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  1. ARK Digest Question Collection!

    Will there be AI dino raiders? Won't be tamable and they will spawn near your base and perform low/medium/or high level raid attack. Perhaps have a boss mixed in giving elements?
  2. ARK Digest Question Collection!

    Will official pve console be able to transfer their dinos from there to their own single player world? Just if you want your official dino to never enter pve again and you don't want to kill it for more dino slots.
  3. Tree farm.

    What I am thinking ark do for a tree farm is for a player to use "Tree fencing" and create a shape/area with it. Put fertilizer in a new object that is inside the fencing and trees will grow with greater wood/thatch amounts. (nothing can be placed inside the fencing and a player/tribe can only have a certain amount of fencing) placing trees for decorative reasons is a great idea too
  4. Singleplayer Ideas

    Sounds neat! However, Ark needs to make a game mode were players can't use cheat commands.. So achievements won't be so easily unlocked with those commands and players will never have that temptation to cheat-kill a dino.
  5. A better tranq weapon

    Upgraded weapons could possibly help? although it would be neat to have a weapon that is faster at doing so but it may be overpowered?

    I agree, at times I do wish I could have muted a spammer in the chat or someone fighting another.
  7. PVE and PVP discussion/ideas

    PVE is great for players who don't want to join pvp and be on half the day every day due to the risk of being wiped, however, there is one problem. Pillars in pve isn't the best when new players want to build someplace which is why I have two ideas for this: PVE Flag claim- A flag that can be placed where you wish to build and it gives you a certain amount of land that you'll need. One flag for one tribe/player. Then there can be resource flags around which is where you are gathering resources at but 2 flags per tribe/player with smaller distance. What happens when two claiming flags collide is that the "No mans land" will be set. PVE PVP Saturday/Sunday- On Saturdays and Sundays for one hour players will be able to attack other players for a challenge or clear up abandoned land/pillars. Due to the short time you'll be able to spot out the other tribe waiting to attack leading for you to set up a attack on their base or guard your own. *Set bounties on trolls* Normal building objects "no build zone" will be reduced by lets say more than 50%? PVP is for players who want to fight but mega tribes can also be a issue.. Limit tribes to 8-10 players and alliances to 1-2. Peace treaties: A treaty that can last for 5-30 days. Craft a peace treaty and have the other player or tribe sign it (Breaking a treaty will set a bounty on the one who broke it leading to a prize for other players. Player's Base hp will be reduced by #% and their dino's damage/health reduced by #% for 24 hours. Keep killing and time will be extended by #of minutes) Players can not team up with tribes with peace treaties as if you harm them it'll lead to a bounty. Attacking a tribe with no mercy. If you attack a tribe/player offline(depends on if ark can allow offline timer to be safe from a bounty-10-20 hours? wait time of 5 hours) you'll get a bounty as listed above. Forfeit flags: If a player/tribe is attacking a tribe and are winning then the losing team can pull out a forfeit flag. Forfeit flags will prevent each team from attacking each other but the forfeited tribe must pay a heavy fee to the tribe later that day. (granting a 30 day protection from that tribe) Example: 5k of any resources, kibble, armor, tools, ammo of the tribe's wish. Failing to pay will lower the other tribe's hp for dinos and their base. (granting a removal of protection) Tribe has 1-5 days to pay the fee. Trading alliances or treaties: Trading alliances/treaties allow each tribe to trade without any risk of being attacked. Doing so will set a heavy bounty of 48 hours. Insiders: Tribe leader can set a bounty on their own members if need be. That player will no longer be able to join the tribe and the tribe can see where ever the player joins to for a set of days. There will be a bounty list with cords/server id Thoughts on this? Do you have any ideas?
  8. Invite offline player to tribe

    When offline player comes on he/she can accept even if the one who invited the player is offline.
  9. Rag clipping issues

    Flying around on a official pve server for rag and the land is glitching out of control. Only solution to fix this is to rejoin but I'll have to wait for minutes to hours to get back in.
  10. Anyone know command to ascend to rag?

    Never mind got it. Playercheat Ascend2
  11. Anyone know command to ascend to rag?

    Edit: Xbox user Found it Playercheat Ascend2 (or Cheat playercommand ascend2) Went on the island to ascend to the center with Playercheat Ascend1 Then jumped on the center and did Playercheat Ascend2 Should work!
  12. Full Release is here - Does no one care?

    Tweets were 26 minutes ago (at 92%)
  13. Full Release is here - Does no one care?

    91% for me on the update
  14. Hype!!! today is the day.

    Two other dlcs? I believe that's sometime next year
  15. More rewards from Notes

    Suggestion before Ark officially releases. Haven't been here for a while! Sorry if this may be outdated but I believe there hasn't been a change to notes. Suggested rewards? More Dino skin Dino saddle skin Weapon skin Armor skin Building skins (such as a smithy/forge?) may be neat New emotes New hairs Engram points Free skill point(Rare, can't be earned back from a mindwipe/can make a notewipe) Raft skins Human skin color (purple skin, blue, yellow, etc? ) Human skins (GOT White walker?) More skins Blue prints to building objects that can't be obtained by engram list Other blue prints that can't be obtained by engram list Furniture Ideas, thoughts?