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  1. imagine being that forward thinking. mind blown.
  2. missions need to be optional. no one I've ever played with has managed alpha master controller because they're just not fun enough to grind out 160 something odd missions. Is there a server setting I'm missing for these?
  3. bite deserved a 30-40% nerf. not almost 80. no reason to nerf saddles. Saddles were lowered without documentation. At this point it's a bug.
  4. I'm putting it here since you guys didn't document the saddle nerf. 189.1 saddle went to 41.1. numerous other complaints of the same % nerf from other players on our cluster.
  5. missions were an awful add on to Genesis, and i had hoped beyond hope they'd be removed in genesis 2, instead we get more, and they're broken as hell. If i wanted to play single player mario party i'd go do so.
  6. to be fair the full game is 17.99 right now. So yes the DLC costs more than the incomplete main game.
  7. the guy obviously isn't all there. Just feeding the troll at this point.
  8. They all have DLC. Not one of them releases a DLC before their game is finished. The time they took to make and polish a DLC, could and SHOULD have been put into finishing the actual game that was suppose to be done already. For a very long time having paid DLC on a pre-release game was not even allowed on steam. This is only the 2nd time I've seen it (the first was prision architect and the player base asked them to do it.) People are justifiably mad that resources were taken from completing the game and allocated to making us spend even more money for a still incomplete product. I
  9. maybe. I refuse to support such a shady business practice. They've gone back on their word multiple times and their game isn't even finished. I've been waiting for tek tier for ages and now i find out it would be out if they didn't spend who knows how many hours on this PAID dlc? Awful company.
  10. Wildcard you should be ashamed of yourselves. At this point I hope no one buys it and you have to give it away for free. What awful customer service to people who have supported you for years through this "alpha" (paid beta) process.
  11. wonder how many more biomes there will be, or if we'll get map extensions instead (I hope)
  12. Loving the new caves. Gone broke running them, but it's so much fun to see a real challenge.
  13. gas is already efficient. I wonder if it'll be used to craft anything else in addition.
  14. neat event but going to be impossible to find 200 eggs... much less 600.
  15. Armor looking amazing. Wonder how much light it emits. Can you be your own light source at night?
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