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  1. i just add the second part of the museum to it . it is a part with fantasie creatures . am almost done with it . it has bigger displays . thinking about making a attraction theme building where you ride in it on the back of a dino , something like a dino's of the carrabien theme . our a jurassicworld thing like in a themepark .
  2. thanks guy's for the nice words . ? am having a lot of limits on the xbox . and not enof stuff to make what i want . started on my second part of the museum .where am building bigger display's for the fantasy animals . hope to complete it before the weekend. i trying to make a building theme for every kind of dino our animal in the game . aslong the xbox lets me do it . it is not eassy to build with foundations under the ground ,just enof that thy dont destroy the area . also to work around the building limits and the taxdermy base limit. i really dont like the center m
  3. ark survival museum build starting with my new museum on the center . first building is almost completed ? almost done with the second part of my museum . this part is with fantasie creatures ? i hope you like it
  4. same here , it is something about the rendering that is raptort up same trouble like in scorched earth , game can not keep up with the rendering when you move to fast like when you fly and just crash . it works when you move on foot or not fly to fast around two awesome dlc's where it is best just to walk our sit on a dino or mek to play the island and arberation is ok to fly in .
  5. last i ported my char to a friends xbox . after it crash al the time like every 10 minutes also my game was not longer able to save . our save = crash ( about every 10 minutes to max 30 minutes . i deleted my save file on the xbox everywhere + reserved space . then ported my char back to my new game . i lost all the dossiers but was keeping my tek engrams . so i started to farm again , just to see that i was getting xp for new engrams . even i do not see them ,thy where still somehow on my char . but the game crash and save crash are gone . so i started to look in to it a bit .(wh
  6. it happens when the game try to save , about every 10 minutes . sometimes it works for like 2 a 3 times , but then it crash again when it save's . dont understand wy thy dont fix this save bug , waiting for some weeks now so i can play ark again . it started when evolution event came .
  7. great dlc can't get enof . ark was already awesome but now ,wow . can't wait for more dlc's i see alot of childeren crying on the forum over the 20 bug thy have to pay for it , but maybe thy go beter play some outher game ( dest... ) where you can buy 1 complete stupid dance for the same price . annyhow ; nice wild card ! ark is really a great game . thx
  8. is it the new bug for the next update ???
  9. awesome the new snow biome . but a bit sad aswel i was like dreaming that the hidden lake would stay as it is , but was surrounded with the snow biome . like some vulcanic hot spot in the middel of the snow that stay's green . it would be so cool to find a place like the hidden lake with the same temp as the swamp but in the middel of the snow . pleasse studio wildcard ; make it so you guy's made already the best game ever but ..... i really want to see this in the game
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