then. The patch tells you what is expected and released, it is as simple as that. "This will come in an optional public beta update later this week!: - Epic 4K Texture Deployment (all textures at source resolution)! Better texture pool utilization at all Texture setting levels" I know what I'm talking about, but do you know how to read?