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  1. First off I been gone for some time and wow.. So many changes happened to ark and I love it! Feeding taming animation: When putting food into a dino the player should have a animation of putting food into the dino's mouth (just once and you will be able to access it's inventory) Must have food on the hot bar in order to put food on the dino. When putting narco into the dino the there will be a animation of pouring narco in the dino's mouth. (you will see a narco bar start to raise that will tell you how much to pour into the mouth in order for the narco levels to raise fully) Accessing tamed dinos: Next I would love to see is when accessing your tamed dino your player will do a animation of petting or moving your hand along the dino's side of the dino's body. (then pull up the inventory) perhaps make a noise or a short music when doing so?
  2. Website design

    Small suggestion: Letting people change a option to have black text on white instead of white text on black. Everything else is great!
  3. Command bar on console? Locked out+Island is broken

    Jat? I tried joining on SE and quitting to see if it would somehow let me be able to go on the island again.. Well It happens to be the case? Lags a lot at the start but it seems to be working just fine now. Thank you for the help! @Jat
  4. Command bar on console? Locked out+Island is broken

    Ah good, thought you had to keep pressing each button. Also yes, I can't load the island but I can load up SE? I don't have anything on the island as I restarted and moved everything to the center not to long ago. Due to the lock of the center I was deciding to do a fresh start on the island and unlock it the real way.
  5. LB+RB+x+y.. I don't know about anyone else but I am very bad at clicking each button fast haha.. After a few tries I think I got it down pretty good..., but the command bar never comes up? I am on SE. The island is broken and every time I click play it'll freeze? Gave @Jat info on this but I haven't heard any thing since the last time I spoke on the single player bug thread. Now I am locked out on the center with my character, items, base, and dinos on there. Have no way to get on it and it's been over a week. Edit: this is xbox.
  6. Sunglasses skin

    Is that for official though? I viewed another post saying that bloom needs to be worked on for ps4. +If there is a setting well sunglasses-men in black style-for players that are to lazy to change settings over and over.
  7. Sunglasses skin

    Sunglasses skin- Turns off bloom and all the light bothering you is gone. At night the sunglasses can still be worn and it won't have a effect. Vision: Same as if you were to have no sunglasses. Just turns off bloom and other sort of sunlight commands that I have forgotten. +keeps you in style.
  8. This game caused me 78% blindness

    Sunglasses? Maybe that should be a thing to turn off bloom effect once worn and the sun light won't be to much of a problem anymore. Sunglasses-skin-benefits.
  9. Humans NPCs

    I don't know, if npc humans were added I rather them be aggressive and not passive. Bush people isn't on consoles+it doesn't fit with npc humans and their camps idea.
  10. I die to nothing anymore.., but that's just me.
  11. I have a story to tell you and it may be painful hear, I was new haha. So when I first started it was day one xbox and on single player since I didn't like official. I spent my whole day taming a medium level turtle and I was so tired but excited at the same time. Once it tamed I was proud that my first dino tamed up and I said to myself, next time I need to get kibble. I didn't know settings could be changed at the moment but once I found out I didn't make it to high since I love challenging games. Back to the story, my turtle was on aggressive since I thought it would be a good idea.. It went after fish in the water up to a spino.. I saw the spino killing my new tame but the spino was also very bloody.. At the time I was getting my hopes up to high when all of a sudden red text comes up on the top screen. I think ark should lower the imprinting benefits and lower the time it takes to do it, just my opinion. I understand what you have pointed out. In the new cluster ark can do this or after the wipe which isn't a good idea.
  12. Allow us to pause maturation.

    ? I edited the post before you made the comment, didn't want to have certain things in it as "you must have time on your hands like I do, which is good" Thought that was to harsh which I didn't want the post to be harsh at all, and I removed why you should reply to people with positive feedback on why their suggestion is bad, not negative to show how bad it is. It's a game suggestion forum after all. Just explaining my opinions til of course you replied with saying I am triggered, little immature.. Don't you think? I am just bored watching a movie . Sorry if I offended you. Edited 39 minutes ago by EchoingTime Posted 29 minutes ago (edited)
  13. You have a good point but perhaps lowering the time it takes kibble wise?
  14. Allow us to pause maturation.

    How can stacking imprints be stupid? I would say it's the opposite. I understand some players have more time than others, but for the people that have> (Work, school, college, life trouble, sleep, going to get food, clothes, etc) Imprinting a flyer you'll have to log in every 3-4 hours. That can be unhealthy. 20 hours isn't a problem but it's still a lot. For imprints stacking.. You still have to do it and you'll have 30 minutes to get all the imprints done.. If you don't have the kibble ready then you are out of luck. Is that a challenge? Baby feeding trough, how is that ridiculous? The feeding trough won't skip the phase? Are you talking about the mother feeding it's baby? After that stage you can put meat in a normal trough, why not a baby trough for babies only? I wouldn't call this a challenge.. More of a frustrating and exhausting experience. A challenge is fun and more of a achievement that you'll be glad you did. Imprinting.. You have to do it if you don't want to be wiped. Tribes also want you to imprint to 100% so you have no choice in the matter. Now timers, it will be nice to have the exact time. Not a % time. I know there is online calculators but why not have one ingame? Incubating 20 eggs, you'll have to scan each egg to see the time. I don't think this will crash the server and the players won't be scanning the egg every second.