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  1. Community Crunch 98: Gold Master Edition

    Wild card, I know that you are trying your best at fixing the game and you can take as long as you want to release the game (but not too long...). Everyone who's complaining hasn't even the slightest idea of how to fix all the bugs in the game without make more bugs that make the game unplayable.
  2. Hopefully, the male can ram and destroy thatch structures...
  3. The Last Stand & Extra Life

    First comment on the first Official post!
  4. Community Crunch 74 & ARK Digest 43!

    YESSSSS! I'm finally on the Digest.
  5. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Can you fix the caves in single player? I can't find any dinos (no bats or titanoboas), and I want a challenge so that its more fun.
  6. ARK Digest Q&A!

    How will the Tek Cave work? Will you find the materials to make Tek tier objects, or will you find the objects itself in the cave? And will it have guardians to defend the cave? I'm so excited for the Tek cave.
  7. Upcoming Pach, Extra Life and ARK Digest 42!

    Also, I'm so excited for the Tek Cave
  8. Upcoming Pach, Extra Life and ARK Digest 42!

    "Upcoming Pach", " Pach 251", " Pachyrhinosaurus" ... I see what you did there...
  9. When will Xbox One be updated? I am so excited for the new update and can't wait for it to come to Xbox One.