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  1. how, seriously how the hell. amazing mate
  2. The Lime Inc.

    Community Crunch 119 & Raptor TLC!

    Why the devs still sponsor him is beyond me, so many people I know have stopped entering all together because of this guy. Now he is entering under two names as to avoid people complaining that the same people keep winning. I seriously do not even mind others winning week on week as they seem gratefulll and complimentary to others. Kick him out or stop him from entering or at least forbi him from entering from two accounts.
  3. The Lime Inc.

    Community Crunch 119 & Raptor TLC!

    and here we go again tell me you didnt enter and win a few ansel pic competition under a second name "wolf ameterasu" in this crunch and still complain?
  4. yes yes yes the train won, best entry in a while, original and done with only vanilla pieces gratz to other winners to ofcourse.
  5. 13 reason why I ark such High school drama mate
  6. how,l omg how did you do this. Looks amazing and so freaking original. Tek gens for wheels is the best part hahahaha.
  7. again you and your incredible creativity, how the hell do you keep coming up with these mate
  8. Just when you think everything has been done by now, you come up with this. Simply amazing, really really love it.
  9. awesome that the skyscraper won as well, gratz mate well deserved as I told you few days ago
  10. just wtfff it's amazing mate. blown away.
  11. Looks amazing mate, my whole childhood in one vid
  12. Thank you GP this was needed for sure. There has been many players, including myself who think this every single crunch and a lot of people, again including myself, have quit over this negativity. I keep writing and deleting posts as I do not want to be the one coming of as negative or seen as someone who singles out one player. Don't think he will read it or even react to it, but others will thank you for calling him out. And to all winners and players featured you guys keep on amazing me with your creativity and general awesomeness
  13. your voice is like a soothing warm blanket mate keep em coming
  14. OMG the music is beyond epic again awesome work mate